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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

33 Things To Love About Men's Water Polo: viral pics

This link is said to be going absolutely nutso viral right now, thanks to the Olympics... scroll down for the link. 

But for now, here's a little taster. Why... you are most welcome.
Let's start with this Aussie water polo player:

Italian water polo players, for their Christmas 2011 calendar:

Some Greek Adonis:

God bless America:

Want more? Of course you do!

Neon - THE colour of the moment. The fashion and beauty 'edit'


They are so right now. Like, this weekend, this second, today.

No doubt you've been seeing neon - or 'flouro' colours, if you lived them the first time around in the 1980s - everywhere all of a sudden. And you're dying to get your hands on some neon goodies. Here's my random edit.
Diva earrings $14.99

Diva necklace $24.99

L'Oreal Colour Riche 288 [lipstick] and 504 [nail polish]

Leopard print neon yellow scarf, $6 [I bought this on sale], from boohoo.com

Jasmine fuchsia suedette hi-top wedge $70, from boohoo.com

MAC cosmetics pigment colour in Magenta Madness, $39.

Jessica Biel obv loves this look:

And again, this time neon yellow heel accents

So does Naya Rivera [Glee] at same event in bright yellow heels

Kim Kardashian - and her hot pink pumps

And our own Sarah De Bono with a lime green cuff from Diva. I bought this immediately.

Are you a pink, yellow, lime, neon girl? If you wore it the first time around, what colour 'were' you? Me - I was a flouro pink girl, through and through. What about you?

Monday, 30 July 2012

'The Talk' - new Channel Ten show. Here's a preview

Heard the talk that, er, 'The Talk' is coming to Australian TV, like, next week?

Now that Channel Ten has sadly canned Australian morning show 'The Circle' [see:  http://josiesjuice.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/the-circle-axed.html] here's what we'll be getting instead.

Here is a clip to get a feel of the show which features the show's creator Sara Gilbert [from TV's 'Roseanne'], Holly Robinson Peete, Leah Remini, Marissa Jaret Winokaur, Sharon Osbourne, and Julie Chen. [Leah and Marissa have since left and new co-hosts Aisha Taylor and Sheryl Underwood have replaced them]:

In a statement, Channel Ten said: "['The Talk'] is a weekday talk show that offers a female perspective on the day’s headlines. Created and hosted by Sara Gilbert, The Talk has become one of the fastest-growing talk shows on daytime television in the United States since its launch in 2010."

I wrote about 'The Talk' back in October 2010 [see:  http://josiesjuice.blogspot.com.au/2010/10/view-mark-ii-new-us-talk-show-talk.html ] and finally... here we are!

Are you excited? Will you watch?

'The Talk' will screen between 9am and 10am on Channel Ten, Monday to Friday.

Original co-host line-up below:

New new line-up as they are today:

Elle magazine Australia: 2013 launch

Magazine aficionados rejoice! The Australian edition of Elle magazine is set to launch. 

If you're a true magazine freak you'll recall the first time Elle magazine launched in Australia - back in March 1990. [No, I didn't have to Google that. Yes I recall the covergirl: Jenny Hayman - she wore green and gold. Yes I still have the issue. Go on, say it: freak]. Here's the March 1990 cover:

According to a report in AdNews magazine [http://www.adnews.com.au/adnews/elle-to-launch-in-2013ACP Magazines will launch an Australian edition of Elle magazine next year after plans to launch the title this year alongside Women’s Fitness were postponed.

With Elle’s Australian launch announced in November last year by then-managing director Phil Scott it was then pushed back in March to an unconfirmed date, with some wondering whether it would be published at all.

However, ACP head of sales Louise Barrett told AdNews: “Elle is absolutely coming next year. Without doubt.” 

“You can’t release a magazine of Elle’s calibre on a small scale because it is the largest fashion magazine in the world,” Barrett said. “It’s a massive brand, not just in the sense of a magazine brand, but also digitally and with licensed product. No one sells as much licensed product as the Elle brand does. The launch has to be done properly. You can’t rush it.”

ACP will publish Elle in partnership with Hearst International Magazines (which also co-publishesCosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Madison and Grazia with ACP) and Elle brandowner Lagardère Active.

Read more at AdNews link above.

Exciting times in magland! Will you buy it? Me... well, I will of course buy the first issue and keep it [and look forward to buying each issue, no doubt]. Here are some brilliant Elle international edition covers [scroll down for more magazine news below].

In other news: editor of InStyle magazine Kerrie McCallum has resigned and will be leaving the title in October. For more, see: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/media/instyle-editor-resigns/story-e6frg996-1226438766075

'The Circle': axed

Wow, this is TV new I am blindsided by...

In news just in from Mumbrella, 'The Circle' is now axed and will finish this Friday.

Here is some of the statement, taken from the Mumbrella site:

TEN’s New Morning Line Up.
The Talk. TEN Morning News. Entertainment Tonight. The Insider.
Network Ten today announced changes to the morning program line-up on TEN.
From Monday, August 6, TEN will add four new programs:
  • The Talk: A weekday talk show that offers a female perspective on the day’s headlines. Created and hosted by Sara Gilbert, The Talk has become one of the fastest-growing talk shows on daytime television in the United States since its launch in 2010.
  • TEN Morning News: Hosted by Ron Wilson, TEN Morning News will cover the latest breaking news and the emerging news stories/issues of the day, adding to TEN’s comprehensive news service from breakfast to bedtime.
  • Entertainment Tonight: An institution in the world of entertainment television, Entertainment Tonight has for the past 41 years offered viewers the latest news events, exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes first looks and Hollywood’s hottest stories.
  • The Insider: Spun out of Entertainment Tonight eight years ago, The Insider takes viewers inside Hollywood, with exclusive interviews and all the news on the hot trends and events in entertainment.
As a result of the introduction of TEN’s new morning line-up, production of The Circle will cease on Friday, August 3.
From August 6, Breakfast will run from 6am to 8.30am, presented by Paul Henry, Kathryn Robinson and Magdalena Roze.
Network Ten would like to thank Pam Barnes, the Executive Producer of The Circle since it launched in February 2010, for her valued contribution to the program and to TEN.
Network Ten would also like to thank all the staff on The Circle, including Hosts Gorgi Coghlan and Yumi Stynes, for their hard work and dedication.
For more, go here:

Are you shocked? Gosh I enjoyed this show... although I will admit I VERY much enjoyed it when Chrissie Swan was on. The most excellent entire 'The Circle' team even won a Logie for their show:

Friday, 27 July 2012

Suboo: Miami Swim Week 2012/2013 - the hottest picks

Well, hello Miami! I know, I know - I am posting this from Sydney in the middle of winter, but I may as well be amid the Miami heat as this label's latest offerings - straight from the catwalk at 'Miami Swim Week' 2012/13, held just this week - are scorchers.

It follows the label's successful show at this year's MBFWA 2012 [Australian Fashion Week].

Here are some of my fave looks from the parade. All those bronzed bodies, and delicious pops of colour, complete with just-right beach-hair and perfectly matched accessories. Heaven.

According to Suboo designer Sue Di Chio, “This is our second year in Miami and our first showing at Fashion Week, we are excited to unveil our ready-to-wear and new collection to the US. Miami Fashion Week is a natural stage for a collection this exciting where bold, summery colours and flowing shapes are key features”.

The Australian fashion label was launched in 2007, as a lifestyle accessories brand and soon reached a kinda cult status, with fans all around the world.
Worn by Australian personalities and fashion aficionados including Dannii Minogue, Miranda Kerr, Delta Goodrem, Jesinta Campbell, Nikki Phillips, Zoe Balbi, and Casey Burgess, Suboo is not only launching the ready-to-wear and swimwear collection for the first time to the already enthusiastic US market, it's now distributed in over 200 international and Australian boutiques including David Jones department stores, Japan, Singapore (Barneys and Kitson), USA and UK, with further global expansion plans on the horizon.

For more on the brand, and to start buying, go here: http://www.suboo.com.au/

'Jimmy Kimmel Live': Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

Guests on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' have been reading out some nasty Tweets about themselves. The results are too good. Will Ferrell, Joel McHale, Anna Faris, and loads more. Watch:

Want more? Go here:


'Jimmy Kimmel Live' - Celebrities Read Tweets About Themselves

Ah, this is gold!

Jimmy Kimmel's guests have been reading nasty Tweets about themselves when they are guests on his show.

The results are brilliant!

Watch [my fave is Matt LeBlanc - how GOOD is he on 'Episodes' BTW, and Zooey Deschanel. And oooh look, there's Kristen Stewart]:

Thursday, 26 July 2012

1990s - the fashion, trends, music, the madness

The 1990s.

Often overlooked for the brash 1980s, and the trashtastic 1970s, and somehow a bit of a blur for many as we stormed into the 'noughties.'

But no. The 1990s. Holds such a dear place in my heart. 1990 was my first year of uni. My first boyfriend. [Yes, I was 18. No, I was terrified of dating before that. Yes, I made up for it that decade...]. And yet, it was full of tears and heartbreak for me. Oh, if only I could pull the 18-28 year old aside and say hey, it's gonna be fine. All will work out as it's meant to.

The 1990s also means fashion... with a distinct twist.

Chambray shirts and double denim [I saved to buy the $99 chambray shirt from Country Road - and wore it with pride with Levis 501, and Doc Martens]. Floral and denim. White tees and denim. Grunge. Diffuser-dried curls. Beige brown matte lipstick. Orange-y, beige-y shades of eyeshadow.

Sometimes, I'd wear a white, tight tshirt with my high-waisted Levis. And sometimes, I'd add my spiffy, cinced-in black blazer.

If I was feeling super cool, I'd don my dear Dad's braces. But never like Tiffani Amber Thiessen:

And then there's this:

And the 'icons' - in TV and music and more models - of the era:

And the 1990s also meant the herald of the supermodel. That term - used on everyone these days - was reserved for a select few. The originals were: Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, and... be still my heart: Cindy Crawford.

To say I was Cindy obsessed was an understatement. Here are a few of the pics which plastered my walls:

And here are all the supermodels, with the 1990s king of fashion, the late Gianni Versace - with a slew of newer 'supers':

[I still have this issue, above... and the Richard Gere/Cindy Crawford one].

And the music, ah... 1990s music!

The inspiration behind this blog post is for a party I'm attending tonight for Australian PR firm, Maxted Thomas PR. They were founded 20 years ago today - in 1992 - and the very clever invite included some KILLER 1990s songs.

Here are some of their well-chosen tracks:

Hanson and those haircuts:

The pioneer of auto-tune... although this almost doesn't sound like Cher:

The eff-you anthem for women everywhere, by Alanis Morissette:

Those cheeky Spice Girls with their first hit:

Kriss Kross - Jump!

Vogue-ing was in, thanks to Madonna:

Britney's first hit:

TLC gals chasing Waterfalls:

I heart Backstreet Boys:

Coolio. I was 23, and that line "I'm 23, never will I live to see 24" scared me:

Salt 'n' Pepa - I wanted a man like this!

What are your fondest memories of the decade? Share!