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Saturday, 16 November 2019

B. BluMarine: WIN the new fragrance HERE!

The new fragrance B. BluMarine is here!

And it's a beauty!

Escentials Brands is proud to introduce new fragrance B. Blumarine from the iconic Italian fashion house, Blumarine.

B. Blumarine evokes fashion and magic, beauty and femininity, joy and creative energy. B. Blumarine is not just a new fragrance from legendary Italian fashion brand, instead the olfactive embodiment behind the Blumarine woman.

Joyous, vivacious, energetic and vibrant, she possesses the seductive lightness of a chiffon dress and the invincible strength of optimism. This gorgeous picture is exactly what you see as the new ad campaign for the fragrance.

As romantic as a beautiful floral print and as distinctive as the colour of the sky on a cloudless day, the Blumarine woman dominates the scene with a natural air of elegance and simplicity. SO PRETTY!

Young luxury perfume creator Marie Salamagne has built a complex fragrance around the cabbage rose, being the flower-icon of Blumarine fashion house and the favourite of lead designer Anna Molinari. The rose note is flanked by floral accents of jasmine and passion-flower as well as fruity notes of pink grapefruit, pear and cassis.

Sensual accords of musk, sandalwood and cedar complete B. Blumarine, giving it an intriguing gourmand finish.

More about the Fragrance:

B.Blumarine belongs to the floral-fruity olfactory family. Fresh and joyful fruity tones of pink grapefruit, pear and cassis, open to the intense femininity of natural cabbage rose extract that lies at the heart of the fragrance.

Luminous accords of jasmine petals and passion-flower blossoms give way to a distinct sensuousness of cedar wood and sandalwood in soft, brilliant nuances of musk.

The cut crystal bottle of B. Blumarine has been finished with a precious floral print chiffon flower attached to the bottle neck with a gold chain. This unusual ornament on the bottle can also be worn a pendant, ring or carried as a lucky charm to scent and keep in your bag, closet or drawer. Or just keep it on the bottle, adding a dash of prettiness on your bedside table. We LOVE the design!

The Eau de Parfum 100 ml Natural Spray is $79, and the launch date is November 2019 and it is available exclusively at Priceline.

And Josie's Juice has ONE bottle of this divine fragrance to giveaway!

Here is all you need to do to be in the running:

- share the Instagram post from @josiesjuicejournalist on your own Instagram page and tag @josiesjuicejournalist so we see it!

- plus, share this post on your Facebook page

- tell us why you'd like to win this divine fragrance

Winner drawn December 2019

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Bachelorette 2019: Angie Chooses Carlin

Did you pick it?

Nawww, poor Timm:

But yay for Carlin:

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Sooshi Mango: 'Fifty Shades Of Ethnic' - WIN tickets!

Love Sooshi Mango?

You've probably already got tickets to their 'Fifty Shades of Ethnic' show then.

If you haven't yet... then, PTOU YOU BASTARD!

We have you covered here!

We have ONE DOUBLE PASS up for grabs for the 6.45pm show at the Enmore Theatre on Sunday 13 October, 2019.

Here is all you need to do to enter:

- share this post on your social media page

- 'like' the Josie's Juice Facebook page and the Instagram page

- 'like' the Sooshi Mango Facebook page and the Instagram page

- tag the person you'd bring to the show

- email us at: info@rojoconsulting.com.au with your name and phone number so we can contact you - winner will be notified Sunday morning on October 13

Can't wait? Book last minute tickets NOW for the Sydney show RIGHT HERE: https://www.sooshimango.com

Love their stuff? Go HERE to revisit.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

14 North 108 East: REVIEW

Sydney is growing.

And by growing I mean the parameters of what constitutes 'Greater Sydney' has changed, and as a result, there are new burgeoning Sydney suburbs you've never heard of.

Because of this, one could argue the geographical centre of the city of Sydney is changing.

Gone are the days (we hope!) that people from the eastern suburbs don't venture further than Leichhardt for a good feed, and as a proud 'westie' (and still living in Sydney's western suburbs), I love hearing about new restaurants - and whole new living precincts - popping up and demanding to be visited.

One such suburb is Emerald Hills, which is minutes away from the new train station at Leppington, and the M5 Motorway (that's another thing about westies - we are so used to taking motorways that a long journey to the other side of Sydney invariably includes several motorways and myriad tolls).

Nestled near Emerald Hills is the gorgeous Lakeside Golf Club Camden and the rolling Camden Hills, as well as a brand new residential area and... a whole new shopping and eating precinct.

Enter, one of THE best (okay, I am going to say it, the actual best!) Vietnamese restaurants I  have eaten at: 14 North 108 East.

Where do I start? From the prompt, super friendly, and supremely knowledgeable venue manager Alessandro (aka Alex) serving us, to the next level, taste bud tingling dishes, to the light and airy ambience, relaxed vibe, and the beautifully decorated venue, this place is completely worth the visit for locals (but they already know that) to diners who want to be transported (and I don't mind just clocking up some k's on the car) to another culinary level.

Below are just some photos of my experience as posted on Instagram, with more pics of my delicious dishes below.

Oh, and speaking of geography, what does the venue name mean?

It represents the actual map coordinates of Pleiku, a Vietnamese city famous for its production of coffee.

And coffee here is a very important element of the venue, not only because the owners of 14 North 108 East are the team behind the group of coffee stores, Espresso Warriors, but also because the intention of the venue is that it is a coffee stop with many interpretations of coffee. Wait until you try the various blends!

We had:

Sweet and Sour Chick Pops $9
chicken drumettes with a sticky sauce

Saigon Seafood Spring Roll (2) $7
pork and seafood mixed with taro and woodear mushrooms

Puffed Rice Tempura Prawns $12
king prawns with crispy rice coating and dipping sauce

Banh Xeo $24
savoury turmeric pancake, thit nuong, prawns and beansprouts

Bodhi Noodles (VG) $18
wok breath dark soy noodles with tofu, mushrooms and vegetables

Buddah Claypot (VG) $19
tufu, eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, with soy

Betel Leaf Beef (2) (N) $15
grilled seasoned beef mince wrapped in betel leaf with peanut sauce

Thit Nuong - Pork Skewers (2) (N) $6
grilled lemongrass pork neck with peanut sauce

Luc Luc $25
marinated beef with banana blossom, herbs, fried onion with lemon and fish sauce
NGแปŒT(Dessert) Longan Flan $15
chilled Vietnamese creme caramel served with caramelized longan sauce

North East Sago (N) $15
coconut tapioca with fresh caramel infused pineapple topped with crushed peanuts

Banana Spring Roll (N) $15
deep fried banana wrapped in pastry with butterscotch sauce and coconut ice-cream

What an experience at @14north108east_sydney - the most exceptional of #vietnamesefood right here in Sydney. I promise it’s worth the trek to the burgeoning suburb of #EmeraldHills for a sensory experience for your tastebuds. Stay tuned for the #josiesjuicejournalist #sydneyfoodie #foodreview but for now, here’s what you’re salivating over is this: Sweet and Sour Chick Pops: chicken drumettes with a sticky sauce, which is a crunchy chicken ๐Ÿ— sensation with a super addictive salty sauce. Saigon Seafood Spring Roll: pork and seafood mixed with taro and woodear mushrooms. No words! And... have you ever seen such a FULL #springroll Puffed Rice Tempura Prawns: king prawns ๐Ÿค with crispy rice coating and dipping sauce. Like nothing you’ve experienced! A must! Buddah Claypot: tofu, eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, with soy... the best #tofu ever! And that eggplant ๐Ÿ† Thit Nuong - Pork Skewers: grilled lemongrass pork neck with peanut sauce... a standout dish and also a must!
A post shared by Josie Gagliano (@josiesjuicejournalist) on

Below, the hand painted mural by local Sydney artist Sophi Odling, inspired by Sophi's travels to Vietnam:

Check out the site, where you'll see that this excellent venue has not one but two locations!

Emerald Hills and Woden.

See more plus the menu, right here: https://www.north14east108.com

To see the dinner menu we indulged in, go here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5cc8ec184d871101dac89ab2/t/5d3fd16a6620060001a310f5/1564463467724/emerald_DINNER-menuA3.pdf

Thursday, 19 September 2019

'The Bachelor' 2019: Matt Chooses Chelsie

'The Bachelor' 2019 is now over!

But life - at least in TV fairytale land - is just beginning for Matt Agnew (that's Dr Matt to you) and Chelsie.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Red Carpet: openshop Australia Launch

If you're not an online shopper and don't do TV shopping... this channel is for you!

openshop is the new way to shop - where you can see and almost feel and touch the kind of shopping style fossils like me will love.

Josie's Juice was thrilled to be asked to cover the open shop red carpet and attend the launch of this all new shopping experience.

We LOVED interviewing the stalwarts of TV shopping Nikki Vincent and Justine Diana. They really know their craft and have the most beautiful stories about their connectedness with their audience over the decades.

See the FULL videos at my Instagram IGTV: https://www.instagram.com/josiesjuicejournalist/

Here are some of my posts from the fun red carpet:

Also, check out the wrap up of the whole launch event, also featuring yours truly:

Ready to shop?



Grab a cuppa, relax on the couch, and go shopping!

Monday, 5 August 2019

GlamCorner Designer Dress Hire: REVIEW

Have an event, want to make an impact, but don't know where to start?

This was me last week, relying on a dress I fell in love with, only to have the seams fall apart with days to go... argh! What to do?

I turned immediately to GlamCorner, and while the PR team there came to my rescue, I went through the processes as a normal customer would so I could report back on the whole experience. I can attest that this was the easiest way to dress up with maximum impact at an event, with minimal impact on your wallet, the environment, and your wardrobe space. 

The way to start approaching getting your dream dress is to simply get on the site and start to familiarise yourself with the process.

I am a fan of getting right into the FAQs so I know how the whole thing works.

You can read the whole thing HERE.

Some of the key questions are:

Does GlamCorner have a physical shop? No, they are purely an online designer dress service.

Yes, they do ship Australia wide (but not overseas).

So, if you are like me and prefer the tactile experience (where you get to try clothes on), how do you minimise the risk and ensure there is a very high probability the dress will be your perfect fit?

Here's my tip!

Start searching for the outfit you want - start by refining the search by choosing the event style, the size, or even the designer. I chose to put the type of event in my search engine - in this case, 'gala' - see all the categories here: https://www.glamcorner.com.au/occasions

Then, you refine the search further by checking availability: input your postcode, your size, and delivery date. So, when you want it delivered in order to make it in time for your event. The minimum hire time is 4 days (you get it the day before, try it on, have it ready to wear for the event, then have time to send it back with a return already paid postage satchel 

Now... if you leave it last minute like I did... you CAN choose and order it and have it delivered ON THE SAME DAY!


This is what my experience was, and I was nothing short of happy and relieved with the result.

The best part is that you start to get real savvy on how to navigate the site, and how to understand what will suit you.

From getting the know the fit (does it have stretch?), to seeing what the actual length is from shoulder to toe, to getting the low down on what body shape the dress will fit, you almost kinda can't get it wrong.

Feeling a bit concerned? You can add another dress option as your plan B for a tiny extra $15! Yes!

You can choose from the GlamCorner collection of over 10,000 event dresses and gowns. Want to secure a dress in advance? You can book your favourite dress online up to six months in advance! The dress is then yours for 4 or 8 days, and comes with accidental damage insurance.

So, what if your dress does not fit or you don't like it? GlamCorner asks you just fill out the return request form and send the dress back via the prepaid return bag within 24 hours of delivery (with tags still intact), and they will send you out a new size or offer a full refund. If you've selected the same-day delivery option, they will issue a full refund minus the shipping cost. Pretty good, huh!

So... what did MY GlamCorner dress look like?

Here it is, my Nicole Miller STUNNER, the Loren Stretch Lace Gown - you can shop that look right HERE:

View this post on Instagram
I LOVE ❤️a dress up and the @starballsydney is both my fave opp to do that while doing good. @rojoconsulting our #sydneyPR company was a proud #PR partner with @starlightau and this kinda work makes my heart ❣ sing! Kids in need also make me very emotional and yes I cried hearing the inspirational stories - happens every year without fail. What a thrill to dress up too! @glamcornerau - no words for how easy you made the whole process when I was in need of a last minute dress. Just wow. This @nicolemillernyc #dress was next level. Same day delivery and several choices if you choose that option upon ordering. So happy. Hair and makeup ๐Ÿ’„ #nowords - by the #sydneyhair and #sydneymua master Kayla from @skhairlounge #ohwhatanight #starballsydney #starballsydney2019 #starball #sydneystarball
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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Mayerling Skincare: BEAUTY REVIEW

When a skincare line is referred to as something the consumer has not seen before, by someone who has been in the industry for over 50 years, you stop and listen!

Tony Hasham, the founder and CEO of Mayerling Skincare says he has "never come across a range of skincare treatment like the Mayerling skin renewal system."

The product speaks for itself, and there is more below on it, and this video is excellent in explaining exactly what the product line does, the results to expect, and the active ingredients which make it all happen. I really enjoyed watching this! Why don't all brands so this?

Mayerling Tony 2 V3 from TONY HASHAM on Vimeo.

Multi award-winner and Sydney-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Lawrence Ho founded Mayerling in 1999, when his results-based research led him to develop a brand that achieves clinical results with minimal effort and without any downtime.

His findings were based on first-hand research, where he followed the treatment of clients who were undergoing peels and laser skin rejuvenation. The end results proved that resurfaced skin is the key to younger looking skin. In fact, as Hasham says in the video above, some patients were actually being prepped for laser resurfacing!
“Mayerling believes in skincare that works, without the fuss or irritation often associated with other systems. We offer safe, highly active ingredients giving visible results and benefits”
More about Mayerling Skincare.

As a brand, Mayerling are leaders in exfoliation, resurfacing and skin renewal. The brand has been formulating their own clinical peels and supplying the professional beauty industry for over 20 years. We have professional salons Australia-wide offering clinical peels that are proven to substantially increase the effectiveness of our home treatments.

Their home treatment products work on the premise that for the skin’s texture to be improved, it must be resurfaced. The old cells need to be removed, allowing the new, young, healthy skin cells to regenerate from deep within the skin.
To achieve fast effective results Mayerling uses a highly concentrated and balanced combination of potent cosmeceutical and natural ingredients, which are supported with scientific evidence and efficacy studies.
And who doesn't love a before and after when it comes to skin and body - these photos showing real results are EXTRAORDINARY!

See them HERE.

From a personal perspective, I can attest the results after using Mayerling Skincare have been huge, and like nothing my skin has experienced before... and I have been writing about beauty for over 20 years!

Ready to shop? Go here: https://mayerlingskincare.com/products/

The products I used for the roadtest are below.

The Foaming Cleanser. SHOP THAT HERE.

And the Forte Day and Night Creams. SHOP THAT HERE.

These are the two products you should use to start you off. And at time of publishing this post, you can get the cleanser for FREE when you buy the above day and night duo pack!

Purchase a Forte Day and Night Cream pack – $198 and receive a Complimentary Foaming Facial Cleanser 120 ml – normally $45 plus 2 × 4gm Testers of Dermal Transfer Serum Vitamin C 15% normally $37.
promotion code: FDN198 

See the link HERE.

Run, don't walk, people!

This skincare is the real deal, with real results.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Nour Restaurant: Brunch REVIEW

If you're a Middle Eastern food aficionado, you'll be keen on ANY interpretation of it... for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Enter the just launched Nour brunch, at this popular Sydney restaurant.

Mention modern Lebanese food to a Sydney foodie, and it's a given they've eaten at Nour! Everyone in the know knows this popular restaurant now.

With the new brunch menu at this now famed eatery, it opens a whole new audience ready to start off their Sunday right.

The new Nour brunch menu is designed to be shared, as is custom in Middle Eastern tradition.

With generous portion sizes, Nour suggests choosing four dishes to share between two guests.

You know when your eyes are bigger than your stomach? Yes... that is what you'll experience when ordering from the Nour menu.

Here is what we ate, then keep reading for the full Nour brunch menu below. Bonus: they have alcohol share teapots for brunch. YES PLEASE!

My young guest (my 11 year old daughter Estella - and I highly recommend this experience over a high tea for a lazy Sunday!) and I shared this:

House sujuk and stretched curds, $18

The delicious Shanklish, which is sheep's milk cheese typical of Levantine cuisine (formed into bigger than bite size balls), served with boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, mint, olives, $18

The signature Nour brunch falafel crumpet, tahini, pickled onion, soft boiled egg, parsley, $14

Batata harra, fried potatoes, toum, coriander, green chilli, $18

Finished with the delicious Lebanese atayef, ashta, pistachio, and orange blossom persimmon (for a non persimmon lover, kinda hating it when my very Italian mamma tried to force feed me this unusual fruit and failed... yet Nour has won this battle!), $19

Batata harra, fried potatoes, toum, coriander, green chilli, $18 - so more-ish and delicious and a must try!

We had a cheeky glass of Shiraz to go (brunch at Nour finishes at 1.30pm, so don't judge!) but the lovely people next to us ordered one of the booze-laced teapots and they were kind enough to allow us to shoot it, and taste some... SO GOOD!

We tried the Tanqueray Gin teapot: lemon myrtle, nettle leaf, peppermint, thyme, liquorice root infuse, $36.

Or the Bulleit Bourbon: Baharat, apple juice reduction, vanilla, mint, Earl Grey tea, $36.

Your other drink options (what's a brunch if it's not also boozy!) are:

'The Bottomless' - Add 90min bottomless Nour Bellini for $30 with a set menu Add 90min bottomless Rose for $30 with a set menu.

Or, the brunch cocktails:

Grape Spritz, $18

Antica Formula vermouth, date and grape molasses, topped off with Prosecco

Blossom Pipe, $20

Ketel one Citron, Aperol, cardamom pineapple, agave, blossom orange

House Bloody Mary, $19

Ketel One vodka, harissa, spiced tomato juice, citrus

Smoked Mary, $20

Tanqueray Gin, smoked tomato juice, citrus

Espresso Martini, $19

Ketel One vodka, Kahlua, espresso,cinnamon

OR: try the mocktails!

The Huba, $12: Pineapple juice, coconut, cardamom, basil, citrus

Persian Virgin Mojito, $12: Persian lime infuse, moroccan mint, fresh lime, soda

The other equally worthy brunch menu items are:

House pita bread, $4

Saj bread, $4

Manoushe (cooked to order in the woodfire oven, and served with pickles: 

Kishk and tomato, $16

Za’atar and olive oil, $13

Tomato, smoked almond tarator, salted barberries, pickled garlic, $17 

Kifta nayyeh, wood roasted chilli, walnuts, mint, egg yolk, lavosh, $26 

Warm hummus, chickpeas, burnt butter, $15

Eggplant fatteh, warm yoghurt, crisp bread, nuts, burnt butter, $19

Ful medammes, braised fava beans, crumbed smoked, egg, herbs, $19 

Baalbek fried eggs, lamb awarma, tahini yoghurt, almonds, flatbread, $23 

Chopped salad, tomato, zucchini, bullhorn pepper, smoked stringy haloumi, vine leaves, $18 

Spatchcock, kishk, grilled peppers, garlic, charred lemon, $39 (we are trying this next time, this was from the other lovely people at the table next door):

Honey brined wagyu pastrami, kohlrabi pickle, charred, eggplant puree, bay leaves, $48 

Mujaddara, aged rice with lentils, crispy onion and lemon, $18

Fried cauliflower, roasted grapes, smoked almond crumb, ras el hanout, smoked labne, $22 

Knafeh, rose and orange blossom syrup, pistachio, cardamom ice cream, $20 

Petit foursome, $3 each

Really hungry, and find it hard to choose. Go the banquet!

Saj bread
Shanklish, boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, mint, olives
Eggplant fatteh, warm yoghurt, crisp bread, nuts, burnt butter Manoushe cooked to order in the wood oven served with pickles Lebanese atayef, ashta, pistachio, orange blossom persimmon

House pita bread
Warm hummus, chickpeas, burnt butter
Falafel crumpet, tahini, pickled onion, soft boiled egg, parsley Eggplant fatteh, warm yoghurt, crisp bread, nuts, burnt butter Spatchcock, kishk, grilled peppers, garlic, charred lemon Batata harra, fried potatoes, toum, coriander, green chilli Nougat, lokum, mafrouke

Run, don't walk for this menu!

We stayed for ages simply because the food is delicious, the ambience is so lovely, and the service... absolutely TOP NOTCH!

Claudio our waiter was flawless and so lovely and attentive, yet unobtrusive. Hillary was so wonderful also and the perfect hostess. The GM on the floor Peter was also personable and efficient and so welcoming.

We met the charming and impossibly handsome Ibby Moubadder from 'My Kitchen Rules' too - who runs Nour, as 'MKR' fans would know.

More on the philosophy behind Nour, taken from their website:
Nour is built on a dream of presenting classic Lebanese flavours in a fresh, exciting way. We’ve all seen what the beautiful tangy tenors of pomegranate molasses do for a salad, we know that we can mould meat on a stick and cook it over coals to make it pack a punch of flavour and all power to the sultry eggplant that shines when dressed as baba ganoush.

Why then, would we deem to adapt that which has worked for decades?

Because we think you deserve to know what the little country on the Mediterranean has hiding in its Cedar branches. Take a leap outside of the box while your eyes flirt with our beautiful, contemporary interior and your senses are set alight. You think you know Lebanese food but we want to show you the surface is yet to be scratched and there is so much more to offer.

At Nour, we take classic Lebanese flavours and playfully tease out their full potential. Who said falafel has to roll to the same old beat, meal after meal? Why does eggplant only get to hang out smashed with tahini? Don’t you think the humble vine leaf deserves to encase a little mystery once in a while? We use an unrestricted approach to create food and cocktails that are vibrant and bold, yet familiar and comfortable. So dive in and lose yourself to a feast of enchantment that you’ve never tried before.

Book brunch (or come for an intimate dinner for two) now! See the whole brunch menu HERE.

For more on Nour, go HERE.

Address: Shop 3, 490 Crown Street, Surry Hills

Phone: 02 9331 3413

Follow them on Facebook HERE.

And on Instagram HERE.

Keen on private room dining? Nour has that too!