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Thursday 26 October 2017

Sophie Monk 'The Bachelorette' chooses Stu

Sophie Monk has chosen her man as the first celebrity 'The Bachelorette'.

Tonight she could choose either Jarrod or Stu.

And she chose...


The pair knew each other before 'The Bachelorette' even kicked off, and while it has been widely reported the still married (but separated) Stu, who is also a father to four girls, is a squillionare (actual estimated and also widely reported worth at just under $500 million dollars), Sophie seemed to fall for the late comer to the house Stu.

And here we are.

But Jarrod's tears... oh boy!

Did you pick tonight's outcome?

Lisa Wilkinson pays tribute to Rebecka Delforce + VIDEO 'Australian Story'

What a story, what a tribute.

Lisa Wilkinson has paid tribute to her co-worker and friend Rebecka Delforce, who died last week.

Lisa hired Rebecka at Cleo magazine in the 1990s.

Here is a photo of Lisa and Rebecka and the Cleo team:

Rebecka's funeral was yesterday and today Lisa wrote an incredible tribute. Titled 'A Little Bit of Perspective About What's Really Important', and subtitled: 'Let me tell you the story of Rebecka Delforce.'

It's a must read. READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE.

Rebecka's partner Darren Stratti died nine years ago, in tragic circumstances.

Rebecka and Darren's story was told on 'Australian Story' several years ago. It''s a MUST watch. What a love story, what a life story, what an inspirational couple.

Here is a description of the episode, which screened on 29 September, 2008

Rebecka Delforce and Darren Stratti were primary school sweethearts. Life took them on different paths but when they met again as adults, they knew that they were meant to be together. Darren Stratti talked about 'falling in love twice' - once with Rebecka and again with her dream to build a children's village in Africa. In 2007, after four years of planning and fundraising, the couple moved to Tanzania to start putting up the buildings. But within a year, tragedy struck in an event that became headline news back home in Australia.

Darren was a school mate - we went to the same school, and all I recall is a towering presence of a man.

RIP Darren and Rebecka.

Wednesday 25 October 2017

George Michael: 'The Untold Story'

'George Michael' Freedom will premiere on Wednesday, October 25, at 8.30pm on Channel Nine.

The doco covers the span of his entire career focusing on the huge period in the late Grammy Award winner’s life and career, leading up to and following the making of his acclaimed, best-selling album “Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1” and his infamous High Court battle with his record label that followed.

The doco is also very personal, speaking about the death of his late partner and first love, Anselmo Feleppa.

Filmed before George's shock death, the documentary is narrated by George himself, and was directed by George, and he was heavily involved in the making of the film that now serves as his final work.

The doco features unseen archival and private home-footage, giving viewers a first-person account of his life.
It also includes the original five supermodels from Oscar-nominated director David Fincher's “Freedom!” video who come together for the first time to discuss their experience on the iconic music video.

You're singing it right now, aren't you?

Here you go:

The doco also features interviews with some of Michaels’ most famous friends and music legends, including Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Ricky Gervais, Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson, Tracey Emin, Liam Gallagher, Mary J. Blige, Jean- Paul Gaultier, James Corden and Tony Bennett.

Produced by Sony Music Entertainment UK and commissioned by Jonny Rothery, 'GEORGE MICHAEL: FREEDOM' was directed by George Michael and David Austin, produced by Lisa Johnson and David Austin. David Austin also serves as executive producer.

'George Michael' Freedom will premiere on Wednesday, October 25, at 8.30pm on Channel Nine.

Sunday 22 October 2017

Lisa Wilkinson's New Show

Lisa Wilkinson has been THE host topic of 'water cooler' conversation this wee.\k.

And now, this news on what she will be doing next...

Last week speculation was rife at Ten that Wilkinson, who Ten has confirmed as host of its The Sunday Project and a part-time panellist on The Project, will become Australia’s Oprah when she starts at the network from January.
A well-placed source said Wilkinson will appear on The Project two weeknights, one of which will be Friday, and also host a beefed up Sunday night primetime show that will look to address the audience swing away from the once unbeatable Sunday night news offerings 60 Minutes and Sunday Night.

Read more here.

James Packer On Mariah Carey break-up

James Packer has spoken for the first time about his relationship and engagement break up with Mariah Carey.

In a rare interview, with 'The Australian'James Packer has opened up on his personal and professional challenges over the last few years, including his decision to sell his stake in the RatPac production company, and his breakup with global singing superstar Mariah Carey.
He told 'The Australian' that in 2015, he found himself in the midst of massive debt, having to borrow large sums of money to stave off a potential legal battle with sister Gretel Packer, and was facing setbacks related to the expansion of crown resorts.
He said:
“Two years ago I was terrified. I had $2.3 billion of debt at CPH ­[Consolidated Press Holdings, his private company], over $3 billion of debt at Crown, I’d just appointed Rob [Rankin as chairman of Crown], Macau was falling over and [sister] Gretel was on my doorstep. Then, a year later, I’ve got China falling apart, the Australian casino businesses missing budgets by big amounts, I’ve got Mariah breaking up with me and I’m thinking, ‘fuck!'”
He spoke in broad terms about his decision to start a relationship with Mariah, saying:
“The answer is complicated … I was at a low point in my personal life. Documenting the negotiations with my sister was taking longer than expected. Brett Ratner put Mariah and me together. She was kind, exciting and fun. Mariah is a woman of substance. She is very bright. But it was a mistake for her and a mistake for me.”
Mariah has been slightly less diplomatic on her relationship with Packer, instead calling him a (gulp) “motherfucker” in an interview with an Israeli journalist during her press tour there earlier this year.
She also of course torched a wedding dress in this video below, which may or may not have been a reference to her wedding dress intended for her big day with James:

Saturday 21 October 2017

Barry Du Bois: Cancer Returns VIDEO

What an emotional ending to last night’s episode of 'The Living Room', as host Barry Du Bois revealed his cancer had returned for a second time.

The 57-year-old designer and builder was diagnosed with plasmacytoma myeloma in 2011 and made the heartbreaking announcement at the end of Friday night's episode of the show, that it had returned once again and more aggressively than his previous diagnosis.
“It seems that my cancer has come back, reasonably aggressively now I have what is regarded as multiple myeloma. We’ve got a cancer in my body that has created several tumours right through my body,” Barry said.
“Now I see an upside to that, this is just another fight for me that I am quite comfortable I am going to win.”
Here is some of that clip:

And here is his post:

His 'The Living Room' cohort Chris Brown has of course come to his support:

Here is a backgrounder on Barry's cancer battle:

And more here:

And his openness on surrogacy for his twins:

We wish you a speedy recovery, Barry!

Friday 20 October 2017

Ines Rau, Playboy's first transgender Playmate: PHOTOS + VIDEO

Since Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner died in September, so many people - from columnists to the average punter - have written about what Hefner has contributed to the world. Some comments have been kind, some not so much.

One thing is certain - Hef was always been the envelope pusher.

In its 64 years of production, Playboy has done just that.

And now... Meet Ines Rau.

The 26-year-old French model of North African descent has been named Playboy's first-ever openly transgender Playmate.

Here is how Playboy posted about the news and Ines:

A post shared by INES RAU (@supa_ines) on

And here is Ines paying tribute to Hef:

A post shared by INES RAU (@supa_ines) on

Rau's photo editorial will be featured in the November/December 2017 issue, which will also pay tribute to the late founder on its cover. See that cover below:

Tuesday 17 October 2017

Lisa Wilkinson speaks for first time following departure from 'Today'

Lisa Wilkinson has spoken for the first time following her departure from 'Today'.

The now-former Today show host spoke from the window of her car this morning, as she left her Cremorne home to visit her biggest fan: her 89-year-old mother. Read more here.

“My phone has gone into complete meltdown, but I’m going off to see my mum,” she said.

“She’s very worried and I’m just going to go and let her know I’m OK, in fact I’m more than OK, I’m great.

Lisa Wilkinson: Karl Stefanovic pays tribute + Peter FitzSimons speaks

Following Lisa Wilkinson's shock resignation overnight from flagship Channel Nine show 'Today', her equally shocked co-host Karl Stefanovic has spoken about his "great friend." See video below.

And Lisa's husband Peter FitzSimons has just spoken about his beloved wife, with whom he just celebrated 25 years of marriage, after having renewed vows recently, and coming back from their second honeymoon in Byron Bay.

In radio reports this morning, Channel Nine was said to be "blindsided" by Lisa's decision to walk from the top rating breakfast TV show after contract renewal - and pay - negotiations broke down. In the meeting were said to be Lisa and her manager, and with reports emerging last night that the network could not match her pay to Karl's, she walked. Within less than an hour, Lisa was employed again... by the Ten network. And to the show 'The Project'.

In this report, Lisa's husband FitzSimons has emerged from the family’s north shore home, telling reporters she was recovering after an “extraordinary day”.

“She’s having a lovely sleep in after an extraordinary day, thank you. The best sleep in 10 years,” FitzSimons said.

Her colleague Karl said this morning:

“For 10 years, Lisa has dragged herself out of bed at 3:30 in the morning, fed the dogs and cats, put a load of washing on and came into work to inform you of what was happening in the world,” he said this morning.

“So for now this, thank you. Thank you for the laughs, the sage advice, the calmness, oh, the calmness. And thank you for all of your support. Thank you for being a great colleague. Thanks for being a great interviewer. Thanks for being a great dancer and a truly, truly terrible singer.

Thanks for being a great mum. I know you value that more than anything else and thank you for being a great friend.

“The rest I will leave for when I see you but whatever you do, and wherever you go, you do so having made your mark on this show and on this man.

“Mostly you go with my love, lots of love, all my love. We will see you soon, maybe after midday. Enjoy the sleep-ins.”

Monday 16 October 2017

Lisa Wilkinson quits 'Today' show

Lisa Wilkinson has quit the 'Today' show today, in news that has just broken.

Yes, it's true.

The move is effective immediately, and was due to wage negotiations.

See below:

Wilkinson has made a shock announcement that she will quit the Nine Network program after 10 years - and will be joining 'The Project'.
She broke the news of her departure in a statement on Twitter, telling viewers she had already had her last day on the breakfast show’s desk.
“I have some news, I’m sad to say that today was my last day on the Today show,” she wrote.
Wilkinson shared a statement from the network, confirming the network had “been unable to meet expectations” in negotiating the star’s contract.
In a statement released less than an hour later, Channel Ten confirmed Wilkinson would be joining the network in a “senior hosting and editorial role effective January 2018”.
Wilkinson will join Ten’s popular news and current affairs program The Project in a hosting role, as well as hosting The Sunday Project.
“Further collaborations between Lisa and Network Ten will be announced in the coming months,” the statement said.

Friday 13 October 2017

Chandon S Chic Easy: Event Tickets

Chandon has unveiled a chic new experience touring Australia this Spring, transporting guests into the world of Chandon S. A modern take on the traditional speakeasy, the Chandon S Chic Easy celebrates the re-imagination of the classic champagne cocktail in a stylish French setting at iconic locations around the country.

Paying homage to Chandon’s French heritage, the Chandon S Chic Easy experience comes to life in an elegant vintage tram, guiding guests through a range of different stations – from food pairing to cocktail creation, giving them a taste of Chandon S for all occasions. Chandon S is a refreshingly unexpected twist on the classic champagne cocktail. Created following the traditional French methode traditionnelle champagne making process, Chandon S adds a unique twist to the ‘dosage’ – the addition of Australian hand-crafted orange bitters. 

Each Chandon S Chic Easy event will give guests around the country a unique insight into Chandon’s innovative wine-making process and hear the story of Chandon S, discovering more about how the sparking creation came to life. 

The Chandon S Chic Easy will feature a traditional French boulangerie workshop, where guests can craft their own artisanal bread. Bringing to life its distinctive aromatic flavours, a French baker will explain the flavour profiles of the seven ingredients that come together to create the Chandon S bitters.

Chandon’s mixologists will host a cocktail making masterclass where guests will learn how to create the Perfect Serve - the best way to enjoy Chandon S over ice, as well as the Chic Serve, a new cocktail created especially for the Chandon S Chic Easy. Guests will have the opportunity to add their own personal touch to their Chandon S Chic Serve.

As part of the Chandon S Chic Easy, guests can also enjoy a refreshing Chandon S and a leisurely game of pétanque with friends on the Chandon S Lawn. 

Scheduled stops for the Chandon S Chic Easy will include Melbourne (7 and 8 October), Sydney (14 and 15 October at Pyrmont Park), the Gold Coast (21 and 22 October) and Perth (4 and 5 November). Tickets are $45 per person and are available from: https://tickets.myguestlist.com.au/v259910ae9622d9/chandon-s/

For discounted tickets, pop in this code: HandcraftedBitters - and get $15 off the ticket price (so the ticket is only $30!).

For those who are more spontaneous, walk-ins will be able to enjoy The Chandon S Lawn, with food and Chandon S cocktails available for purchase. 

Wanna know more about CHANDON S?

Just as Chandon Australia’s story begins in Champagne, so too does the story of Chandon S. The original Champagne Cocktail recipe was first published in 1862 by Professor Jerry Thomas and combined a lump of sugar with one or two dashes of Angostura bitters in a goblet of Champagne, served over ice with a twist of lemon peel. 

Made from a blend of Chandon sparkling and hand crafted orange bitters, Chandon S reimagines the original Champagne Cocktail over ice for a refreshingly unexpected beverage. The unique bitters flavour in Chandon S was created using seven natural, high quality, local ingredients including blood orange and navel orange peel, gentian root, fresh ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and green cardamom. 

Chandon S is best enjoyed over ice with a twist of orange.  

Website: www.chandon-s.com for more info

Follow the convo on socials: @Chandonaus #ChandonS #ChicEasy

Facebook: www.facebook.com/chandonaus

Friday 6 October 2017

'Wogs At Work': Nick Giannopoulos and Sooshi Mango: TICKETS + VIDEOS

Have you seen 'Wogs At Work' yet?

It's the all NEW show created by the Godfather of wogs, Nick Giannopoulos, the creator of 'Wogs Out Of Work', 'Acropolis Now', as well as the hit movies 'The Wog Boy' and 'The Kings of Mykonos', now featuring the talented guys from Sooshi Mango, who have had over 25 million views online of their hilarious videos, and both of which are Josie's Juice faves.

'Wogs At Work' has been playing all over Aussieland and has received rave reviews. I mean, c'mon: it's a show created by wogs, for wogs, and for anyone who knows a wog... which is EVERYONE.
Here are some clips to give you a taste. We love how Nick explains the whole wog thing: basically, if you've been subjected to racist bullshit over the years in the lovely land of Oz, and have been called a wog (and even if you haven't), then... you're a wog. But a non wog can't call a wog a wog. Got it? 

Get your tickets HERE.

Sydney shows left:

- Friday 6 October, 8pm
- Saturday 7 October, 7pm and 9.30pm
- Sunday 4.30pm

Then West Australia shows:

- Wednesday 11 October, 8pm
- Thursday 12 October, 8pm
- Friday 13 October, 7pm and 9.30pm
- Saturday 14 October, 7pm and 9.30pm

And here is more Nick and Sooshi Mango juice:

CLICK HERE for a recent Nick interview.

Tuesday 3 October 2017

Tom Petty: Not Dead. Reports Retracted. Statement here.

In what is reminiscent of the Jeff Goldblum death misreporting, singer Tom Petty has not, in fact, died.

In a report just in, this one, absolutely verified.

For the past few hours we have believed Tom Petty had died. But nope. Alive... not well, but definitely alive. 
Fellow musos Courtney Love, Kid Rock, Cyndi Lauper, and KISS's Paul Stanley were among scores of fans posting remembrances on Twitter, where Petty was the top worldwide trending topic. A memorial was even scheduled for his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
But the 66 year old entertainer is still alive, and news outlets that announced his death have now retracted their stories. The Walk of Fame tribute was cancelled. Oops!
So, how did the confusion start? With CBS News and the Los Angeles Police Department, where CBS published Petty’s obituary after tweeting that the LAPD had confirmed his death. The trade paper Variety followed, citing an unnamed source confirming the rocker’s death.
Here are some untimely tributes:
After the reports, the LAPD issued a statement saying it has no information on Petty’s condition and that “initial information was inadvertently provided to some media sources.”
“We apologise for any inconvenience in this reporting,” the department said. CBS and Variety sites both amended their stories. CBS News also released a statement maintaining that it “reported information obtained officially from the LAPD about Tom Petty.” “The LAPD later said it was not in a position to confirm information about the singer,” the statement said.
The beacon of all breaking news, TMZ, said that emergency crews were unable to find a pulse after a 911 call by his wife from their Malibu home and he was showing no signs of brain activity upon arriving at UCLA Santa Monica Hospital. It claimed that his loved ones made the decision to switch off life support a short time later.
TMZ even published audio of the 911 call made by Petty’s wife after she discovered her husband wasn’t breathing. Dana York can be heard telling the dispatcher she needs help because he’s not responding, to which she’s told to kneel down on the ground and give him CPR.
Tom Petty’s daughter also just took to social media to say her father was still alive.
Both CBS and Variety now cite TMZ reporting that says Petty is “clinging to life” after suffering cardiac arrest.
An LAPD spokesman said in an interview that its spokespeople did not respond to any incident involving Tom Petty.
Petty’s manager did not respond to emails and phone calls seeking comment Monday.
We wish Tom a speedy recovery and hope that those obituaries honouring his wonderful life are not written after all.
Here are some of Tom's most renowned hits: