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Wednesday 17 February 2021

Detox Your Divorce Retreat: WIN TICKET

Divorce is messy, it's an incredibly anxious time, and there's a reason it's said that - as far as life events go - it is right up there with death on a scale of deeply unsettling and life altering events.

I don't speak from experience, being year number 17 into my marriage, but I completely feel for and understand the deep grief felt by couples who separate and go on to divorce, witnessing first hand that pain with friends around me who have gone through this tumultuous time.

What I can see is that my buddies need a helping hand in myriad ways - deep conversations that include practical solutions, experts who really know their stuff to help navigate what to do next, and a camaraderie with people who are in your position to help you through the dark times by sharing war stories.

When I came across this story opportunity, to deep dive into how to navigate divorce and come out of the other side (granted, the after effects of the other side can last forever) with sanity, grace, and actual tools, I leapt at the chance to spread the word and help my pals.

Enter a retreat designed by a legal pro, and with a list of speaker who are not there to lecture, instead guide and help guide you for the road ahead.

The Detox Your Divorce Retreat is designed to assist you with navigating your divorce and separation, and help you with the support you need.

Below is more about the event, which is being held at Crowne Plaza Terrigal on Friday 26 February from 9am - 5pm, one night's stay at Crowne Plaza Terrigal (yes!) then wake up fresh and ready to go for day two at the same venue, with the same times, finishing up on Saturday night armed with info and ready to take control of one of life's biggest hurdles.

Read on, and if this retreat is for you, you can go in the running to win the opportunity to experience this event (one solo ticket up for grabs), with thanks to Kalpaxis Legal:

Cassandra Kalpaxis is the Director and CEO of Kalpaxis Legal, a boutique Family Law firm making a difference.

Cassandra believes that separation should be dealt with holistically and her firm is proud to practise law differently.

Cassandra is a Family Lawyer, Separation Strategist, Divorce Coach, Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and an Arbitrator for separating families. The Co-Founder of "Dispute Resolution Centre Australia", she is passionate about providing families with a range of options to settle their dispute.

Cassandra also hosts a Bi-Annual 'Detox your Divorce Retreat' designed to assist you with navigating your Divorce with the support you need from a team of professionals.

If you have found yourself in this space it is not uncommon for your feelings to fluctuate and to be anxious about the future.

Separation is a difficult process. Divorce doesn’t need to be an acrimonious and difficult experience. We believe in creating a tailored pathway to suit each individual family to best meet your needs.

Inclusions :

  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Unlimited Tea and Coffee
  • Night Accommodation (Only for Friday, 26th Feb)
  • Gift bag with over $1000 of gift items

The two day program starts at 9am sharp next week on Friday, and each day is choc full of useful info you'll need, in sessions designed to uplift.

More info on how the days will unfold here...

On day 1, you'll have an introduction by the host, Ms Cassandra Kalpaxis.

Then unwind with a soothing session of Yoga by Yogamigos.

Next, Dr Lurve assist with understanding your self worth during divorce and separation.

Lenore Pearson guides participants with healing through grieving.

Navigating Divorce and your self-worth during Separation.

The intersection between criminal proceedings and Family Law is unravelled, and the next session is about overcoming adversity during your separation.

Then, it's all about stress, anxiety and self-care - an interactive workshop.

And the last session of day one is co-parenting effectively with your ex partner.

Day Two kicks off with a session called 'Collaborate Don't Complicate' - which is a joint session by Cassandra Kalpaxis and Stefano Cammarano.

'Be A Boss - Stepping Into Your Financial Power' is next.

Proving that a sound mind is crucial for a big life change the 'Detox Your Divorce... Not Your Diet - Gut Health & Separation' session is next.

Then: 'Achieving Optimal Wellness As A Professional'.

Cassandra is then back with 'see the light at the end of your tunnel - How to be future focussed', then Stefano is back with 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow (The Evolution of Family).'

A retreat highlight will be Dino Hira (yep, ex 'Married at First Sight') who will be helping participants unwind with a mindfulness yoga session.

More info HERE.

Want to secure your ticket NOW?

Go right HERE and purchase your ticket while those limited spots are still available.

Try your hand at winning a solo pass?

Here's all you need to do:

- Like Josie's Juice on Facebook HERE

- Follow @josiesjuicejournalist on Instagram

- Follow @kalpaxislegal on Instagram

- Follow Kalpaxis Legal on Facebook HERE

- Follow @disputeresolutioncentre on Instagram 

DM me on why you'd like to win this ticket - divorce is a private matter, so we understand if the reasons you'd like to attend stay private too.

Winner will also be announced via my DM.

It's a perfect opportunity to understand one of the biggest stages of your life in an environment that is easy and relaxed.

We spend money on clothes and getaways and drinks with the girls and downtime, so now it's time to really see this as an investment in you, with access to world class experts in a setting which is comfortable and welcoming.

Follow the conversation here:


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