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Friday, 3 September 2021

'Nine Perfect Strangers': REVIEW

'Nine Perfect Strangers' is engaging, ethereal, strangely unsettling AND addictive all rolled into one relaxing, made for TV joint.

It's also the the biggest series launch of 2021 for Amazon Prime Video.

From the moment Nicole Kidman glides in and utters the words: "I'm Masha" you are drawn into the world of Tranquillum House, an actual health and wellness retreat located in Byron Bay NSW (real name Soma, an breathtaking 10 bedroom luxury estate, set on 22 acres of lush bamboo forest with thousands of varieties of plant species. Find it here).

'Nine Perfect Strangers' is an American drama streaming television miniseries, available on Amazon Prime Video Australia right now, and based on the 2018 novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty and created by David E. Kelley who also developed the series alongside John-Henry Butterworth. The series premiered in August 2021.

The story centres around nine people who come to Tranquillum House, for a 10-day wellness retreat.

Stand out 'guests' at the House are Bobby Cannavale who plays Tony Hogburn, a former football star - he's a ball of anxiety wrapped up in a macho, perennially pissed off persona, and every time there's an interaction between Tony and Frances, played by the scene stealing Melissa McCarthy, you lean in a little more.

Melissa's version of Frances is brilliant - the best selling author has real issues, y'all, and as she sweeps in, then breaks down minutes after arriving into her zen room (then greeted by the enigmatic Masha), you know that Frances is tough as nails but super vulnerable, and you want to know more.

The portrayal of privileged young couple Ben (Melvin Gregg) and Jessica (Samara Weaving) is intriguing too...

Samara is FANTASTIC as an entitled woman with all the accoutrements (PE Nation gear, long nails, an attitude), and want to dig a little deeper... why is she perennially angry?

The calm AF assistants Yao (played by Manny Jacinto) and Delilah (played by Tiffany Booneadvise their guests on their arrival they'll take their phones (my worst nightmare on a wellness retreat, TBH) as well as anything that will connect them to the 'outside world, while promising “metabolically bespoke” meals, those deliciously slo-mo smoothies, and treatments and unusual therapies (potato sack race, anyone?) which promise to unite and heal body and soul.

And maybe mess with your brain a tad along the way.

The sweet-as-but-you-know-she's-going-to-lose-it recent divorcee Carmel (Regina Hall), is brilliant as the queen of passive aggressive.

And Asher Keddie positively NAILS her American accent, not wavering on it at all as she packs a punch with her performance of a grieving mum, simultaneously attempting to find freedom around her personal demons, as is the rest of the Marconi family (Grace Van Patten as Zoe with a measured performance, and Michael Shannon as Napoleon who is also dealing with the suicide of his son on his own way. A stellar performance).

The wonderfully jaded Lars (played by Luke Evans) plays brooding to perfection. He's an investigative journalist, but what else is going on...?

Zoe Terakes, the non-binary trans actor known for their work in 'Wentworth', also rounds out the cast as Glory and she's kinda naturally magnetic on screen.

Tyler Bern, Head of Content for Amazon Prime Video Australia and New Zealand said of 'Nine Perfect Strangers': “The runaway success of Nine Perfect Strangers in Australia is testament to the incredibly talented creative teams who worked tirelessly to create this exceptional series.  Amazon Prime Video is proud to share Australian storytelling with audiences across the globe, and is excited for viewers to see how this unique and extraordinary story progresses.”

'Nine Perfect Strangers' is directed and produced by Jonathan Levine and is distributed by Endeavor Content. 


'Nine Perfect Strangers' is now available on Amazon Prime Video with new episodes launching weekly. Go HERE to start a 30 day FREE trial!

Thursday, 2 September 2021

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Sarah Shahi: Who is she? Past roles + photos

So, who is Aahoo Jahansouzshahi?

And where have you seen her before?

She’s the name on everyone’s lips right now and her screen name is: Sarah Shahi. Yes, she plays Billie in cult Netflix series 'Sex/Life'.

The 41 year old was born on January 10, 1980 in Euless, Texas, USA and is the daughter of Abbas Jahansouzshahi and Mahmonir Soroushazar, an interior designer, who divorced when she was ten.

Her father is from Iran, and his family left Iran two years before the Iranian Revolution. Sarah's father was working at the American embassy in Iran, and was slated for execution when the last Shah's regime collapsed in 1979, but was able to flee the country.

Sarah's mother was born in Spain, to an Iranian father and a Spanish mother. She has an older brother, Cyrus, and a younger sister, Samantha, who is a production assistant. 

Sarah is a former NFL cheerleader, and while working as an extra on the set of 'Dr. T and the Women in Texas', Shahi met renowned director Robert Altman, who encouraged her to move to Hollywood, where she received roles in several series, including 'Alias', 'Dawson's Creek', 'Reba', and 'Supernatural'. In 2005 she appeared in the supporting character role of DJ Carmen de la Pica Morales on 'The L Word', which she joined in its second season. Shahi's two-year contract was not renewed after the end of the fourth season, and her character was written out.

She also played Farah in the second season of Sleeper Cell, and also appeared in HBO's 'The Sopranos' in 2007, in the Season 6b episode 'Kennedy and Heidi' as Sonya Aragon, a stripper and college student who spends a weekend with Tony after a death in his family.

In 2007, she secured a small role in 'Rush Hour 3' as Zoe, a scantily clad rich girl who is pursued by Chris Tucker's character, Detective Carter.

In 2007, she took on her first permanent leading role on a TV series, co-starring with Damian Lewis in the NBC series 'Life' as homicide detective Dani Reese. The series ran for two seasons.

In October 2009, Shahi landed the lead role in the USA Network pilot, 'Facing Kate'. Shahi began filming in November 2009.[20] The show followed the life of Kate Reed, a legal mediator who is frustrated with the bureaucracy and injustice she witnesses in the legal system. The series title was later changed to 'Fairly Legal'. The show was cancelled after two seasons in November 2012.

Shahi was cast as a recurring love interest for Taylor Kinney's character Lt. Kelly Severide on NBC's show 'Chicago Fire' in October 2012.

She was cast as the possibly recurring character of Sameen Shaw on 'Person of Interest' and was featured in the sixteenth episode of the second season, ‘Relevance', which aired in February 2013.

In May 2013 CBS President Nina Tassler announced that Shahi would be added as a series regular for its third season. She played the daughter of Sylvester Stallone's character in the action film 'Bullet to the Head' which was also the first time working with co-star Jason Momoa who she would later go on to work with again in his movie 'Road to Paloma' in 2014.

Following the January 7, 2015, episode of Person of Interest, Shahi and the show's producers announced she would be leaving the show for an indefinite period of time because of her pregnancy.

In February 2016, she was cast as iconic detective Nancy Drew in a planned TV series based on the books.

In May 2016, CBS passed on the series, and its producers announced they would continue looking for a network to air the show. Also in May, Shahi resumed her appearances as Shaw on Person of Interest, until June 21, 2016, when the show ended. Shahi starred in the new TV series 'Reverie' in 2018, however it was cancelled after one season.

In 2019, Shahi joined the cast of Showtime's 'City on A Hill' (seen in Australian TV on the Stan streaming service) as recurring character Rachel Behnam, an investigator for the district attorney.

In October 2020, Shahi started filming 'Sex/Life', a Netflix series inspired by BB Easton's book ’44 Chapters About 4’, in Toronto, Canada. This has been arguably her most talked about role to date.

She plays Billie, a housewife struggling to remain a devoted wife and mother when tempted by an old flame and the freer days of her youth.

Shahi was named number 90 on the Maxim magazine "Hot 100 of 2005" list, moving up to number 66 in 2006 and 36 in 2012. She appeared on the cover of Maxim's 2012 'TV's Hottest Girls' Issue in October 2012. She ranked number 5 on the AfterEllen.com hot list in 2007.

Shahi married actor Steve Howey (he is known for his roles as Van Montgomery on The WB/CW television series 'Reba', and Kevin Ball on the Showtime series 'Shameless') on February 7, 2009, in Las Vegas. In July 2009, she gave birth to their first child, a son, during an at-home water birth. In January 2015, she announced that she was pregnant with twins. In March, a daughter and son were born during another home birth. Shahi and Howey filed for divorce in May 2020.

Their divorce was finalised in January 2021.

After meeting during the 2020 filming of Sex/Life, Shahi started dating Australian actor Adam Demos. Yeah, he of THAT shower scene. (He has appeared in 'Falling Inn Love', also on Netflix - more on him in the next post. This is Sarah's moment to shine!).

Demos and Shahi first met in the make-up trailer and had some interests in common. Shahi commented to People magazine; "I said, 'Well, that's a tall drink of water.' When I first met Adam, I was really blown away with him".

Sarah’s birth name, Aahoo (Persian: آهو‎), means ‘gazelle’ in Persian. She is a descendant of Fath-Ali Shah Qajar of the Qajar Dynasty.

Such esteemed roots and a gorgeous connotation to a name.

Watch her star rise and rise from NOW.

Monday, 5 July 2021

'Sex/Life' - Adam Demos shower scene

Episode 3.

At 20 minute mark.

Thoughts? 😬

The WHOLE show 'Sex/Life' on Netflix is now something a zeitgeist moment in pop culture - and suddenly errrryone is talking about it 🤷‍♀️ 

The show dropped on Netflix on June 25, and it sat largely unwatched on my own Netflix menu because... school holidays and a shared, centrally located TV!

But the calls were getting louder to watch it immediately, if not sooner... I'm sure you can relate - unless your were one of the early adopters and binged the eight episode TV show in a day (there's only season one right now, with no word on season two yet).

So I succumbed. And whoa.

The scenes in the lead up to THAT shower scene everyone is talking about are explicit enough, and it has you asking: is this soft core porn dressed up as drama?

Or is it a modern presentation of one of life's quandaries... is the grass greener on the other side of your own patch... you know, that proverbial white picket fence?

Comments on social media often provide a real indicator to where the psyche of the general cult TV viewership is at, and this show has seen some polarising thoughts... here are some of note:

In response to this post from Netflix:

A woman’s daring sexual past collides with her married-with-kids present when the bad-boy ex she can’t stop fantasising about crashes back into her life. The world’s steamy new obsession, SEX/LIFE, is now streaming on Netflix.

A cross section of comments included:

Abby Barton

So another series where the wife cheats on her husband, because you know all housewives are dreaming of a better life. Why is it always housewives? I just get tired of the infidelity. I wanted something different from this show.

Alison Evans
Team Brad. Not sorry, in the end husband cheated in front of her face, invaded her diary and had the gall to lecture her about going out and not answering her phone wen HE stayed out ALL night at another woman's house. I was all for the husband to begin with, then He turned out to an insecure ass. She never crossed that line. He did.

Francesca Castellani
Is there someone else really pissed off with her?? I truly am!

Alviera Osmand
Going into the second episode and already seen her naked more than I wanted to, sorry to say it should be classified as softporn series Netflix 😆 Watch only when no one is around, you've been warned 😅 Hot actors though 


Ayanna James
I screamed out hard wen brad was showerin & he turn...cooper saw wat his wife was gettin, brad big dick...

James Radymski
No wonder people can’t settle down and stay faithful in a relationship 🙄 it’s because they are bombarded with films like this to make it seem normal 🙄

Ana Beatriz Travesso

I just really wish the show was faithful to the book. It would have been much better

So, where do you sit? What are your thoughts on Billie's life dilemma (Billie is the catalyst in this story, she of beautiful looks, with a beautiful husband, and two cute kids - she's played by the gorgeous Sarah Shahi) - is the grass greener, and should you sacrifice a stable marriage to seek excitement outside of it? And with an old flame? Who broke your heart? The short answer to that should be no. But for Billie... 

Now... about that shower scene.

In a Daily Mail article, the headline asks:

“Sex/Life fans notice a huge editing fail in Adam Demos' full-frontal shower scene (so is everything we can see REAL?)”

It continues to talk about the the show sending the internet alight thanks to its full-frontal shower scene featuring (Australian!) actor Adam Demos and “eyebrows have been raised with the steamy scenes, with one in particular shocking viewers as Adam, who plays Brad in the show, stripping completely naked.”

While fans were initially mesmerised by, well, Adam's private parts, a second look at the footage has apparently exposed an editing fail.

The article continues by gathering some, er, hard hitting evidence that during the X-rated shower scene, which airs in episode three (and is at the 20 minute mark because I see you!) Adam's character is seen washing himself with his tattoo-free body on display.   

However, a continuity error is revealed in episode four, during a throwback scene of Brad getting a tattoo on the upper right-hand portion of his crotch.

The tattoo of two bees was a romantic tribute to Brad's then-girlfriend Billie, and played a pivotal role in the continuation of Billie and Brad's love story. 

In a scene set eight years later, Brad declared his undying love for Billie during a FaceTime chat while revealing he kept the tattoo as a reminder of their relationship.

EEK! So, perhaps the peen was a prosthetic? Like Nicole Kidman's nose in 'The Hours'?

You decide...

Set in New York and inspired by BB Easton’s 2016 book '44 Chapters About 4 Men', the explicit series is the absolute BUZZ of TV pop culture right now.

That, and the fact that Adam and Sarah are a REAL life couple - even making it Insta official in December 2020!

Facts about Adam Demos: he is an Australian actor born May 24, 1986.

Before Sex/Life he was best known for his role as Jake Taylor on the Netflix film 'Falling Inn Love', August Walker on the American television series 'Unreal', and as Nate Baldwin on Australian television series 'Janet King'. (We bet you will be rewatching or searching for ALL of these right about now...).

The 35 year old is a 'Gong' boy - he was born in Wollongong, NSW, Australia!

Sex'LIfe is streaming now on Netflix globally.

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Adriana Fernandez: 'Big Brother' 2021 - INTERVIEW

You've been watching Adriana Fernandez closely, haven't you. So has the whole nation. Oh yes, and Big Brother has, too!

As the final intruder standing on 'Big Brother' Australia 2021, Adriana has well and truly made her mark on Australians, showing her prowess in challenges which require incredible strength, resilience, and endurance.

She also looks well put together during every milestone event on the small screen - from eviction nights, to early mornings, to sweaty challenges.

Ah, fashion stylist life - always look schmick in any situation or life circumstance. Even if it is keeping your actual head above water in an actual (frightening!) challenge for the benefit of us at home. And $250,000.

Adriana is one of EIGHT housemates left, with eighteen already gone!

That's a fantastic innings for Adri, who was actually asked to join 'Big Brother' Australia 2021, though absolutely underwent the rigorous process before officially joining the original BB housemates.

"I got a phone call, and I was asked if I was interested in being on 'Big Brother', so I automatically thought they want me to style a session on the show and then they said to me: “No Adriana we’d like you to be a housemate and I said okay… but I still had to go through the process, it didn’t mean that I had it, I had to do three different interviews with producers and do all the tests, psychology tests and every test you can think of, like heart rate tests, mental tests, strength tests, I did all of that," says Adriana.

"I spoke to the boys (her three adult sons) and (her husband) Richard and I said: what do you think? And it was it my youngest who said “Oh mum I’m not quite sure if I want you to do it, and I said: that’s okay if you don’t want me to do it, if you don’t want me to do it then I won’t.

"Two days later he said you know what mum you need to do it or you’ll regret it. So I said okay. You know, he knows I’m out there and I’ll give it a go, and I found out that 'Big Brother' wasn’t like it used to be and that’s what I said: I haven’t built my business up for somebody to put me on television then edit me the way they want me to be, and they reassured me they won’t do that.

"So then I thought what have I got to lose and I said yes to going to this ‘Big Brother’ life away from my phone, knowing the what time it is, away from radio, music and anything at all like newspapers, television, absolutely away from everything... and it was exciting. Every day was exciting.

"Don’t get me wrong: every day was hard. My dad had been diagnosed with cancer and, fast forward to today, he has good days and he has bad days. The day I was told I was going in the ‘Big Brother’ house is the day that I was told dad had cancer.

"So I wasn’t going to do it. Mum and dad are such 'Big Brother' fans and they said “You’ve go to go, you’ve got to go", and my sister said to me I will look after mum and dad while dad is going through chemo. I had my moments in there where you’ll see me cry, you’ll see me laugh, you’ll see me give my absolute all, you’ll see me fight, and going in as an intruder it was double the work.

"Because they had already aligned themselves and they had fought to get to their place, and all of a sudden I come in with five others (intruders), and it’s like: it starts again.

"But it was an incredible experience: a crazy experience and I’m glad I did it and Endemol Shine have been amazing. They looked after us if I needed to know anything. And you have to play the game. Some days you get in there and you think: what am I doing here? And all of a sudden you start to get the gist [of the game], and I was nominated to be evicted in the second week and I thought: I’m not ready to go. Obviously they couldn’t read me, but I was finding out about each and every person in the house.

"So it was great journey, and who would have thought - 55,000 applicants and I was one of the lucky ones who got asked to be a part of it but yes, I had to go through the whole process, all those tests so you’ve got to be mentally prepared for it…"

In fact, Adriana arrived at the same time another fellow intruder Gabe Criste arrived, and after the eviction of Charlotte Hall, Gabe soon spoke to Big Brother and expressed that he couldn't stay in the house any longer, saying that he had been "mentally, emotionally, and physically struggling" in the house.

"Gabe was such a beautiful soul and in watching him I realised he was like a little lost sheep in the house. With all respect, you had to go hard if you wanted to stay in the house," says Adriana.

And that’s why your emotional and mental strength is tested before you go in, of course.

"Big Brother is there for you to chat with 24 hours a day if you need him," reveals Adri.

How does Adri feel about how she has been portrayed so far?

"Good! I'm really happy with the way I have been portrayed," says Adri.

"There's so much that I did say that hasn't been shown, but I am happy with everything," she adds.

"The game is literally in your head the whole time: you go to sleep thinking about the game, and you wake up thinking: "how am I going to make it to through another day."

For Adriana, who has been a fashion stylist based in Sydney for many years (she's a Wollongong girl, and travels around Australia and overseas for styling work, styling everyday people, as we as celebrities and notable personalties), it's her moment in the sun to be recognised for the not only the work she does, but for strength of character, and good humour to boot!

Her portrayal as a strong woman is accurate - I've known Adriana for many years. She's definitely not 'mumsy' - instead she's showing you can be sexy at any age.

"That’s the reason I went on the show, to show women all the ways they can be in life!

"You know, I style women who start to doubt themselves and their personal style and in turn start to lack confidence.

For me, I like to train and I get in shape with my intense and regular physical training, but you can look good and feel good at any age.

"And I want to empower other women out there that they can do whatever they want!

I am here to agree! You've gotta make it happen - it's completely great accept to who you are as a person and be happy with your age and stage in life, but if you are not where you want to be physically and with confidence levels, meeting and hanging with Adriana can be truly life and perspective changing.

"I love that that’s what you represent," I say to Adriana.

"I want to show women out there that you know you can get exercise in the mornings to feel good, and you know, you don't have to wear expensive clothes to look good - it's all about how you put it together.

"You look good, you feel good, it's all about giving you confidence," says Adri.

During Covid, Adriana reveals she'd go get her car washed, and the only store that was open was Kmart. "So yeah, I started to know to experiment with how to put things together with less expensive clothing, and taking it to that next level on tying it all in. When I joined the [Big Brother] house I took my styling skills to the housemates, and it was fun playing dress ups."


Were there some alliances or unusual friendships that Adriana formed inside the house?

"I did have the attitude that this is a game, I'm not there to make friends, but I did make friendships in the house - it's hard not to make friends!

"Even know I made friends with so many beautiful people, it's all about trust for me anyway.

"You sort of know who you want to work with, and you know who is really playing the game 

and who is just telling you whatever you want to hear.

"The trust was one of those things that was very hard in the house.

If you don't know the game you might wonder why you'd need to build an alliance - aren't you all just there to win the whole show? But as Adriana says, "you need to have those alliances when you're doing a challenge."

"You may get nominated so you've got to have people who will back you up. At that point you've got to really get on side but everyone, and I had to learn how to do that. In the first week I thought, oh my gosh, this is crazy, I don't like lying, I hate lying. And I quickly picked up on the game. I think I portrayed myself as someone you could talk to, and what you said to me would stay with me. I really want to show Australia that I'm not one of those people that if you told me something in confidence then I would talk behind your back. That's not me.

"You know I was very upfront, and maybe I should have played the game a little bit more but I learnt a lot about backstabbing, but then you realise that it's all a game, it really is all a game. But on the outside that's not who they are," says Adri.

"I kept having to say to myself: 'Adriana, remember this is a game'.

The Big Brother house is based in North Head, Sydney. "I had to tell people that I was away on a shoot and that there was no reception where I was. I was gone for quite some time, obviously just my family knew where I was, but that was it."

Adriana reveals that Australia will vote in the last episode of 'Big Brother'.

"It's up to Australia. Throughout the whole thing votes are cast by the housemates, but in the end it's Australia who's vote counts. Oh, I'm getting so good at this keeping everything a secret thing," laughs Adriana uproariously.

Adri says that as soon as she was featured in her first article in 'New Idea' her Instagram "went absolutely crazy." In fact, it's steadily rising right now, as she becomes an even more recognisable face.

"People are starting to recognise me now and I find that so unusual! To me, I've just done something that's really no big deal. But it's funny because they look at you and they then turn away while they're recognising you. It just happened to me today at lunch. This couple were looking at me then come right out and ask, you're on 'Big Brother', right?

"It happened to me at Woolies the other day too. I'm just at my local Woolies and I could see staff looking at me... it was so funny and I'm thinking, but I'm here all the time, I'm here every week! But I think that's only for a short time and then I'll be forgotten," says Adri matter of factly.

We beg to differ. Adri's star is on the rise and rise.

Adri reveals the sleeping arrangements when she first arrived at the house. "The boys and girls were in two separate rooms, with one doorway going in. The boys were super respectful. I came in as an intruder and there was a big double bed nobody wanted, as the housemates believed the bed was cursed. So I thought right, I'll sleep in the double bed! I had to sleep with my sleeping mask on but it's very dark at night, but obviously they [the cameras] can see everything. And being a mum of boys I really enjoyed being with all the girls in the house.

"You know, I had no idea what time it was in the house, it was just hearing from 'Big Brother:' 'okay it's time to get up' or 'okay it's time to go to bed', but we'd never actually know the time. But you know what we were mentally and physically exhausted, we were always ready for sleep.

"Do you know what... the best thing was not having a phone. I loved not having a phone! I learnt a lesson: that my phone does consume a lot of my time. I learnt that we are so involved with this device that it's so sad. Life just passes us by.

"I came out hoping that I wouldn't be on my phone as much. Obviously in running a business you are on your phone, but it was the best thing I did, I absolutely loved it, just loved it. This thing becomes our life, but it was so nice to not be with your phone before you go to bed, and access your phone when you first wake up. It was so nice. You would actually have conversations and listen to what people say. And there were 15 hours a day of conversations, besides the challenges."

So, can you go to your room and just chill out? "You can but you're not allowed to sleep. I did almost fall asleep at one stage. You forget you have a mic on, and 'Big Brother' must've heard me breathing and asked, Adriana are you asleep, and I said no, no I'm not asleep!" she laughs.

"We had mics on every day,  for Sunday... we had Sunday off."

One of the best moments for Adri was when she beat Mitch on the beam. "Oh my gosh I was so proud of that and of myself. Josie, I'm telling you, I surprised myself with what I was capable of.

"Some challenges I wasn't as good at, but I always gave it a go. I would think of my dad to push me through, to get me through challenges. You know, I wanted to make my boys proud. There were one or two challenges where I said, I can't do this, it was physically hurting me, with pain in my lower back."

But when the electric shock challenge involved winning seafood to eat, "well you know me when it comes to food! When you've been eating spinach, tuna and chickpeas (alcohol is very, very limited in the house), you'll do anything. I thought, if I can give birth I can get through this! It's like one million elastic bands being flicked at you. Do you know what, it's amazing what the mind can do. And I found that women have a much stronger pain threshold than boys."

So, what will Adriana take from her time in the house?


"Being away from my family was hard. And in playing the game you learn if you want to do something, you can do it, you can make it happen. You've gotta push yourself and just keep pushing yourself. And that means pushing yourself to limits you never thought possible. It doesn't matter what age you are; 'Big Brother' is a game for everybody, you don't have to be physically super strong. In the beginning you do mentally need to know what you're doing, and in saying that there were some challenges that required physical strength and sometimes I just couldn't compete with the boys. But I did alright, I was on par with them a lot of the time. I've got the personality that I get on with everybody.

"The other take aways from this experience is that I'm a very strong person to allow myself to be away for so long from my family, and everything that was happening in my life. I wanted to prove to ME that I could do it. Adriana has never had 'Adriana time', I've always had someone to lean on, whether it's my family or my husband. I was going in as a stylist, knowing I have a passion and love what I do, and I had this newfound confidence about me. I found that when I went in everyone started to dress up that little bit more, too! Even Sonia [Kruger, host of 'Big Brother] noticed, and I loved seeing her style when she'd connect with us from the outside.

Photo: Peter Brew Bevan

I ask, how do you feel that you might take this to the next level from a business perspective, and how do you feel that you can translate it to outside world stylist life?

"It's just really wonderful that with 'Big Brother' and its big audience, people can see my backstory and why I do what I do. It's like a sneak peak of me. I am what I do."

Adri reveals the the other stylist in the show Charlotte is someone "I call a friend."

"If I could bring her to Sydney I'd love for her to work alongside me. Her personality is brilliant.

"I love getting to know the people in the house, and what and who they are, irrespective of who they are in the outside world. You're living with those people, so you're getting to know those people, you create such a bond, and you know I was adamant that I wasn't there to create friendships but it's hard not to make friends. You're spending so much of your day with these people, there's nothing else to do except get to know them. So you must interact with everyone, but sometimes I just sit there and listen. I mean Ari for example, he's so intelligent, he's so intriguing, we were calling 'the human Google.'

What's next for Adri?

"I'd love for people to see who I am in fashion, and how I make them feel confident in what they're doing and wearing, and what Adristyling [Adriana's fashion styling business) is doing to make you look good, and knowing I can create looks where you don't have to have a lot of money. Styling is for everyone, it's accessible."

It's how Adri feels when she reads the testimonies. "When you read about people I've worked with and they say 'you've changed my life'... I love it. Do you know, anyone can change their life, anyone can prove themselves, and it just takes that one person to believe in you. It sounds crazy but when you dress well that's where your confidence just shines through.

"I wouldn't see myself being on [TV show] 'Survivor' though... only because of all the bugs and all the yucky things in the jungle.

"The next dream on my list is... to grab 30 family and friends and sail away!"

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