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Thursday 30 September 2010

Vale Tony Curtis - most memorable man in drag.

Hollywood actor Tony Curtis has died of cardiac arrest at age 85, while at his Las Vegas home.

Even though he earned an Oscar nomination for his role as a an escaped convict in The Defiant Ones, Curtis was best remembered for his role alongside Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe in the Billy Wilder 1959 comedy classic Some Like It Hot. He certainly did rock the dress and heels combo, but the captain's outfit he wore in this flick did it for me.

That movie made me appreciate old-school, slapstick style comedy. And he represented for me one of my first crushes (equal first was the handsome Elvis Presley). Tony Curtis was just too gorgeous in this movie. Amidst the ill-fitting dresses and bad make-up, it was difficult not to notice how incredibly dashing Curtis was.

In the cult flick, Curtis plays a jazz musician on the run from the mob alongside crazy cohort Jack Lemmon. Along the way, they get more than acquainted with singer Sugar Kane (played by Marilyn Monroe). The hijinks they get up to along the way are hilarious. I could watch that movie again and again. If only to stare at Curtis.

Curtis was the son of Jewish immigrants from Hungary, and was born Bernard Schwartz in New York, in 1925 and survived the Great Depression, and abusive mother, and being sent to an institution.

After a stint in the navy during World War II, Curtis began acting lessons in New York and soon landed a contract with Universal Pictures in 1948.

Off screen, Curtis was said to be legendary for his ways with women, which resulted in six marriages and liaisons with such Hollywood icons as Monroe and Natalie Wood. His first marriage in 1951 was to actress Janet Leigh, his co-star Houdini, and that produced two daughters including actress Jamie Lee Curtis (she with the rockin' bod in True Lies, A Fish Called Wanda, and more).

Curtis's career was thrown off track somewhat in 1962 when he divorced Leigh after an affair with a 17-year-old German actress named Christine Kaufmann, whom he married the next year. That marriage lasted five years, and after divorcing her, he married 23-year-old model Leslie Allen.

Until the day he died he remained committed to his last wife, Jill Vandenberg, to whom he was married for almost 12 years.

He had four daughters, and one son, who overdosed at age 23.

His daughter Jamie Lee said: "My father leaves behind a legacy of great performances in movies and in his paintings and assemblages. He leaves behind children and their families who loved him and respected him and a wife and in-laws who were devoted to him. He also leaves behind fans all over the world. He will be greatly missed.."


Wednesday 29 September 2010

Glamour magazine - rocks all around the world.

Ah, Glamour magazine, how I love thee.

I've been a massive fan of Glamour - a women's magazine published by Condé Nast Publications - for decades.

Founded in 1939 in the United States, it was originally called Glamour of Hollywood.

It is now published in numerous countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Greece, Poland, South Africa, Hungary, Romania, the Netherlands, Mexico as well as a Latin American (Spanish language) edition, and was underway to be launched in Australia in 2009. Then the GFC hit, and the magazine folded before it even got off the ground. (I was commissioned to write a piece for it - a story on the goings on of a high class brothel - which I then offered, and wrote, for Marie Claire Australia. You can view that here (full story up soon):

Back to Glamour. I first bought the US edition back in the early 1990s. So enamoured was I that I bought several international editions, including an Italian issue, and although I speak and read Italian, it didn't quite cut it for me (coverlines always included something about 'sesso' (sex) so that was always a drawcard).

Then the fantastic UK edition came along some eight years ago... and I am so impressed by it, I am yet to miss an issue. In a few short years it has become the highest selling women's magazine in the UK - and it is edited by an Aussie, Jo Elvin. Pretty cool, eh?

Wonder where the next edition will be based? Can't wait.

Updated: Is Sarah Murdoch being blamed for the model muddle?

A new day, a fresh perspective it seems.

It appears Foxtel is now claiming Sarah Murdoch made the mistake that led to the wrong winner being announced on the live final of Australia’s Next Top Model on Fox 8 last night.

The comments by Foxtel’s director of publicity Jamie Campbell today are at odds with Murdoch’s statement on the show last night, claiming she had been fed the wrong name.

Speaking on Sky News earlier today, Campbell said: “To be honest it was the perils of live TV and miscommunication between the directors in the truck in the controlroom out the back at Luna Park and between Sarah on stage. Sarah wasn’t given the right information, or didn’t hear the right information and as a result Kelsey’s name was announced.”

Pushed further by the presenter with this question: “Was she given the wrong information or did she mishear the information?” Campbell then replied, “Look, as it turned out she was given information that was written on a card in front of her off the stage and at the time she’d previously been given the name Kelsey because earlier on in the night Kelsey was the first person to be put through after Sophie was eliminated.

“So in the heat of the moment in live TV with 2000 people in the audience Kelsey’s name was read out and it was just the wrong name.”

What do you think? Is this putting the blame squarely on Sarah. If so, that's a pretty bitter pill to swallow after her stellar performance.

Meanwhile, Foxtel is fighting accusations today that Australia's Next Top Model staged the announcement of the wrong winner last night all for publicity.

Fashion designer Alex Perry, one of the judges on the show, told 2DayFM this morning there was no question it was a real mistake.

"I would stake my life on it,'' said Perry. "There's no way that she (Murdoch) would do that. I think you saw that the instant that she knew something was wrong, you could see it in her eyes, that wasn't lying, that wasn't acting.

"Everybody wants to tag something sinister on it and say it was done for ratings (but) I know Sarah and I know the executive producer, it's just not their style, they have too much integrity.''

"Everyone's allowed to make a mistake,'' he continued.

Neither girl has complained (at least publicly) about the humiliation, with both saying it was a genuine mistake, adding that they felt it was handled well.

"I think I got my moment,'' Ware told 2DayFM. "I said the same speech I would have said anyway. It was so close.''

Martinovich added: "There's nothing I really could have done, or Sarah could have done, I think we all kind of held ourselves really well. She was just so apologetic.''

Foxtel has denied a rumour that a producer had been sacked, and said both girls would get a $25,000 cash prize and a trip to New York as compensation.

Photo credit: Adam Ward / http://www.news.com.au/

UPDATE: FOXTEL has today re-stated it has accepted the explanation given by the producers of Australia's Next Top Model that there was a communication breakdown last night when the series’ winner was announced.

"In live television, mistakes can happen and we accept that fact,” said FOXTEL Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh. “Sarah was simply not given the correct information at that stage of the proceedings.

“FOXTEL is not blaming any individual, and certainly not Sarah Murdoch, as some reports have suggested. That is not true. Sarah dealt with a very difficult situation with grace, dignity and professionalism.

“We do understand the interest this has generated as a news story but hope the focus will shift to the new careers of Amanda Ware, Kelsey Martinovich and all the girls who have made this series of Australia’s Next Top Model our most successful ever.”

And there you have it.

UPDATED: Foxtel says it was all due to human error. See link here.

Here is the video footage of what went down:

Montarna McDonald - what she wore

Montarna McDonald is the blogger for Sweaty Betty PR and stylista extraordinaire. She blogs regularly, and you can see her musings here: http://blog.theintersectionpaddington.com.au/

In this shot, she is wearing: sunglasses by Ray Ban, the dress is vintage (drats, you'd wanna know where to score that number), boots are Sergio Rossi for Puma boots, and bag is by Givenchy.

She's wearing the perfectly pulled-together get-up at shopping mecca The Intersection at Paddington (corner of Oxford Street and Glenmore Road).

See Montarna's guest blog here:


And here:


Tuesday 28 September 2010

Kelly Brook. Naked. All around the world.

I love spying on international editions of magazine titles. I always enjoy trying to decipher what the coverlines say while doing a little comparative, half-educated guess. So I am loving the half a dozen global editions of Playboy, featuring the ultra-sexy Kelly Brook as covergirl. Check out the editions from Italy, Ukraine, Lithunia, Russia, Venezuela, and Croatia. I didn't bother with the coverlines...

Harper's Bazaar November Cover. It's Kelsey! Jks. It's Amanda. And here is the footage of the live TV epic fail.

Here is the 'controversial' covergirl of the upcoming November 2010 issue of Australian Harper's Bazaar.

It will forever be dubbed controversial thanks to a mix up at the final bell - host of Australia's Next Top Model Sarah Murdoch was fed the wrong name into her little earplug thingy and called out Kelsey as the winner of 'cycle 6' of the hugely popular Foxtel series.

Moments later, Sarah is beyond mortified when she is told via that same blasted little earpiece that the winner was in fact Amanda.

I was watching but not watching - after all, they'd called out the winner's name and all that was left was the hugging and fake kissing - when all of a sudden I was hitting hubby hard (in that Elaine from Seinfeld kinda way), gasping that they'd effed up the winner's name.

You don't understand, I told him. It's like announcing Liverpool FC as the winner of a hotly contested comp, then all of a sudden realising that on goal average - or something - arch rivals Manchester United had won. Ma che disastro!

In the end, Sarah acted with as much dignity as she could possibly muster, as she dealt with not only reading out the wrong name, and the wrong cover coming up on screen, but also the ramifications of a live TV anti-climax... and a devastated non-winner to boot.

I really can't help but wonder what Jodhi Meares is thinking. She was the previous host of the Aussie version (Erika Heynatz was the first), and was 'crucified' by the media for her deer-in-headlights live TV finals performance years ago (I thought she did quite well, bless 'er).

And here is the footage of the live TV epic fail: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKb0BR-giCA

A first. Three models. One cover. Going to press tonight.

Who's going to be Australia's Next Top Model?

The three models up up for the ANTM crown are (L-R) Amanda Ware, Sophie Van Den Akker and Kelsey Martinovich.

And in a world first for the Top Model franchise three girls are in the running to nab the title. To be decided in mere minutes.

The three hopefuls are Amanda (18, from the Gold Coast), Kelsey (19, from Sydney) and Sophie (19, from Melbourne). This sixth series of of the popular show has been the highest rating season ever and it all comes to an end right now.

Update: Sophie (the blonde cropped-hair model is out).

My fave part? That the presses for the November issue of Harper's Bazaar - on which the ANTM winner will feature as covergirl - will apparently start rolling the moment the winner is decided. I love the drama of magazine deadlines, so this is a huge drawcard for me - and many - to buy the issue.

Update: and in the shocker of all live TV shockers, the wrong name was called out by host Sarah Murdoch. Watching the tape back, the moment when Sarah realises she has been fed the wrong name into her little earplug is something to behold. Mortified doesn't cut it. Poor thing is dying a thousand deaths. Someone is sooo getting their butt fired in the control room, methinks.

Glee. Animated. Twice

Here is a sneak peek of the animated cast of Glee as they will appear on an upcoming episode of The Cleveland Show.

That will be two animated sitcoms on which Glee takes a starring role.

The other is The Simpsons, and the animated show kicked off its 22nd season in the US on Sunday night.
In the special ep, Lisa is sent to 'arts camp' for a week and meets three fellow campers - the animated versions of Rachel, Finn and Mercedes (played on the real show by Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Amber Riley). They are said to sing a spoof of "Good Vibrations" titled "Arts Education." Cute.

Facebook. The movie.

If you're reading this post, chances are you have a Facebook profile.

So, you'll be keen to know the upcoming film, The Social Network, is all about the founding of the social networking website Facebook. The film features an ensemble cast, which includes Jesse Eisenberg (as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg), Justin Timberlake (yep, that JT), and Rashida Jones.

Written by Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing), The Social Network was adapted from Ben Mezrich's 2009 nonfiction novel The Accidental Billionaires.

Interestingly, none of the Facebook staff or employees, including founder Zuckerberg, were involved with the project. One of the co-founders, Eduardo Saverin, was a consultant for Mezrich's story, though. The film is set for a US release date of early October 2010; no Aussie release date yet.

The movie has already won early acclaim from critics.

David Jones, Kristy Fraser-Kirk, and the whole juggernaut.

I am a huge fan of The Punch, and this latest piece from Tory Maguire, deputy editor at The Punch, is a thought-provoking read. It speaks of the timing and sensationalism surrounding the sexual harrassment case of Kristy Fraser-Kirk and former David Jones boss Mark McInnes. The most eyebrow raising part for me was reading that Kristy's team has set up a website which directs you to all statements made by her camp.This is one slick machine. Have a read, see what you think, and comment away:

Fraser-Kirk’s confronting a monster of her own creation

Kristy Fraser-Kirk, the young woman who launched a $37 million law suit against David Jones and its former CEO Mark McInnes, is feeling the strain.

Yesterday her barrister Rachel Francois told the Federal Court Fraser-Kirk has developed an adjustment disorder and the “media intrusion” into her life since news of her case broke was partly to blame.

The point was raised during arguments over whether the names of potential witnesses in the mega sexual-harassment case should be made public, with Fraser-Kirk’s team saying it wanted to protect other women from suffering the same intrusions as the former DJ’s marketing staffer.
There’s no doubting the media interest in the case has been intense. It’s the business story with everything - a venerable brand, a red-hot chief executive, and that $37 million, a figure so staggering it could only have been arrived at with the intention of causing maximum attention and damage.

It’s worth looking back to early August when Fraser-Kirk first announced she was lodging a statement of claim against the DJs board and McInnes, who had been punted from the retailer the previous month after she complained of him behaving inappropriately towards her at a work function.

It was the day before the David Jones Spring Summer 2010 fashion launch and the next day’s frock fest was overshadowed by the massive law suit.

The timing was no accident.

You can read the rest of the article here:


Photo credit: Brad Hunter

Kristen Bell - cute as a button

Kristen Bell is covergirl for the October 2010 issue of Canada’s Chatelaine Magazine. She will soon be seen in You Again starring alongside Jamie Lee Curtis (who plays her mother), Sigourney Weaver and Betty White (who plays her grandmother). The flick is about a young woman who realises her brother is about to marry the girl who bullied her in high school, so she sets out to expose the fiancée’s true colors. Sounds cute and lightweight.

Here is what 30 year old Kristen, engaged to actor Dax Shepard, says about the ledge that is Betty White:

"You know, the greatest thing about Betty is that every journalist says to her in every interview I’ve seen, ‘Congratulations on your comeback’ and her response is, ‘Sweetie, I never left, you just forgot I was here.’ It’s kind of true. She has been around forever and is always the funniest person in the room. You may forget she’s there until she zings you. The place she’s at right now, being worshipped by everyone — it was exciting to be sort of on the Betty White team."

Monday 27 September 2010

Marley & Me - a surprisingly good flick

When I watched Marley & Me a few months ago, I didn't expect to be moved.
I mean, it's a Jennifer Aniston flick. The movie poster shows her looking awesome in shorts. Typical Aniston rom-com, I thought.

But moved I was... we were; my husband had to stifle tears during the closing scenes and so did I. That surpised me because a) I love animals but I am not really 'an animal person'. And b) my husband is wholeheartedly a huge animal person, but crying in movies? Pffft, never!

Well, the movie took us by surprise. It's a sweet, rather realistic view of life and what happens post-wedding (when deciding where to take a holiday, or whether blowing money on a big purchase will leave enough for the mortgage seem the biggest concerns), and post-pregnancy (when the only real worries are the health of your unborn baby and whether you can pull off preggo-jeans and still look hot).

Oh, there are loads of scenes in this movie which ring true. Aniston's character ponders whether to go back to work while dealing with sleep deprivation and a constant conveyor belt of pooey nappies (boy, can I relate to that), and Owen Wilson's character contemplates job satisfaction over a better pay, while bearing in mind his new role as responsible father and breadwinner.

But my fave scene was so wonderful, so accurate, so raw, I just had to watch it again and again. It's when Aniston and Wilson are losing it, arguing over a family matter while battling fatigue, and the disillusionment that comes with groundhog daily day life, when mid-argument Aniston grabs any ol' DVD and shoves it in the DVD player to pacify a crying baby... so she can continue battling it out with hubby. Oh yes people, been there. Haven't we all! Um, haven't you...?

Marley & Me screens tonight on Channel 9, at 8.30pm.

Eat Pray Love - charity screening

If you're planning on seeing one of the most talked about flicks of the year - Eat Pray Love - why not see it knowing your ticket purchase price is going to charity?

In partnership with Hoyts and hosted by Team LOV1, the all girls team in Variety's 4WD Adventure will hold a special screening of Eat Pray Love, with all funds raised going to Variety, the Children's Charity.

WHEN: Wednesday 6th October.

WHERE: Hoyts Cinemas, Fox Studios.

PRICE: $35.00 includes drinks and canapes on arrival.

TIME: 6.30pm for 7.30pm viewing

A special announcement to be made on the night from Variety & Inspired Adventure - Dharmsala TREK 2011.

All tickets purchased will go into the draw to win two economy flights to Bali with Garuda Airlines and four nights accommodation at the exclusive Alila Abud Resort as featured in the film.

To book tickets for this worthwhile cause, visit http://www.varietynsw.org.au/

Photo credit: Julia Roberts in a scene from Eat, Pray, Love. Photograph: Francois Duhamel/Sony.

Younger You Magazine - buy it this Wednesday

I am a bit obsessed with magazine launch issues. Yep, I am. I will buy any launch issue, even if I am not in the target market. I am always curious to see what the editor and the team have come up with, and then decide whether I will continue to buy it. And I often tend to keep launch issues. I still have the very first issue of Elle Australia, Mode, and NW when it was called The New Weekly. Obsessed? Just a little.

So, I am definitely going to buy the launch issue of brand spanking new magazine Younger You.

It's a new anti-ageing title and will go on sale from this Wednesday September 29, 2010, and is published by Independent Digital Media (IDM).

A whole magazine dedicated to anti-ageing, you say? Stay with me here. I think the publishers are onto a really good thing. I think they're ahead of the game and tapping into a market which hungers for premium info on looking your best, at any age. And who better than Demi Moore - the poster girl for looking youthful - to be their first cover star.

Younger You magazine is an extension of IDM’s anti-ageing website www.YoungerYou.com.au, and features 132 pages packed with the latest news, procedures, products and advice on looking and feeling more youthful.

Edited by Jenni Gilbert, former Editor-in-Chief of New Idea and Editor of Good Medicine, Younger You magazine will have a print run of 30,000 and will be distributed nationally via newsagents, clinics and online via YoungerYou.com.au.

Gilbert says the magazine is an exciting step in building on the strength of the Younger You website.

“Younger You magazine will complement YoungerYou.com.au to confirm the brand as the go-to resource for accessible, commonsense information on achieving a more youthful appearance,” says Gilbert.

Marina Go, Publisher for Independent Digital Media says, “YoungerYou.com.au quickly established itself as Australia’s most trusted anti-ageing source, and by extending the brand into the magazine landscape, we can now communicate with our highly engaged audience both online and offline.”

Aimed at women (and men!) aged 30+ who want to look their best for their age, the new title features ways to look and feel more youthful, from tips on makeup, skincare, nutrition and salon treatments, to cosmetic dentistry, surgical and non-surgical options.

The first issue of Younger You magazine will feature:

Demi is 47, going on 27 – how she and her fellow superstars really do it.

Bigger or smaller? We have the answer.

Wrinkle busting procedures for every age.

30 minute treatments that really work.

20 reasons that will surprise you

A little more about Younger You:

It's Australia’s premier anti-ageing, self-enhancement and wellness website targeting consumers who want to maintain or recapture a healthy, youthful appearance and corresponding sense of wellbeing.

Younger You magazine launches this Wednesday and will cost $9.95. The magazine will initially be bi-annual, and will be available nationally in newsagents, clinics, and online via www.youngeryou.com.au.

IDM’s 'Women’s Network' includes PRIMPED.com.au, Australia’s leading premium dedicated beauty website, TheKnot.com.au, the ultimate wedding destination and YoungerYou.com.au, Australia's most trusted anti-ageing and wellness website.

I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Younger You. I'm making a bold prediction: I think it will have a similar impact on the magazine market as did Shop 'Til You Drop. Back then, readers flocked, while the industry pondered just where this magazine sat in a somewhat crowded market. Years later, and it is hands-down one of the best glossies around, fulfilling a magazine niche many never knew existed. A similar evolution will take place for Younger You, I think: filling a need for a certain set of the population (catching interested peripheral readers in the process) wanting a trusted source of info on all matters anti-ageing and youthfulness. Bring it on.

Sunday 26 September 2010

Joyeux anniversaire Vogue Paris. And congrats on the most breathtaking cover.

This could quite possibly be the sexiest magazine cover I have seen.

The October 2010 issue of Vogue Paris marks the magazine’s 90th anniversary.

The issue is a whopping 622 pages, with 276 pages of those pages advertisements and 104 pages congratulatory notes from international designers.

I had to do a double (ahem) take at the cover. Surely set to become the most famous gap-toothed model since Lauren Hutton, Lara Stone (also known as the brand new wife of David Walliams - the tall, skinny straight one from Little Britain) gets her girls out and dons not much except a neck cameo, lacy black gloves, and sultry 'masque'. Divine.

The issue features 150 pages of photoshoots by the pinnacle of photogs: Mario Sorrenti, David Sims, Terry Richardson, Steven Klein, Hedi Slimane and duos Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

Editor Carine Roitfeld has blended photos and features from both the present and past, and a collection of oversized photographs taken from nine decades worth of issues will also accompany the issue as a gift to readers. The global print run is said to have increased by 40 per cent to 280,000 copies, in anticipation of strong demand. Ah, to score an issue would be heaven.

Some Kind of Wonderful. My kind of world in 1987.

Oh, how I obsessed with this film back in 1987. I was 15 and thought it was the ant's pants.

Some Kind of Wonderful is now on Foxtel's Show Drama channel and boy is it taking me back. Mostly, I am laughing at the teen misery, desperate unrequited love... and how completely enamoured I was with Eric Stoltz (he was deffo the hottest ranga of his time).

John Hughes was the writer of this teen drama (he of course wrote and directed The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles) although this one was directed by Howard Deutch, who married star Lea Thompson (the long haired one) a few years after filming. They're still married (she dumped her fiance, actor Dennis Quaid, to be with him). Considered one of the cult classics of the 'Brat Pack' era, the backdrop is the strict social hierarchy of an American public high school.

Of course, there's a working-class boy who lusts after the out-of- his-league girl (Karate Kid, anyone?) and the tomboy who is besties with the boy, but secretly loves him. Add an upper-crust, jealous thug ex-boyfriend... and you've pretty much nailed the 1980s teen flick.

I adore most of the lines in the flick. Here are some.

"Don't go mistaking paradise for a pair of long legs."

"You can't tell a book by its cover.
No, but you can tell how much it's gonna cost you.
Wow, I never knew you were so deep.
You want shallow, call Amanda Jones."

"You couldn't score her in a million years. A, you're too shy and closed up to even approach her, and B, she'd kill you!"

"Well, I like art, I work in a gas station, my best friend is a tomboy. These things don't fly too well in the American high school."

"Because I'm driving you crazy and you're driving me crazy and I'd rather not see you and have you think good things about me than have you see me and hate me. 'Cause I can't afford to have you hate me, Keith. The only things I care about in this goddamn life are me and my drums and you."

Such angst. Love.

Wish I was back there. Oh wait, that'd mean I'd have to go through my "finding the right man" 20s. No thank you.

Here's some movie stills to take you right back. But first: that kiss, between Keith and Watts.

What's your all-time fave 1980s flick?

Javier Bardem is hot. Smokin' hot.

Searching high and low for magazine covers featuring the ruggedly handsome Javier Bardem promoting Eat Pray Love, I came up with just this one so far.

But this one more than made up for it. I know it's very wrong from every (health) angle, but a black and white image of a hot man smoking a cigarette, is, well... smokin'.

In the new issue of Esquire, Bardem talks about his upcoming film Biutiful, and reveals he feels that actors get too much credit for doing so little.

"[Doctors] should be on the cover of your magazine. They save lives. I only make movies. The world is a funny place. It doesn't make any sense," he said.

He claims he tries to remain an actor who acts because of the 'craft', not the fame, which would explain his decision to avoid questions about Eat Pray Love (wonder what the film PR's think about that), instead talking up the smaller Biutiful, for which he won the Palm d'Or award for Best Actor at Cannes.

"I think it's a masterpiece," he said, "and it needs help."

The newlywed is expecting a baby with wife Penelope Cruz. No magazine spread for the new bubba seems likely.

Photo Credit: Nigel Perry/Esquire

Eat Pray Love - the PR machine goes into overdrive

The Julia Roberts film PR machine has well and truly arrived. Talking up the movie Eat Pray Love in which she stars as central character Elizabeth Gilbert (in case you haven't heard, Elizabeth wrote the book based on her own experiences of a marriage breakdown, finding herself, and falling in love again), the magazine covers are spawning worldwide.

She says she is in no rush to lose the weight she gained while filming Eat, Pray, Love because her husband is happy with her curvier figure.

Roberts piled on the pounds while pigging on pasta and pizza on set in Italy, and was sure the extra weight would fall off when the shoot switched to India; but that didn't happen.

"I gained 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) for this movie and I thought I'd hurt myself trying to get my jeans on," Roberts told The Sun newspaper.

"I packed on the weight during the Italy part of the shoot, but then people said, 'Oh, you'll lose it when you film in India.' Somehow I didn't get that memo."

Roberts' husband Danny Moder convinced her that men aren't concerned with how their wives look in the bedroom.

"I believe that guys don't care about what you look like naked," she said.

"Anyway, that's what dimmer switches are for."