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Wednesday 27 April 2011

The 'Ultimate Italian Experience': Magshop Mother's Day Promotion

The 'Ultimate Italian Experience'

(This is a sponsored post).

A magazine subscription – music to my ears!

As a magazine aficionado (okay, I am more than that… Josie’s Juice readers will know I am a bit of an addict).

So, with Mother’s Day coming up (my cheeky twinnies are now three and a bit) I will be dropping some major hints to my husband that all I really, really want for my special day of the year (why on earth do we get only one) is a magazine subscription. Heck, several.

The best part? It’s not expensive at all – and, it lasts a whole year.

What I love is that there is a magazine that suits every mother’s tastes. Into gardening? Choose House & Garden. Into fashion? Harper’s Bazaar is made for you. Love your dose of gossip? Then OK! Magazine should be top of your list.

And right now, in addition to being able to enjoy a discount on selected titles, you will have a chance to win an incredible trip to Italy.

C’mon, men (and kids!). A magazine subscription is the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Subscribe now to OK! magazine or to women’s magazine and you could win a trip of a lifetime to Italy.

I have been to Italy several times, but never experienced it with my young family. This is my chance – and yours – to do that!

It's A Nice Day For A Royal Wedding, by Adam Cubito


Adam Cubito, the National Online Content Editor for [my absolute fave radio hosts right now - they are on weekdays on NovaFM, 4-7pm] Fitzy & Wippa on NovaFM is in London right now to cover the royal wedding.

So, I asked him to whip up a blog post. In between designing this impressive baby www.novafm.com.au/royaladventure, shopping up a storm at TopMan and River Island, hanging with an Aussie-born Prince William look-a-like, and indulging in a McDonald's Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry or two (what? Yum!), Adam gives his right-in-the-thick-of-it report on all things royal! Enjoy...

[Oh, he is also designer of my fab new Josie's Juice logo - campione: http://josiesjuice.blogspot.com/2011/03/josie.html]

It's A Nice Day For A Royal Wedding, by Adam Cubito

This post comes to you from a hotel room in London, England. I'm looking out of my window and can see nothing but ancient buildings for miles and enough British flags up and soaring, the sky is almost red and blue - you'd think there's a royal wedding going on or something.

When I was first told by work that I'd be heading to London - one of my favourite cities - I was elated. Almost instantly I began to think about the ways I could strategically pack my suitcase so that I'd have enough space to fit in a couple of hundred commemorative plates, mugs and tea towels. After I had planned that, it dawned on me, I'd be part of a radio team - with Fitzy & Wippa from Nova - in another country, getting up to mischief and technically it's all considered work. Amazing.

We landed in Heathrow after a bleary long flight from Sydney on Saturday morning and almost instantly hit the ground running. A quick shop on Oxford Circus with the boys saw me walk away £600 in debt - but boy did I walk away in some nice new shoes. We then were lucky enough to be given tickets to a real football match - Chelsea vs. West Ham over in Fulham. The crowd were, as expected, typically British, but what amazed me were the rows and rows of police and the pubs with signs that warned of violence. I was oblivious to it any danger but worse, I just couldn't get The Bill theme song out of my head.

The next day prep began for a series of fun segments we had planned for the show. I wont go into a massive amount of detail but it involved adult-size cakes, Union Jack g-strings, dressing a 6ft 7" man as a bunch of flowers, pretending to be couriers and security guards. I also had the pleasure of hanging out around London with the #1 Prince William impersonator - Simon Watkinson - who grew up in Adelaide and now makes an absolute mint by pretending to be a prince. Insane.

I've accompanied the boys while they interviewed the stunning Jennifer Hudson - who herself is soon to be married - and she spoke to me about the amount of Twitter followers I have. It was then that I had to sit there and think - wow, am I really on the other side of the world having a conversation with Jennifer Hudson about the amount of Twitter followers I have? I had to pinch myself. She promised she'd follow me, but I've yet to see her name pop up in my email - don't keep me waiting Jen.

We then moved on to have High Tea with PM Julia Gillard in her hotel in London - again one of those moments where I did a double-take while I watched our PM gnaw on a scone. Love her or hate her, the woman rocked a (semi-shapeless) power suit and was very down-to-earth.

I'm looking out my window again - it's amazing to see how many people are here and supporting the Royal Wedding. There's William and Kate displays in almost every shop window, enough bizarre commemorative merchandise every few meters it's almost laughable and - although cliched - the atmosphere really is electric. There's no other way to describe it. London is on show, there's smiles on faces, flags waving in the air and a whole bunch of nutters camping out around Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey to show their love.

Even if you're not a fan of the Royal family (and there are plenty of Londoners and Aussies alike who aren't) you can't deny that it's pretty amazing that the union of two people can instill so much pride and excitement in so many. Plus, really, the world can never have enough novelty tea towels.

It's been an amazing week and even as the big day comes and goes, it'll be pretty awesome to have felt like I was somehow a very small part of the whole thing. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to pour my pint into my Kate Loves Will mug - it was only £2 - bargain. Cheers.

Adam Cubito is National Online Content Editor for Fitzy & Wippa at Nova FM. You can check out all the vids and pics from the adventures Adam has described above at www.novafm.com.au/royaladventure

January Jones: W magazine, May 2011

January Jones - Mad Men star and (judging by these incredibly fabulous photos) capable magazine model - is the cover star of the latest issue of W magazine.

Girl knows how to rock a quiff, killer heels, and show off those toned legs. What's not to love?

Younger You Magazine - Issue Two

Independent Digital Media has built on the strength of www.YoungerYou.com.au, recently launching the second issue of Younger You magazine.

Featuring Jennifer Aniston on the cover, the magazine is an extension of anti-ageing website www.YoungerYou.com.au (really worth checking out if you're in the sphere of self-improvement), and features 148 pages of the latest self-enhancement news, advice, products and procedures.

Editor Jenni Gilbert says, "While more and more Australians are looking to undertake cosmetic or non-cosmetic surgery with the aim of looking more youthful, it’s difficult to find unbiased advice and information. Younger You addresses this gap in the market, giving consumers common-sense and practical answers to their anti-ageing concerns."

Marina Go, Publisher for Independent Digital Media says, "The second issue of Younger You magazine is bigger and better than the first, as the interest from both consumers and advertisers continues to grow within this unique segment."

The autumn/winter 2011 issue of Younger You magazine features:

• Surgical and non-surgical options that will help slow the tick of the biological clock

• Advanced surgical and injectable options now delivering the right size, shape and width of nose to suit not just the individual’s face, but their lifestyle, cultural background and personality

• How to reduce your belly and keep the fat off forever without diet or exercise (sign me up!)

• The top 10 anti-ageing super foods for outer beauty and your inner well being (one of my fave features in the mag).

Younger You magazine is available now in newsagents nationally, and online at www.YoungerYou.com.au. RRP is $9.95.

Mary McCormack on Ellen - parenting pearls

This actress is my new favourite person today. Based just on this clip:

Her name is Mary McCormack, and I am completely in love with her. And her honesty. Based on her appearance on Ellen today.

As soon as she uttered to host Ellen DeGeneres that her three year old daughter was "furious at me about something, who knows what" I stopped writing and took notice.

Ellen replied, "Yeah, the last time you were here, you were talking about the fact that she is..."

"Evil", says Mary.

She had me glued. The audience, in stitches.

And then, Mary adds... "No, I love her. I do love her. I love her! I just don't like her."

Hooked. Completely enamoured.

It sounded so like me, so resonated with my devilish/quasi-playful thoughts about my own daughter, that I found myself repeating it to hubby a mere few hours later. You see, a few hours ago, the following scene played out in this casa, right here.

Mummy (that'd be me) working all day, then cooks nutritious dinner, then picks up kids from daycare, then daughter has one of those hyperventilating tantrums in back of car when mummy is driving home because 'evil mummy' (I have actually been calling myself this for months) won't buy daughter evil hot chips from evil KFC, situated as we leave the daycare (damn you, evil shopping centre planners).

As mummy pops headphones in ears to drown out noise (my bestie taught me this trick - why, oh why have I only just starting using it?) we then arrive home and I bark at hubby to "deal with this".

So, Mary... I salute you. For calling it as you see it. Because when we'd all cooled down and I could see my precious girl for what she really is (a precocious, sassy, funny little three year old) I loved her all over again.

Lashings of humour, people! That's the only way I get through the madness.

How do you get through the day without tears (yours). And do you too have an 'evil' child? Share!

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Zara Sydney! And why it's big fashion news

So, the Zara phenomenon... what's the big deal?

Well... it's the world's largest retail clothing chain - in fact, a staggering $11 billion empire.

And finally, it's in Australia (Sydney now open; Melbourne soon!)

Have you been yet?

Perhaps you were one of the 13,000 people through the doors at Zara Sydney today... yes, according to Zara's Sydney PR company Torstar, this many people traipsed through the Zara doors on Tuesday April 27.

Most retailers offer around 2000 products a year - not Zara. The clothing chain will be producing 14,000 a year!

And therein lies the attraction for many: the sheer volume of choice, plus how quickly the brand translates catwalk trends to their stores (it is said to be two weeks, from runway to rack).

The Sydney store opening last week saw the doors swung open to media on Tuesday and to the public the next day.

It was a buying-up frenzy. One of my friends, who shopped there on the Wednesday, wondered whether we had cleaned out the store's stock during opening night (during which the most delicious canapes and champers was served... why oh why aren't all retail experiences like this!?).

So, what are the prices like? Pretty good, some really fab. I picked up the cutest tulle skirt for my daughter for just under $30, a cute cardie for my son for the same price, and some dressy tees for around the same price for the husband and I. I must admit that although I loved what was on offer on the street level floor, I was very much drawn to the somewhat younger, more urban 'TRF' collection. Think faux fur vests (my lust-have right now), retro leather jackets, denim cut offs (I can't pull those off!), and cool scarves and accessories. Shopping heaven.

This is the most comprehensive report I have seen on the brand so far (well done, resident TV fashionista, Today Tonight reporter Sally Obermeder):


To become a Facebook fan of the brand, go here: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/Zara

And for more on the brand (including global store listings and lookbooks) go here: http://www.zara.com/

Cindy Crawford: Elle Magazine

Nobody - and I do mean nobody - does an intense, model stare quite like Cindy Crawford.

Here she is on the cover of the latest issue of Elle China - wearing what can only be described as a most delicious Lanvin number (see its runway debut on right).

Coral, one shoulder, tan belt, volume-galore... wow.
For more on the mag, see: http://www.ellechina.com/

Nicole Scherzinger: Glamour UK - June 2011

Some covers just work - this is one of them.

The June 2011 covergirl for Glamour UK is Nicole Scherzinger (the former Pussycat Doll).

Touted as an about-to-be-announced judge on the US version of TV show X Factor, she says:

"I don't know what's going on with it…everything's up in the air," she said in the new issue, out next Thursday in the UK (which means you can grab your air-freight copy in Australian newsagents just days after. Love).

The 32-year-old singer looks stu-nning as she poses in a selection of beautiful summer dresses (oh, Sydney summer - come back! All is forgiven).

For more, see: http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/

That Magazine: my new fave magazine

My new fave international mag is That Magazine.

This French beauty is onto edition two and features a breathtaking shoot and cover with stylist's dream, Nicole Richie.

It is self-described (I hit Google translate!) as "a new bi-monthly magazine, designed as a guide intended for enthusiasts [by] inspired fashion, music and graphic arts, but also professionals in the creative industries."

Whatever your native tongue, this baby (sold in uber cool locales including Colette in Paris) is one to watch.

And to follow them on Twitter, go here: http://twitter.com/#!/thatmag

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Bras N Things - Wink! Collection

The new Bras N Things Wink! collection is in-store now. Bras: $15; undies $5. Love them all - mix and match, or go all matchy-matchy. Perfect, easy Mother's Day gift idea (not that I'll be dropping any hints, or anything...) See: http://www.brasnthings.com/ for more info and additional styles.