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Thursday 29 December 2011

Pirelli Calendar 2012 - plus behind the scenes video

The 2012 Pirelli calendar is out - shot by renowned photog Mario Sorrenti, it features Kate Moss, Isabeli Fontana, Lara Stone, and Milla Jovovich.

Arty... or just porn?

You decide.

Watch the making of video, below.

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Cabramatta Food Tour - for Once Upon a Time in Cabramatta

Being asked to come along to a walking (and eating!) tour of Cabramatta was a dream media invite.

Having lived just five minutes from Cabramatta all my life (still do), I am indeed very familiar and enamoured with the area.

Chinese New Year celebrations, heading to 'Cabra' to pick up some Asian grocery supplies, being drawn to the place - amid the scandal and bad press - in the 1990s... it had since become a place I wasn't that intrigued by anymore.

No reason, really - my curiosity had simply transitioned to other suburbs.

So, the invitation to re-discover the precinct I'd unintentionally neglected... well, it was just too good to pass up.

Organised on the back of the screening of the three part doco series 'Once Upon A Time in Cabramatta' - to commence on Sunday 8 January 2012, and following on from the sensational programming of 'Immigration Nation' and 'Go Back to Where You Came From' - it explores the extraordinary transformation of this southwestern Sydney suburb to what it has become today.

Back to the walking tour: commencing at Cabramatta station and hosted by the incredibly knowledgeable Thang Ngo (who writes the brilliant food blog http://www.noodlies.com/ and also stars in the series) we started to eat at Bau Trong... and did we eat!

Bac Cang Nghieu is the master behind this famed eatery (she also heads up the restaurants of the same name in nearby Canley Heights, as well as newly opened Marrickville). Pushing 70, this woman is a dynamo - she started cooking for family and friends, gave cooking classes, then found herself cooking for functions for 150+ people. Today, she has a trifecta of renowned eateries under her teeny belt (we're about the same height, and yes, I could not resist a big cuddle before I left) and her food... impeccable, flavoursome, authentic - and always with a twist.

The dishes kept coming (the signature three-meat dish was beyond delicious, and will have me coming back as soon as I can, and the pork and taro spring rolls, divine) and we left full, happy, and with a snapshot of Cabramatta through the past two decades, from someone who had lived through it all.

Next, it was off for a walk through Freedom Plaza, with Thang giving the group a rundown on the significance of the area and the Friendship Arch; then it was off to some delicious, steaming hot beef pho at Pho Tau Bay (just awarded 'Sydney's best pho')

Next, a stroll through the main drag of John Street, with a visit to Eastland Supermarket (everything is sold here!), and finally, ice coffee Vietnamese-style, made with sweetened condensed milk and lots of ice (Thang taught us a cool twist - towards the end, add some tea for a different kinda taste sensation). Finishing off with some ice cream, including the interesting avocado flavour, our shirt seams were set to burst.

Next time I return to Cabramatta, I am also off to Tan Hoan Cau on John Street. I have trialed their truly delectable custard cakes before (my friend gave me some and I just could not resist having more than one of these heavenly concoctions) and I will be back for more, post-meal.

Satisfied from my sensational food tour, I vow to continue my new renewed love affair with Cabramatta.

Watch this intriguing trailer here:

And look out for another post on the series shortly, here.

Once Upon A Time in Cabramatta will be broadcast Sunday 8, 15 and 22 January 2012 at 8.30pm on SBS ONE, with a Vietnamese subtitled version simulcast on SBS TWO. Don't miss it.

Shit Girls Say - episode 3 + Shit Guys Say episode 1

Yep, ep three of Shit Girls Say is here... and episode 1 of Shit Guys Say (why, of course).

Have a look... what do you think?

My "you're the best" to and fro script lasts about one or two rounds (and gets ironic pretty much after the second go).

The talking over each other? Yeah, doesn't happen:

And now, Shit Guys Say (someone's been watching a 'Jersey Shore' marathon...)

Monday 26 December 2011

Colette accessories - Boxing Day sale

The Colette Boxing Day sale has begun! As has every other retailer's sale... are you game enough to brave the crowds?

I will be.

When it comes to an accessories sale, I don't mind spending a few dollars on costume jewellery... I popped into Colette pre-Christmas and definitely have my eye on many pieces.

The Boxing Day sale promises up to 50% off Colette pieces.

And so, I am off my laptop and outta here... to shop!

Saturday 24 December 2011

Hairhouse Warehouse - WIN one of FIVE Blitz Boxes!

Boxing Day = sales, and on this site, it also means PRIZES!

Hairhouse Warehouse celebrates the end of year sales with the return of the Blitz Box.

Bought up big for everyone else?

Well, now it's time to treat yourself – the ultimate value Blitz Box - from Hairhouse Warehouse.

Back by popular demand, the Blitz Box includes more than $150 worth of products for just $34.95.

And the Blitz Box contains a number of products to help keep your hair protected while you enjoy the great outdoors (the sun is back! Hurrah for that!)

The Blitz Box contains:

o RPR Brighten My Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner (300mL) OR RPR My Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner (300ml)
o RPR Protect My Hair (300ml)
o RPR My Quick Fix (150g)
o RPR My Argan Oil Elixir (60ml)
o Vent brush
o Mini dryer
o Models Inc lipstick
o $20 salon voucher

“We source the best professional quality products and put them together at an unbelievable price to ensure our customer get the best value haircare possible. But be quick, at this price, they’ll sell out fast!” says Hairhouse Warehouse general manager Arthur Mitroulas.

The Blitz Box - available in all Hairhouse Warehouse stores nationwide - will go on sale from 26 December 2011 until sold out for $34.95.

For more information visit http://www.hairhousewarehouse.com.au/ or call 1300 424 746.

And guess what? I have FIVE to give away!

Just tell me why your hair is in desperate NEED of one of these boxes - now.

(I have requested all my prize Blitz Boxes contain the RPR My Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, 300ml each)

To enter, simply 'like' the Josie's Juice Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Josies-Juice-Blog/112183702164480) and leave your answer in the comments box below.

Do it! First five winners will win the Blitz Box.

Friday 23 December 2011

Sponsored by Nuffnang: Hugo - film review, plus ticket giveaway

Sponsored by Nuffnang

Set in 1930s Paris, the movie ‘Hugo’ is mesmerising from the very first frame. Bringing its story to life is 3D technology, adding another dimension to an already enchanting story which stars the extraordinary Asa Butterfield as Hugo Cabret, and the enduringly talented Ben Kingsley as Georges Méliès.

Hugo is an orphan (his father – played by Jude Law – tragically dies) and finding himself alone, he goes to live at a train station, determined to unravel the mystery involving his late father and an intriguing contraption he has inherited from his creative dad.

The movie is captivating and keeps audiences enthralled, connected, and concerned about what happens to the characters next.

While watching it, I mentally made a list of which children in my life would immensely enjoy it – it is completely ideal for kids aged, say, eight and up. Even younger tots as little as five will enjoy it, sure to fascinate tiny eyes no end. The 3D technology employed in Hugo is somehow elevated another notch from what we’ve already seen, and beautifully integrates as an important part of the film - guaranteed to further captivate both young and old filmgoers.

Another star of the movie is Sacha Baron Cohen, brilliant in his role as the mean, snooty train station inspector, who has a penchant for weeding out stray kids and sending them straight to the orphanage.

The plotline I found the most enjoyable was watching the friendship develop between Isabelle (played by the extraordinary Chloë Grace Moretz) and Hugo; she takes him under her wing and shows him a whole new world – in turn, opening him up to a whole new life. For her part, she is equally excited: “This might be an adventure, and I've never had one before - outside of books, at least”, she says.

Equally heartwarming is witnessing Georges’s spirit brought back to life; his wife, “Mama Jeanne” (played by Helen McCrory) says to him: “Georges, you've tried to forget the past for so long, but it has caused you nothing but unhappiness. Maybe it's time you tried to remember.”

And now, Josie’s Juice readers have the opportunity to enjoy this movie: we are giving away three double passes to our readers! For your chance to win, simply tell us what you love about film – write your answer in the comments tab below.

For the official trailer, watch this:

And see a behind the scenes clip here:

If you want to hear master filmmaker Martin Scorsese - who directed Hugo – speak about this modern masterpiece, watch this clip:

And part two with Scorsese in this clip:

Already nominated for Golden Globes in the categories of Best Motion Picture: Drama, Best Director, and Best Original Score (with the Golden Globes Awards show set to screen on January 15), this is a must-see movie for the whole family.

Hugo is out in cinemas January 12.

Roxy Jacenko - 'Strictly Confidential' - author Q & A

If you're in PR, you've likely heard of Roxy Jacenko.

Roxy is a 31 year old PR dynamo who founded her own PR firm at age 24, calling it Sweaty Betty.

Seven years later, Sweaty Betty is Sydney’s most well known fashion PR firm, employing a team of 20, and responsible for over 80 local and international fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands. Roxy has now become as renowned as the brands she reps.

Her story is inspiring to those starting out in the biz; I met Roxy when she was new to the industry, working behind the scenes at fashion brand Diesel, soon landing the role of PR manager at the company.

Instantly open, likeable, obliging, agreeble - and very efficient (Roxy was PRing Von Dutch, and thanks to her, that brand was suddenly everywhere), I recall thinking back then: who is this whirlwind?

Soon everyone knew.

Today, she balances her work life with her family life - she is mum to newborn daughter Pixie-Rose (and makes no apologies for working extra hard) and is marrying her fiancé in early 2012.

And somehow she has found time to pen her first book, 'Strictly Confidential'.

Central to the book is Jasmine Lewis – aka Jazzy Lou - a smart, young publicist trying her best to work her way up from the bottom in Sydney’s hottest PR company (sound familiar, PR grads?)

Jasmine’s done the hard yards: the coffee runs, the dry-cleaning pick-ups, the early starts, the late, late finishes. But her 'evil' boss Diane Wildenstein? Never happy.

Next stop for Jasmine is creating her own firm, Queen Bee PR (oooh, wait: Sweaty Betty's address is Queen Street, Beaconsfield... I wonder if... nah!).

Strictly Confidential introduces us to an interesting cast of characters:

Belle Single: hailing from 'the Shire', she's an aspiring actress with a thing for fast cars and men and a healthy bank account (now, that sounds an awful lot like... another famed Shire 'babe').

Samantha Priest: model, socialite and born bogan, she will do anything to resurrect her flagging career.

Luke Jefferson: gossip columnist for The Sun, he’s not afraid to Tweet what he spies - and he's rather tight with Jasmine.

Raven: the American, pill-popping starlet, notorious for her coked up YouTube performance more than her role with Vixenary lingerie.

Matt Ashley: famed cricketer, Matt Ashley is Gen Y’s answer to Shane Warne (oh dear).

Michael Lloyd: this handsome lad is Jasmine’s 'knight' - and also Belle Single’s boyfriend

Expect romance, frenemies, and A-list disasters... and a dose of reality (okay, with a smidge of embellishment) in Strictly Confidential.

Roxy sat down to answer some questions about the book... and what's next for her:

Okay, so the obvious question: how much of the book and the characters are based on people you know?Strictly Confidential is a fictional novel but there is no question that I have been inspired by the people I have met along the way, the events we have worked on and the day to day running’s of a PR company. No one person or event is totally based on actual events, but inspired by and embellished to create an exciting read for the audience.

And: how much is based on the goings on at the Sweaty Betty office?My start of Queen Bee is very similar to the start of Sweaty Betty PR, right down to the insurance cheque as my start up funds through to developing a Nurofen Plus habit.

What was the catalyst for you to want to write a book – and how long as this been on your to-do list?Writing a book wasn’t something that was on my radar however it came about as part of some work we were doing with Channel 7 in the form of an observational documentary on the day to day running of a PR company – Sweaty Betty PR. The publishers from Allen & Unwin saw it as something that could make a fabulous book and it went from there. One and a half years later we have a novel which is so exciting and a great achievement. I always did joke with my initial team when I first started the company that "there's definitely a book in this" just based on what we saw and who we had the chance to work with, all at such a young age. And that was when the business was in its infancy!

What do you say to people who think they can see themselves in particular characters?It’s all fiction. Right?

How do you hope the general public will react, and what do you hope readers will get from it?How hard you need to work in the world of PR; it's far from a life of Champagne and canapés many like to think it is. At the same time if you set your mind to something, all you need it determination and drive and anything is possible. Plus, it's a fun, easy read for the summertime with a little sparkle, fashion, love and celebrity to boot!

Another book in the pipeline for you? It’s not on my immediate radar but I won't say never!

'Strictly Confidential' will be available at all bookstores (and in e-book format) from January 3, 2012.

Snap up your copy.

Thursday 22 December 2011

Violent Lips - in Australia December 28

I am always on the look out for new and vastly different beauty products - and this one... well, speaks for itself.

On shelves in Australia for the first time from December 28, in time for New Year party madness, the brand is called 'Violent Lips', and its the hottest new 'lip tattoo' to take the US beauty scene by storm.

The Violent Lips collection offers a range of statement-making lip patterns, from bold animal prints and fun polka dots, to a fishnet print, to a 'glitteratti' sparkle. My fave is the Brit Union Jack print.

These temporary lip appliqués will keep the print and colour on your lips for four to eight hours, give a smooth feel and glossy finish, and are easy to apply to lips.

Perfect for the party season, there will also be an Australian flag design available for Australia Day.

Violent Lips will be available from Priceline stores nationally from December 28, with an RRP of $14.95.

Call 07 5630 1560 for a full list of stockists or visit www.violentlips.com for further info.

To see a visual on how to apply Violent Lips, scroll down and watch this step by step tutorial: