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Tuesday 31 May 2016

Caitlin Stasey: Nude Photo

Caitlin Stasey posted a photo of her vagina region with ALL her pubic hair intact.

This should not be a shock for several reasons. 

One, she is renowned for showing some skin.

Two, she should not have to shave / wax her pubes if she doesn't want to. Nor her armpits (see her Insty shots, below).

Yes, yes: we know. To strip your vag bare is SO cool, apparently. To be completely hairless down there is what we ALL should be doing, as women. Spending our time and money being smooth as, taking away what nature put there for a reason, and for what? To please who, exactly? (As you can make out, I am NOT a fan of the Brazilian. Yes. I've had one. No, I won't be doing it again).

Here is Caitlin's Instagram profile page, then her photo with caption:


Baby Lady

 Not here for hookups herself.com

A photo posted by Baby Lady (@caitlinjstasey) on

A sample of comments include:

  • joskiingGood! Social change starts with us and we are responsible for breaking stupid social norms. Women like this help me feel more confident and myself. Cheers!
She is not adverse to showing how she grows her pubes:

A photo posted by Baby Lady (@caitlinjstasey) on

And also, her underarm area is hairy:

A photo posted by Baby Lady (@caitlinjstasey) on

Sooo, what do you make of the postings?

Too much? Just right? Who cares? Would you take a snap like this and show the world?

Personally, as I allude to above, I think pubic hair rocks. It's the way your body is meant to look. Pubic hair serves a purpose. Don't ask me what right now... I just know it does (cleanliness, something or other...).

Why a woman would want to look like a prepubescent eight year old is beyond me. Men find this attractive? For my money, pubic hair is IN and always in and not 'trend' driven, and sexy AF.

Should she be posting her bits on social media? That's her call. I think EVERYTHING is shocking now... so now, nothing is shock-inducing, strangely.


Rhonda Audisho: Car Accident, Death

Rhonda Audisho died 24 hours ago, and the Fairfield community is grieving.

The story has all the elements of a tragic death: young (only 17), an avoidable death (car accident), and so much living still to do.

I, like everyone else, heard the news headlines this AM - and really listened. Such a tragic story, I said to my husband. Wait... it's in my neighbourhood, we saw. Poor, sweet girl. A Maccas employee, still at school and just got her P plates. All very, very sad.

You can imagine my shock when I saw the Facebook status update of a young friend. She spoke of being in the car accident, and how she and her friend survived it. But Rhonda didn't.

Says Elisa Cuciniello, the other 17 year old reported about in media reports, who was in the car with Rhonda and survived the crash, along with the third passenger, Willie Chapman, 14: "I am devastated about what happened to my friend Rhonda. I have no words."

Elisa added on her Facebook page:

"Being in the car last night and experiencing something so scary was really an eye opener. Rest easy beautiful girl, you are in a better place now. Still can't believe that you are gone, it all happened way too quickly. Wishing my baby brother a speedy recovery, so glad you're okay."

The accident happened in Wetherill Park, and investigations are still underway.

Here is a photo of Rhonda, taken from her Facebook page.

UPDATED: funeral details for Rhonda:

St Hurmizd Cathedral

7-9 Greenfield Rd, Greenfield Park
Friday June 3, at 9.30am

Elisa added these images to her Facebook page:

The news reports:

Philips Airfryer: VIDEO, recipes, how to use

Josie's Juice was sent the Philips Airfryer to trial recently, and it completely fits the bill - a family who likes their fried food, but mamma over here is over the oil, and conscious about healthy family meals. But who doesn't like the taste and texture of fried food.

Chips made healthily - and not using turning on the oven and using lots of electricity? I love it already.

And then, I was immediately intrigued by these findings.

Philips, alongside News Life Media, created a survey that resulted in some interesting findings including:
  • 6 out of 10 people surveyed are most concerned about fat and oil content when they're cooking at home
  • Half of all households found that barriers to cooking at home included - lack of time, lack of inspiration and not wanting to deal with mess
  • People that cook for their families are most likely concerned about other members in the household liking the dish (nice point to highlight how selfless mums are)
  • Men feel happier when they cook at home than women, but they don't feel healthier (this could be due to indulgent cooking at home, rather than healthy cooking at home)
  • In terms of signature dishes / family favourites, 21% of all people surveyed said that chicken fillets were there go to meal
The study was completed by 1160 Australian people.

Follow the social media hashtags here to see how others have reacted to it: #PhilipsAirFryer and #HealthyTastyConvenient.

Stats aside, I LOVE this machine! Here is a photo of it (yes, you can create juicy as chicken drumsticks and SO much more than you imagined, beyond the perfectly air fried chips...):

And here is the actual machine:

This video explains it best:

To read more about the product, go HERE.

Want more recipe ideas?

As the video shows, you can do yum cha, roast chicken, but my fave discovery is how yummy and easy puff pastry ANYTHING is! So, puff pastry frankfurts, Nutella pastry parcels, apple strudel style puff pastry triangles, spinach and ricotta pastries, and more.

HERE are some air fryer recipes - SO much inspo, you guys!

Here are some pics to whet your appetite:

Yes, even a rack of lamb!

There is even an app for the Philips Airfryer, where there are recipes, tips and tricks, and more.

Yep. Go here for more on that. And here is a run down:

Or you can download the Apple version right here.

Or go to Google Play to download it right here.

The one that Josie's Juice trialed is right here, the Viva Collection airfryer (RRP: $299).

On a final note, would I recommend any of the Philips Airfryers (the original makers of this concept)? Yes, I would! It will change the way you cook, and the time and method and energy you use to cook it.

See the whole range HERE.

Monday 30 May 2016

'The Beekeeper's Secret': Book Review

Gabriella Dessanti, our Josie's Juice resident book reviewer, is back with another superb book review.

This time, 'The Beekeepers Secret', by Josephine Moon.

Writes Gabriella:
A charming book which is very easy to read, which delves into the complexities of families, the secrets we hide, the assumptions that divide, and the love that binds…
For Maria, a former nun, her family is the most treasured part of her heart yet she has isolated herself from them, nursing a terrible guilt from her time as a nun. Living in a picturesque mountain top, the Honeybee Haven, where she indulges in her passion of beekeeping. Like her beloved bees - 'her girls' -  her life has been dedicated to hard work and the service of others.
To her horror, the past has now tracked her down - someone who is privy to her past and her adorable niece Tansy, who is very keen to reunite her disjointed family. Maria has already been living out her own self-imposed penance. The question is: has this been enough, or does she need to be held publicly accountable? 
Tansy tangles herself into a web of deceit and lies as she gets to know her aunt and tries to understand the rift between Maria and her sisters, all the while planning for the perfect time to introduce her back into the family fold. Tansy has her own challenges to face; she made a deal with her older husband never to have kids but now as she approaches her thirtieth, she has mixed feelings. Love, the nectar of life, guides her as she competently navigates her own heart and those of her family.
With insightful knowledge about bees and the lost art of beekeeping, the bees amusingly played a significant role in the plot and added lightheartedness to a provocative social issue which, at its heart, exposes a complex web of secondary and tertiary victims that have been threatened into silence.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
More about the author:

Josephine Moon's first novel, The Tea Chest (2014), delighted readers with its strong heroine and enchanting story and was a bestseller both in Australia and overseas. Her second novel, The Chocolate Promise (2015), was a love-story with a difference set in luscious Provence and rural Tasmania and was also a bestseller.

The Beekeeper's Secret, a novel of family and the happiness, guilt and grief that can lie within them, is her third novel.

Josephine lives with her husband, son and her horses, dogs, chickens, goats and cats on acreage in Queensland.

See the rest of Gabriella's book reviews here and here and here and here - and her last book review on 'A French Wedding' here.

Chewbacca Mother: Candace Payne VIDEOS


Mostly, because I am a HUGE fan of laughing at my own jokes. And her laugh is KILLER!

Candace Payne is the 'Chewbacca Mom/Mum' - and here is why...


This video of Candace laughing hysterically while wearing the 'Star Wars' mask got well over 100 million views after being uploaded to her page earlier this month.
The mum-of-two, 37, spontaneously purchased the Wookie mask while returning some items to a local branch of department store Kohl’s in the US... laughed her head off while trying it on. She's my spirit animal.
She then found herself inundated with Star Wars related gifts from the department store.
They gave the mum Chewie masks for her family, as well as a bumper set of store gift cards worth $US2500 ($3460) for the free PR.
Kohl’s shared a video on their Twitter account of her being presented with a heap of Star Wars merchandise along with her two kids, who were excited to receive the goods from the store. Go them!
She says in the vid: “It’s the simple joys in life,” the stay-at-home mother wrote in her Facebook post, which was filmed in the store’s car park.

And then... this:

Then... a post on Facebook Live. They must LOVE HER. Watch that HERE.

'A French Wedding': Book Review

For our next book review, we again have Gabriella Dessanti reviewing.

This time, 'A French Wedding', by Hannah Tunncliffe.

Here is the beautiful cover:

And here is Gabriella's excellent book review:

This is a celebration of friendship throughout the decades, with six college friends brought together to celebrate Max’s fortieth birthday at his villa in Brittany, France.
During the course of the weekend the friends indulge in a feast of the senses, with local produce cooked with elegance and flair by Juliette (Max’s personal chef) and matched with an abundance of wine. The friends enjoy having fun, getting drunk and generally acting like teenagers as they reminisce about their past to the exclusion of those who don’t form part of their exclusive group, causing tensions and feuds.
Through the weekend secrets are revealed that will forever change them all. Seeing each other again after so many years forces each of them to look into the mirror of their own souls; to assess whether they have made the right choices in life. We see the friends predominately through Juliette’s keen observation skills and analysis of people’s behaviour, learnt from her experience as a chef of a Parisian restaurant. There is also a scattering of rich flashbacks providing context to the relationships and depth to the story.
A significant part of the book is told through Max’s perspective. Max is a one dimensional character - a musician with Peter Pan Syndrome, a drunk, a womaniser and selfish. Max appears to have it together, according to his friends; a successful musician living out his passion, yet he is lonely and yearns for love, in the form of Helen. Outwardly she personifies the beautiful Helen of Troy but with a modern twist; both dangerously alluring with a wealthy upbringing, yet this Helen is broken, growing up without unconditional love and support has left her with negative self worth. Like Max, she is financially successful and has had numerous transient relationships, however she has heart and soul and is not afraid to display the occasional glimpse of sadness. Max plans to put his 'grand plan' into action and finally declares his love to Helen.
In contrast to Max and Helen’s wildness and spontaneity, Rosie, who is the third main voice in the novel had a grand plan from the start: married, with kids and with the financial security and social status she desired. Yet she, like everyone else, has regrets and frustrations, and the events over the course of the weekend provide an impetus for change. Even Juliette isn’t immune; she has been hiding from herself in layers of secrets, guilt and regrets - her only solace is her cooking, and as an aftermath to the weekend she takes ownership of her life to reclaim peace and happiness.
Overall I found the women to be the strongest and most intriguing characters in the novel and I particularly enjoyed the character of Juliette who I thought cleverly brought the story together. She is intimately entwined with food and with the French surroundings, and she has an aura of mystique, which commands your attention.
This is a heart-warming read, transporting you to the Douarnenez seaside via rich imagery and culinary delights ending with a love-affirming wedding.
Rating: 3.5 stars, to be enjoyed with your favourite wine as the perfect accompaniment... Bon appetite!
Postscript: I attended Hannah’s book launch and had the opportunity to taste the kouign-amman pastry that is referenced throughout the book. Max, we now have something in common… we share a favourite pastry!
'A French Wedding', by Hannah Tunncliffe is out now through Pan Macmillan.

Hannah Tunnicliffe is the author of two previous novels, The Colour of Tea and Season of Salt and Honey. She is founder and co-author of the blog Fork and Fiction, which, unsurprisingly, explores her twin loves - books and food. Although a self-confessed nomad, she currently lives in New Zealand with her husband and daughters.
See the rest of Gabriella's book reviews here and here and here and here.

Thursday 26 May 2016

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard Divorce

Reports just in say that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are heading for divorce. In fact, Amber has actually filed for divorce, US time on Monday - around three days ago.

Says a report on TMZ:

Amber Heard has filed for divorce from Johnny Depp ... shockingly 3 days after Johnny's mom died.
Amber filed her divorce petition Monday, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple married in February of last year, yet Amber is asking for spousal support. 
Our sources say the couple had NO prenup.
It's especially harsh because Johnny was extremely close to his mother. She says in the divorce docs that they separated on May 22 ... 2 days after Johnny's mom passed.
As if that's not enough ... Johnny's new movie, "Alice Through the Looking Glass," opens Friday.
This comes just 24 hours after his talk show appearance:

Of course, this:

And a backgrounder:

Monday 23 May 2016

Billboard Music Awards 2016: VIDEOS

Missed the Billboard Music Awards? No matter. We have you covered!

Here are the performances everyone is talking about:

And then... this...

Novotel Sydney Central: Hotel REVIEW + Vivid Sydney Offer

Josie's Juice was a guest at the fabulous and VERY central Novotel Sydney Central hotel.

You guys, I will confess: I kinda forgot this hotel space was nestled in the busy Broadway precinct 'hood. I am glad I found it again. I will be spruiking it like nobody's business when people ask: where should I stay when I am in town which is smack bang in the middle of the Sydney CBD, but I can still easily access Newtown up the road, Leichhardt further up, and in the other direction, the CBD, George Street, Circular Quay, and more. This place!

The rooms are great for family stays and mini stays, the breakfast is excellent quality with lots of choices, and it's a great spot to launch walking tour of the city from, whether you are a local or an out of towner.

For more on the hotel, and to book CLICK RIGHT HERE.

When to next book? Why not do it for the Vivid lights festival coming up?

Novotel Sydney Central have a ‘Vivid by night’ accommodation package - see the link HERE.

Here is more info on the package for you, taken from the website:


Sydney will once again be transformed into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas when Vivid Sydney takes over the city from 27 May 2016.
Turn your Vivid adventure into an experience with Novotel Sydney Central's ‘Time to Celebrate’ accommodation package starting from $259 per room, per night.
The Time to Celebrate package includes:
• One night accommodation in a Standard Room for two people
• Express tasting plate dinner for two at Fieldhouse Restaurant. Includes a complimentary glass of wine each.
• Full buffet breakfast for two
Fieldhouse tasting plate includes: Duck bruschetta, soup taster, Cajun crusted lamb cutlet, ratatouille and mint labneh OR vegetarian Lasagne and baked New York Cheese Cake.
*Full payment at the time of booking with no cancellation. Dinner must be ordered between 6pm and 7pm. Only available between 27th of May 2016 and 18th of June 2016 and is subject to availability. 

Keen on a Vivid 'sunset dinner'? Here are the hotel's deets on that, too. Some basics:

Featuring a selection of dishes to be enjoyed before lights on, enjoy 2 courses for $39 or 3 courses for $49. Each includes a glass of house wine.

Here are some pics of the hotel:

More about the hotel, from the site:

One of the top business and holiday hotels in Sydney, Australia

Novotel Sydney Central is located within walking distance of Darling Harbour in Sydney’s bustling CBD, and is conveniently located close to Sydney’s leading entertainment precinct, exhibition venues, and local attractions. When you are looking for hotels near the heart of Sydney and its lively entertainment centre, Novotel Sydney is the perfect location.
Guests enjoy one of the top 4.5-star hotels for families in Sydney, including 255 well-appointed, spacious guest rooms with a choice of a king or two queen beds. Designed for business and holiday travel, all accommodation rooms feature a contemporary design that includes LCD televisions, iPod docking stations, private balconies, nine Austar channels, chaise lounges, ergonomic workstations and fast Internet access.
Situated at the end of a quiet-cul-de-sac and offering easy access to Central Railway Station, Novotel Sydney Central’s facilities are perfect for those travelling to Sydney for business or leisure. If you are looking for hotels near Chinatown or Haymarket in Sydney, this is the place to stay.
A great holiday hotel in Sydney, Novotel Sydney Central has everything you need for a memorable vacation. Boasting a state-of-the-art gymnasium, outdoor rooftop pool and garden area, secure car park, and a contemporary on-site restaurant.
This hotel includes 14 purpose-built meeting and event facilities with some that offer natural light. The Novotel Sydney Central can cater for any occasion. Being only minutes from Sydney’s corporate hub and public transport centre, it is the ideal place to host an event and inspire new ideas.
Be our guest and enjoy a dining experience to remember at Field House Restaurant. Whether you are relaxing with friends or unwinding with colleagues, the Field House Restaurant and Bar impresses with its artful use of seasonal local produce matched with popular Australian wines. we
You will always have something to do when you stay at Novotel Sydney Central hotel, with many major attractions close by. Local attractions include the Powerhouse Museum, IMAX Theatre Sydney, Sydney Sea Life Aquarium, National Maritime Museum, Sydney Wild Life Zoo, Sydney Exhibition Centre, and the Sydney Entertainment Centre, now known as the Qantas Credit Union Arena.
When you are looking for a central hotel or family hotels in Sydney, Novotel Sydney Central offers comfortable accommodation that caters for all of your needs. For your next visit to Sydney's CBD, whether it is an executive trip, family holiday or weekend couples escape, come and discover what makes the Novotel Sydney Central one of the top boutique hotels in New South Wales, Australia.

Sunday 22 May 2016

'The Real Housewives of Sydney': Tali Jatali PHOTOS + News

Note to 'The Real Housewives of Sydney' casting folks, who are busy casting Sydney housewives for the upcoming shows: you pretty much havvvve to cast Sydney woman Tali Jatali (she is FAR from the typical 'housewife', but then none of the women on the Real Housewives franchise are).

Here is what Josie's Juice know so far...

Nobody is confirmed yet for the show, despite what you are reading.

There will be six women on the Sydney show.

Sources tell us the casting people for the RHOS (oh my gosh, you guys... first, RHOMelbourne, now RHOSydney) show have been speaking to the women for months, they've certainly been speaking to Tali since last year... but they've also been speaking to a lot of women.

More about Tali Jatali, who is guaranteed to be THE face to watch and listen to if she is cast:

She is mother to her 13 year old daughter, Zsa Zsa.

She is Jewish, and was born in Israel, to Romanian parents.

She does so much more than design bikinis for her successful clothing label (which has a shopfront in Gould Street, Bondi) although she is very good at it.

She is a keen and successful property investor.

Her family migrated to Australia when she was 16, and she was scouted to become a model, but her passion lies in family, fashion, and focusing on her property portfolio.

Her husband Alfie is a successful animator. And is SERIOUS eye candy...

Here are some photos, exclusive to Josie's Juice.

And Tali's new Italian leather jackets, from her Jatali label:

Check back in here for more news on Tali, and for more posts on 'The Real Housewives of Sydney'.