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Friday, 14 August 2020

‘The Bachelor’ Australia 2020: All Instagram accounts

Already hooked on ‘The Bachelor’ Australia?

Really want to stalk, I mean, follow everyone’s account?

You’re in luck!

We’ve done the searching for you.

Here we are, every single lady after Lockie’s heart!

Instagram: @bellavarelis

Instagram: @irena_srbinovska

Instagram: @ kingkaitlyn__

Instagram: @paigeroyal

Instagram: @marzy13

Instagram: @kristinaabramoff

Instagram: @leilanivakaahi

Instagram: @nicolegloria

Instagram: @reebzsyd

Instagram: @gemmaaa_white

Instagram: @lauracalleri 

Instagram: @stephanieshae

Instagram: @rosemarys.cloud

Instagram: @margozogoulas

Instagram: @julietteherrera_

Instagram: @georginaglass

Instagram: @izisgram

Instagram: @madelyncarver_

Instagram: @zoeclaremcdonald

Instagram: @belcolwell

Instagram: @clareellenlange

Instagram: @charleyjasmin

Instagram: @roxikenny

Instagram: @nadinee__k

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

TiffsArt INTERVIEW: behind the Emilee Hembrow art

A few weeks ago, Australian mother and fashion business owner Emilee Hembrow shared her devastating news that her baby died in utero at 30 weeks.

She posted beautiful artwork and sorrowful words about her loss.

The artwork was created by Tiff Nelhams, a UK based artist use under the name of TiffsArt.

Josie’s Juice interviewed Tiff about her art and how she felt when she saw her art on Emilee’s page (see below).

How did you feel when you saw that Emilee had used your art for her sad news announcement?

Whenever I hear of a baby being born asleep, I feel heartbroken. But I have to look beyond that and focus on the parents and family involved. So, when I first saw my picture and the news there was a mixture of emotions. Firstly, extreme sadness that Emilee had to go through such a heartrending trauma. Secondly, pleased that my work helped her to announce the sad news. I wanted to reach out to her to offer my support, and ask to share my details so that others in her position could also contact me for my work to support them. Sometimes, people do not realise that ‘babies born asleep’ have parents who are grieving for life; this is why I offer a range of different items to enable each individual to choose what is right for them.

Have people reached out to you to ask you more about your art? 

Yes, I have had some people reach out to me, and many have said how much my work means to them. Previous clients have also sent me pictures of my artwork on display, including one of my Angels artwork on a gravestone which was amazing. However, the media have taken my work and not given my details, which is very sad. This stops others knowing that I am here with support that can be personalised to them and their grief.

Tell me more about your own story of loss?

This was my step-sister’s loss; it shook all of us to the core. She lost her 22 month old daughter and I wanted to give her a memorial for her and her children to keep. That is how my first family drawing, with an Angel started. Her strength was and is phenomenal through the shock of such an unexpected loss.

How have you found you can express yourself through art?

My art has helped me. I struggle with severe depression and anxieties, which can stop me going out. Having my business and working closely with so many people throughout the world helps me deal with my day to day issues. It is a form of expression. My art is a form of communication to the world, helping, supporting and hopefully comforting others.

Can people from around the world buy your art?

Yes, I post worldwide and have done for many years now, I have a lot of regular international customers. Unfortunately, my online shop isn’t set up for international orders yet, so I take them directly via email or social media messages.

See TIFF’s details here:

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Naya Rivera: 'Glee' star missing, feared dead

'Glee' actress Naya Rivera is missing, feared dead, after her young son was found asleep alone on a boat on a Southern California lake.

Thirty three year old Naya has been the subject of a massive search, which has been suspended until morning.

Her four year old son Josey Hollis Dorsey was found alone on her boat by another boater, shortly before 5pm. Naya's boat was adrift on Lake Piru, and she had rented it three hours earlier.
TMZ was also told by sources that Josey told police his mother had “jumped into the water but didn’t come back up”.
Captain Eric Buschow from Ventura County Sheriff’s Department told the LA Times that Josey is currently “in good health”, adding that “the family is going through a very traumatic time right now, adding to NBC LA: “This is considered to be a horrible accident.”
He also said they Naya’s identity was not able to be confirmed after finding her wallet onboard the boat.
The "Glee Curse" is Two of Naya's 'Glee' cast mates are part of the tragic “Glee curse”.
The show's leading male Cory Monteith, who played Finn, died of a drug overdose in 2013 at the age of 31.
Co-star Mark Salling, who played Puck, killed himself in January 2018. He was 35.
Salling was awaiting sentencing on child pornography charges at the time of his death.
Naya's life has experienced turmoil, when 2017 after she was arrested on domestic battery against her ex-husband, actor Ryan Dorsey, the father of her child.
Dorsey claimed that Rivera struck him in the head and face.
The charge was dropped after Dorsey told prosecutors he didn’t want to proceed.
This is Naya's last Instagram post:
View this post on Instagram
A post shared by Naya Rivera (@nayarivera) on

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

WIN: Eat Box Now Korean BBQ delivery - THREE to win!

Eat Box Now is here and where has it been all my life!

Now you can enjoy the complete Korean dining experience - at home.

A clever Sydney chap named John Nguyen saw an opportunity to turn his job loss due to Covid into a burgeoning business.

The data scientist was sitting at home jobless, and decided to start his own business, Eat Box Now.


Hear all about his journey on BBC HERE.

In the first two weeks, he sold 1000 boxes. Now just watch this business rise and rise!

There are THREE box options you can order.

For two (or three if your diners have smaller appetites):

For four:

Or the largest box, which includes one kilo of wagyu beef, which feeds six (aka the 'ISO' box):

The boxes contains varying amounts / options of:

Angus beef bulgogi
Wagyu rib fingers
Pork boneless riblet
Chicken bulgogi
Chilli chicken
Chilli pork
Pork belly, and 
Marinated LA beef rib

Plus: a variety of five vegetables and sides from a selection of:

Kim chi
Fish cake salad
Seaweed strips
Spring onions
Japchae (Korean glass noodles)
Pickled radish
Korean jalapeno chilli/garlic
Korean perilla leaves

Plus, sesame oil and ssamjang dipping sauces - and rice, too!

They deliver fresh Korean BBQ to your door every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 10am-8pm. Oh, and they include Korean booze too!

No BBQ? No worries!

BUY one from them to keep and use again! So clever. Go HERE for the barbie.

Ready to order? See the menu options HERE.

Or you can email orders to eatboxnow@gmail.com

And... Josie's Juice has THREE small boxes to give away!

Here is all you need to do to enter:

- Follow @josiesjuicejournalist on Instagram

- Follow Josie's Juice Blog on Facebook

- Follow @eatboxnow on Instagram

- Tag your friends: each tag = one entry

*Open to Sydney metro only (subject to Eat Box Now delivery areas)
*Prize on offer: three small boxes, one per winner
*All criteria must be followed
*This is not run by or endorsed by Instagram


Sunday, 24 May 2020

Alisa and Lysandra al.ive body range: INTERVIEW

Can you count how many seasons of 'The Block' have been broadcast so far on Australian TV?

We've lost count, but even as a dip in 'n' out kind reno show watcher, I do recall some standout, familiar faces from the reality TV show, and at the forefront are these familiar faces who have continued to be a total tour de force in the design and development industries...

Alisa and Lysandra (do they even need a surname? It's Fraser, BTW) are the twin sister duo you're likely to remember the most of all from the hit Channel 9 TV show, and these ladies have been busy bees, launching a product they could not have dreamt to be more apt in these times of the global pandemic... you know the one: coronavirus or Covid-19 ("rona" if you're an Aussie).

They chatted with Josie's Juice about their new al.ive body range and what it means to get this love project - with a huge side of generosity - off the ground.

We kick off the a good natured laugh about the timing of a soap product i
n the midst of a global spotlight on keeping hands clean.

"Why has it taken a pandemic to wash hands!" they laugh.

YES! Please tell me you are washing hands ANYWAY: when you get home from an outing, after going to the toilet, before you prepare food, after you sneeze... c'mon folks, I know I am a bit (a lot) OCD, but don't be a grub when it comes to hygiene. So glad I can legit now say this without being offensive...

The famous twins reveal how al.ive kicked off, and like any good prod launch story, they fulfilled a need they had for themselves.

"How it all came about was that we were styling our house after having done a development a few years ago in Albert Park (VIC), and we were finishing our redevelopment, and we needed to style our bathrooms. And I reckon we went out looking for a day... we wanted something that was unique and a little bit different and we just couldn't find it," says Alisa.

"And that's where the idea was born," adds Lysandra, who reveals the line was actually 18 months in development.

"We knew we wanted to be able to give back in some way. We've always had a love for nature, it's where our hearts are."

"And we thought what a better way to do that than to plant trees, especially with all that has happened with the emissions and green house gases, and obviously the bushfires as well... but this was planned well before the bushfires, and obviously reforestation and planing trees is even more important now," says Alisa.

"We came up with the name 'al.ive' as a play on our our initials (the 'A' in Alisa and the 'L' in Lysandra) to help keep the planet alive.

"The consciousness behind the brand was really important to us, and we launched a month ago, and so far we are up to 1900 trees (at the time of this interview)."

"We want to get to the point where we can plant an entire 'al.ive forest'," they reveal. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

In fact, a key part of the al.ive body business model is that for every purchase made, one tree will be planted in Australia - they spent a lot of time researching organisations that align with their values, and proudly partnered with One Tree Planted.

One Tree Planted is an environmental charity whose mission is to create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world. Most importantly, in response to the recent bushfire crisis in Australia, they have initiated plans for enhanced projects in Australia to aid reforestation, which was ultimately the reason the sisters chose to align with them. 

"It was really important to us that it was done in Australia as well. Our focus was always Australia, especially given the bushfires," they add.

The sisters are based in Adelaide, and the range is formulated in Melbourne, so it's completely an Australian love project.

Both ladies have kids, and I ask what they think of what their mums are up to?

"They just wish that we weren't so busy!" they add with a laugh. "My son tells me: "Mum, I'm not saying you shouldn't work... but does this mean you will be less busy now?"

Both roar with laugh knowingly, completely aware that is far from the truth.

The line is ripe for brand extensions, I suggest. So, what are they cooking up right now?

"We are definitely working on more products," they reveal, which is a bit of a scoop seeing as plans are certainly in the works, but they're firmly focusing on phase one right now.

So far, stockists of the new al.ive body range are in bespoke style stores around Australia, and the duo couldn't be happier.

"Yes, we've been really blown away by that actually, having only just launched... we have over 40 stockists, and really good quality ones too."

See the stockists RIGHT HERE.

You can buy al.ive products online on their site, or at the stores stocking them, and some of their stockists also have their online stores, so it's super easy.

Alisa and Lysandra finished up on 'The Block' SEVEN years ago. The identical twins won 'The Block: Sky High' in 2013, then made a successful return on 'The Block: Fans vs Faves' in 2014.

I ask what has lit them up the most since leaving the show.

"We actually have not stopped since leaving the show," they laugh.

"We feel like we have been put in the washing machine, and... well, we have't been spat out yet", says Alisa.

"Yeah, I feel like we have definitely found our calling [with the new al.live line] and we just ran with it, and we didn't even know we had a flair for it. We took the leap!" adds Lysandra.

"I think the biggest thing is I think people might think you go on a result TV show and it all kind of of falls in your lap. But I think what a lot of people don't realise is all the hard work that goes in behind the scenes.

"So many people get the opportunity to go on a reality TV show, but it's what you do with that when the cameras stop rolling, that's when the hard work really begins, and I think that's probably the difference between success and not fulfilling what you set out to do," says Alisa.

"Yep... we haven't stopped. It's [the show] is a platform... that's what it is.

"Now have something that we didn't realise we really wanted," adds Lysandra.

Yeah sure... you can revert back to a bar of soap... but if you're a constant hand washer (hello! And now you should be anyway) it's just so much neater and kids don't make that mess with soap shavings around the sink, ugh.

"We didn't reinvent the wheel, we just did it better!" says Alisa. I LOVE THIS STATEMENT!

"Yes, who would've thought that soap could be as important as it suddenly is now!" adds Lysandra.

"It's perfect for kids too, and our kids are washing their hands even more!"

The range includes naturally derived hand and body wash and a hand and body lotion, in a choice of three luxe scents: kaffir lime and green tea; fig, apricot and sage; and coconut and wild orange.

It's proudly Australian-made and developed, using the finest ingredients including essential oils and native botanical extracts,  and are 100 per cent vegan, palm-oil free and are not tested on animals.

The brand name was also inspired by the sisters’ passion for environmental causes and keeping the planet ‘alive'.

The range, which features stylish bottles custom-designed by Alisa and Lysandra in three on-trend colours - the terracotta coloured range are now firmly in my bathroom.

al.ive body is therefore aimed at the style and sustainability conscious consumer who values design and seeks out high product integrity in a beautifully balanced way. In this era, purpose-led brands that help strengthen our sense of self and our contribution to the planet are in big demand," they say.

The al.ive body collection:

  • The Wash $38
  • The Lotion $42
  • The Duo with Tray (in gift box) $79

For more information visit www.alivebody.com.au