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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cosmopolitan Middle East: April 2011 - Khloe Kardashian. Launch issue!


The one you've all been waiting for (I know I have, but I am definitely biased)...

It's the launch edition of Cosmopolitan Middle East.

It has been 'leaked' one day prior to its official launch date of April 1 - by the covergirl herself! That'd be Khloe Kardashian...

She said on Twitter: "MY FIRST COSMO COVER!!! http://bit.ly/ej990V OMG I'm still in shock!!!!" On her official site, she said: "I am BEYOND excited to share with all of you my very first COSMOPOLITAN cover! OMG!!!!!!

"This is honestly a dream come true! I died when I saw it — I was on the plane with Kim and Kourt en route to San Fran yesterday and when we landed I had a million emails about it and it was my first time seeing the cover. I was just in shock! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be on the cover of Cosmo because I never knew it was an option. When they sent me the email to be on the cover I said to my publicist, “I think you meant to send this Kim.” LOL.

"She was like “No crazy girl! This is for you!” Not only is it such a blessing to be on the cover of Cosmo, but I am the FIRST cover girl for COSMOPOLITAN Middle East! What an honor!!!!! I’m honestly bursting with pride. I am truly blessed! Click through the gallery to see the entire spread. My favorite look is the sequin one :)"

You can read her comments - and see the pics - on her site here: http://khloekardashian.celebuzz.com/my-first-cosmo-cover-03-2011

Some of the pics from the shoot, which took place at the glorious Hotel Shangri-La, Santa Monica, California are reproduced here.

The interview, conducted by Kerrie, produced some insights into Khloe's life (I really kinda like the girl even more now):

On the highest point of her life so far: "Marrying Lamar for sure. It was easily the best day of my life."

On her upcoming reality show with husband Lamar: "I was the one who didn't want to do it. I said, 'Absolutely not'. But he was the one who was really into it... And he just said, 'People want to see it.' And so we are. We've been filming since January."

On her 'next big thing': "I don't know. I pray that I'll be a mum soon, so I hope that will be the next thing."

Editor of Cosmopolitan Middle East Kerrie Simon (one of my best buds, so I am ridiculously proud of her) reveals the diet of the hardworking Cosmo crew to get this launch issue out:

"Gosh – there was a food delivery every night – Indian, sushi, burgers, Naked Pizza (apparently it’s healthy), Pakistani. And then an endless desk supply of Digestives biscuits, chocolate, Turkish delight, lollies, agh!"

So, standard mad-magazine-deadline fare, then!

Kerrie is Australian-born and has been working as a magazine editor in Dubai for several years, recently landing this incredible opportunity to be at the helm of the historic launch of Cosmopolitan Middle East.

And now, the news of the launch issue - following Khloe's cheeky Twitter post - has gone viral. The Huffington Post, RadarOnline, X17online, Examiner (and Josie's Juice!) have all picked it up with as much enthusiasm as Kardashian herself.

Huge congrats to the Cosmo team! Well done, team. More, more, more!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Breastfeeding protest: do you agree?

Did you hear about the woman who was allegedly forced out of a Lifeline charity store in Asquith, NSW, for breastfeeding?

According to an article on news.com.au, Abby Hogarth was breastfeeding her son in the charity store and was allegedly told breastfeeding was against OH&S and “you can’t do that here”.

So, Abby is going back to the Lifeline store this week - bringing with her hundreds of breastfeeding mums - and plans to sit amongst the second hand clothes to feed her baby boy. She even posted a "Facebook Nurse In" event on the social networking site. Apparently, the Lifeline worker said breastfeeding was against OH&S because “She might touch the secondhand clothing and then her baby might get sick”.

You can read the rest of the article here: http://blogs.news.com.au/naughtycorner/index.php/news/comments/breastfeeding_woman_forced_out_of_lifeline_store

So, what do you think? On Facebook last night, one of my school buddies posted this exact link and added the following comment: "[I think] things are just getting too far. I breastfed both my boys for months and never ever did I do it in public, not even in front of any male relos at home. How hard is it to plan your day around feeding times, going to a shopping centre mother and kids room or going to your car if you have to? I may be prudish, but so be it."

So, I thought about that comment - and it kinda made a lot of sense. Please don't send hate mail about my not backing breastfeeding - I do! I breastfed both my twins - sometimes at the same time (how's that for a visual?) - and loved it. Yes, there was one time I had to do it quickly because one was screaming - I swathed myself in so much muslin, nobody got a peep of the girls (my boobs, I mean). Mind you, it was when the twins were three weeks old and I was at my twin prenatal class reunion, so I knew I was in an understanding environment. If I was at home, with visitors, I simply went to another room. Or again, covered my breasts in a light material.

When you are out, and you have a suddenly hysterical baby, and you know the only thing that will calm them down is your breast, of course you will give them what they want, wherever you are - I know I would. I think it's just a matter of assessing the situation quickly, doing it as discreetly as possible (lactating mums know boobs are not sexual; men still view them as 'fun bags'... crude, but true!), and feeling comfortable that what you are doing is right for you and your child in that moment.

What did you do when faced with a similar situation? Have you ever had a complaint - even a disapproving look - from someone around you?

Further, the news.com.au piece added an updated comment from Lifeline themselves after the incident: "Here’s a comment from Lifeline that I thought deserved to be up here in the blog. Hi Everyone, Chris from Lifeline here, We wanted to update you on our response to this complaint; we believe you all have a right to know. To begin with, as an organisation we have no policy that discourages breastfeeding in any of our stores. We want to be clear about that from the outset. Here is a message from Wendy Carver, the local Centre Manager responsible for the store: “Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury has received a formal complaint from the customer who attended our Asquith Shop last week. Lifeline always takes these complaints seriously, especially when they involve a member of the public feeling that they have been treated inappropriately. Lifeline believes all people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and we are immediately disappointed and upset if anyone accessing our services or shops is not treated well. Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury has a Complaints Policy and Procedure, and the complaint that was received last week is currently being investigated.

You can read the rest of the statement here: http://blogs.news.com.au/naughtycorner/index.php/news/comments/breastfeeding_woman_forced_out_of_lifeline_store


Oprah: her last show ever

Oprah has today announced the air date for the last (ever) show, in the US.

It will be May 25, 2011.

Surely Channel Ten will show this special ep at around the same time in Australia?

No doubt the show will be a corker, filled with trips down memory lane, clips of Oprah's changing hair over the years... and John Travolta.

Whatever she does, the world will tune in... we love you Oprah!

Glamour Poland: Victoria Beckham, April 2011

Did you miss the March 2010 edition of US Glamour, featuring Victoria Beckham?

Glamour Poland has also run the Posh shoot, in the April 2011 issue. It's Vicky B in various domestic situations - rather unrealistic ones, whatever she will have you believe...

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Rihanna: Rolling Stone April 2011

Rihanna will be on the cover of the April issue of US Rolling Stone, on newsstands (and online in their digital archive) this Friday.

Wowser... now that is a butt!

The issue also includes stories on Ricky Gervais, a new interview with Britney Spears, and a previously unpublished interview with Elizabeth Taylor.

Is that... a body-painted pair of denims...?

For more, see: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/rihanna-is-on-new-rolling-stone-cover-20110328

Monday, 28 March 2011

Tela Bags: eco-savvy - and very stylish

Combining contemporary art and eco-friendly materials in a bag? Yep, that's the line of Tela Bags, made from recycled magazine covers, advertising banners and even linoleum floor coverings! How damn cool - and eco-savvy - is that?

Tela Bags, the eco-luxury accessories label devoted to preserving the planet, has just launched their new 2011 Spring Summer collection. Since the label’s launch in 2006, each one of Tela's individually cut and crafted bags has combined eco-friendly materials with clever design.

This season, Tela takes inspiration from the international runways to create a collection of eccentric and versatile accessories: hyper colour and poppy citrus hues, and bold prints and geometric shapes feature in the chic new range of handbags, clutches, notebooks and wallets.

“This summer we have introduced leftover kite sails to our raw materials, celebrating neon colour and playful prints,” said Tela Bags creative director Helena Ferreira Pinto.

Wherever you are in the world, you can add a dash of London street style: each one of these babies are available online from: http://www.telabags.net/

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Glamour UK magazine: ten years... and counting

Happy birthday Glamour magazine. My all time fave mag turns 10 -and I am proud to say I have almost every issue. Something about Glamour set it apart from the very first issue. It was handbag size - something new on the glossy mag landscape. But it always packed so much punch in its plentiful (soft to the touch) pages. Think engaging feature stories, beautifully styled beauty pages, and make-you-want-it fashion pages. For all the glorious covers (with a selection of pages from each issue), go here: http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/magazine/archive And for fun retrospective pages from the past ten years, go here: http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/magazine/10th-anniversary-of-glamour-magazine