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Thursday, 30 May 2019

'Aussie Inventions That Changed The World' HISTORY on Foxtel

The Foxtel History channel's newest original commission is screening next month, and it's a a beauty, and looks to be highly engaging... and should make us all feel like proud Aussies!

From life-saving devices to modern conveniences, 'Aussie Inventions That Changed The World' is an original EIGHT part series that reveals a raft of great Australian inventors who turned game-changing ideas into a reality and forever changed how we live. 

Historically, Australia has punched well above its weight on the world stage of timely innovations, scientific breakthroughs, and cleverly designed new technologies.  And yet amongst our national heroes the sporting, military and political greats have typically enjoyed the limelight, while our remarkable inventors have been largely ignored. This series sets the record straight.

Comedian, actor and brainiac Matt Parkinson heads up a team of expert co-hosts; science journalist Anja Taylor, inventor Sally Dominguez and historian and writer David Hunt, who explore the little known stories across eight themed episodes; Home Life, Communication, Wartime, Farm Smart, Medicine, Food Preservation, Airborne and Super Vision.

Matt and the team explore inventions that are loved by the world and born in Australia including familiar ones like the Bionic Ear, Wine Cask, Pacemaker and WiFi, along with other inventions known to few, such as the Telephane and Transporter.

Drawing on an eclectic mix of contributors, from inventors, engineers, historians and model makers, to a colourful range of invention re-builds, road-tests and experiments, the series is an active and contemporary journey into the past.  

'Aussie Inventions That Changed The World' delivers a unique view of these inventions by bringing them back to life. From the birth of the Black Box thanks to the unwavering perseverance of David Warren, which is now an essential component of air safety.  And the rebuild of Worsfold’s life-saving Transporter from World War One, then road-tested to understand its bespoke functionality. 

“What’s really exciting about this series is that it will remind Australians that, at our best, we are a progressive, innovative country. We thrive on challenges and these invention stories are all about people who backed themselves against the odds. Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that stand out from the pack.” Matt Parkinson said.

Group General Manager, Factual, Jim Buchan said, “It’s amazing how many Australians have contributed to inventing ingenious solutions to unique challenges.  Our latest commission is a fun, warm, feel good series celebrating our nation’s pioneering spirit: a spirit of inventive problem-solving and resourcefulness demonstrated by inspiring individuals throughout our history. 

“The producers SkinnyDip Pictures and Northern Pictures have done an incredible job with such an ambitious series, and our expert presenters have told these stories with real wit and candour.  My personal favourites may well be the rare interviews with Australian inventors.  Captured for posterity they reflect the very personal experience of some who improved daily life, while others achieved the extraordinary!”

Another trailer here:

'Aussie Inventions That Changed The World' will be available to stream every week or watch on HISTORY on Foxtel, from Monday, June 24 at 7.30pm AEST.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Ever Australia: Most Comfy Moccasins... Ever!

Winter is COMING!

And that means comfy footwear and warm feet.

One of the country’s largest UGG boot producers – Ever Australia – has added a new collection to its stunning range of footwear, and suddenly you have your perfect trans-seasonal footwear, sorted.

Using premium quality materials and the finest craftsmanship, Ever Australia has re-invented traditional footwear and has launched, drum roll please... the all-new Candy Moccasin range!

The Candy Moccasin range includes four beautiful colours (we tried it in the baby pink hue), breathable and extra water-resistant suede uppers, comfortable and very soft leather inners, and a hidden 3cm heel to add a little spring to your step. The flexible material makes the shoe comfortable to wear and with the PVC jelly-like sole. The makers say it’s like walking on clouds... and we totally agree.

Adding even more attention to detail, the design of the sole is inspired by Picasso’s abstract artwork and incorporates the Ever Australia logo. So very clever!

Complementing the sole, the ribbon on the top of each Candy Moccasin is also PVC, adding another distinctive feature to the traditional style.

Zoe Lu, Ever Australia Marketing Manager says, “We have re-created the traditional Moccasin style to reflect the contemporary wearer. Our customers love our quirky designs and we’re so excited to launch the new Candy Moccasins this March. The variety of colours and textures are the perfect way to add some fun to any outfit for day or night, and work or play.”

Influenced by trends from all around the world, with a creative design team and talented craftsmen, Ever Australia continues to develop unique designs of the highest standards for each wearer to express their individual style with distinctive pieces.

On sale now, the the Candy Moccasin range details:

RRP: $122
Colours: Yellow, Blue, Pink and Harbour Mist

See Josie's Juice Instagram HERE for more snaps.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Celine Dion Carpool Karaoke: VIDEO



James Corden cruises down the Las Vegas Strip with Celine Dion. They duet on 'All by Myself' and MY FAVE STALKER SONG (kidding) 'I Drove All Night', and they give away some of Celine's 10,000 pairs of shoes, to surprised passersby.

And: her signature hit!

“We wanted to do something massive, so we dressed them up as Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in their Titanic gear and did a spectacular Vegas-style Titanic ending to ‘My Heart Will Go On,’ ” says exec producer Ben Winston. “It’s one of the most ambitious things we’ve done on a Carpool, ever.”


'DIEGO MARADONA': Official Trailer VIDEO

Diego Maradona is a football legend, and although that word gets bandied about A LOT in both football/soccer circles, as well as sport in general, Maradona is the real deal.

And therein lies the distinction: are we talking about Maradona or are we talking about Diego?

In the third film from the Academy Award and BAFTA-winning team behind SENNA and AMY and producer Paul Martin, 'DIEGO MARADONA' the movie is constructed from over 500 hours of never-before-seen footage from Maradona’s personal archive with the full support of the man himself.

Trailer JUST in:

Maradona’s glorious run past England’s defenders on the field is the stuff of legend.

AND: that goal he scored minutes earlier with his hand – the celebrated “hand of God”, as he coined it, was the stuff of legend of mythical proportions. See that moment in football history here:

The commentary back then was both dramatic and kinda funny: “Cosmic kite, what planet are you from that you can leave so many Englishmen in your wake?” Then ensued sob of joy at such a feat, celebrated across Argentina as revenge for the Falklands War. Oh yes, remember that? The tension!

On July 5, 1984, Diego Maradona arrived in Naples (as pictured above) for a world-record fee. For seven years he turned the football world upside down.

Says the film blurb:

He was the world’s most celebrated football icon and the most passionate but dangerous city in Europe were a perfect match for each other.
On the pitch, Diego Maradona was a genius. Off the pitch, he was treated like a God. The charismatic Argentine loved a fight against the odds and led Napoli to their first-ever title. It was the stuff of dreams.

But there was a price… Diego could do as he pleased while performing miracles on the pitch but, as time passed, darker days closed in.

'DIEGO MARADONA' is directed by Asif Kapadia.

'DIEGO MARADONA' releases in Australian cinemas on July 25, 2019

Follow the conversation on socials here:

#DiegoMaradona Check out the Roadshow Australia website for more: https://roadshow.com.au/ And follow them:
Film news and releases to you first: http://facebook.com/roadshow Exclusive Behind The Scenes Images: http://instagram.com/roadshow

Friday, 17 May 2019

Reflections Holiday Park, Lennox Head: REVIEW

When you're traveling - especially with family - a hotel is nice, though a place to rest your head that feels and looks like a little home away from home is ideal, especially when it's a long road trip where you spend a substantial chunk of time in the car.

And while one of my kids is beyond the age of "are we there yet" (the other still asks, as his concept time of time is different to his sister's), it's nice to get out of the car and leave the iPad and headphones and snacks behind and surround yourself with a place that looks like a home.

My kids are indoor kids, more than the outdoors-y type.

They are home bodies like me, not necessarily adventure seekers, though will give a hike a go and subsequently love it.

On this trip I travelled with my son and daughter (12 year old twins, my son with autism), as well as some family friends... all in one car!

Yes, we survived it! In fact, I would go as far as saying we thrived on it. It turned out to be a fun, bonding experience, and three adults meant designated drivers could be swapped hourly if needed.

As a family, we'd experienced holiday parks several years before: we took a campervan for a run to a NSW holiday park, and plugged into power and our allotted spot, and enjoyed the facilities, though we'd not stayed inside a holiday park cabin, and after this experience we are now holiday park converts.

So what's the attraction?

The most obvious one is an immediate sense of community you feel when you drive in to a holiday park. In the case of the one we stayed at, you park your car right next to you door, unload, and you can prep a meal in your kitchenette, enjoy it on your deck, and smell the ocean while sitting on your outdoor furniture.

We stayed at Reflections Holiday Park, at Lennox Head and it was an excellent first proper experience of a holiday park.

This absolute gem is right near the beach (yes, actual walking distance to the beach) and is surrounded by residential streets, a coffee shop, and a base to have sand between your toes within minutes.

Lennox Head is a seaside village in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia, situated on the stretch of coast between Byron Bay and Ballina in Ballina Shire local government area.

It shouldn't be a drive through spot, instead an actual destination.

Arriving from a stop at The Farm in Byron, Reflections housed us in two cute villas, which we were told had just been renovated.

This stay came at the tail end of our one week journey through NSW and into QLD, and it was a welcome pit stop to before we headed back to Sydney.

Ample space, comfy beds, living and dining rooms/kitchen, and the friendliest staff. 

The morning we were to check out we grabbed a bucket, went for a stroll, and landed fresh pippies we caught ourselves.

We fried them up with chilli and garlic for a breakfast of champions we enjoyed on our sun drenched deck.

We'd take this kind of stay over a hotel when doing a road trip any day.

This Lennox Head location is dog friendly (they have dog friendly cabins), and there are BBQ facilities, a camp kitchen, laundry facilities, plus wifi, and a shop for basics.

In a holiday park you can: be on the ground, feel the green grass under your feet, open the sliding door and smell the fresh air.

You can't do that staying in a city hotel where can feel a tad isolated from the world (and sure, sometimes you want that), and putting on pants, taking the lift to go downstairs to get food or go for a walk can feel like a chore.

Reflections Holiday Parks in general are located next to some of the most iconic beaches, inland dams and landmarks across NSW.

The clever folks there have created these holiday spots in breathtaking locations, and the Lennox Head location as well as all the Reflections spots offer accommodation options ranging from sites, ensuite sites, beach tents and cabins, all close to, or adjoining some of our Australia's pristine reserves.

Hooked. We reckon you will be too!

Josie's Juice stayed as a guest at Reflections Holiday Parks Lennox Head.

For more information, click HERE.

Gino D'Acampo's 'Aussie Escape': WIN Tickets!

Gino D'Acampo is coming to Australia, and we can't wait!

I mean... look at this guy:

The funniest cooking segments we've seen on TV, ever! As seen on UK TV's show 'This Morning' on the ITV network, alongside the hilarious Phillip and Holly in hysterical lost in translation moments, expect more of this fun when Gino comes to town.

Want to win tickets? Scroll down for more below!

So what’s the format of the show? What can we expect?

Says Gino:

"Well the format of the show is... it’s a pretty crazy show! I spend two hours with the audience in the theatre, and it’s a very 'take every evening as it goes' kind of format.

"Nothing is prepared. Apart clearly from the food that I’m going to make of course, and I’m going to show people everything they want to know, and it is very, very free, very crazy, very loud, it’s very: whatever happens at the time.

"If the audience is willing to play, I’m the guy to play with... and you know, throughout the show, throughout the two hours, I have people in the audience with microphones because anyone can ask me a question, any kind of question at any time they want, they can interrupt me at any time they want," adds Gino. We LOVE this! Easy access to a very funny and talented guy.

"That’s what I want to achieve the most; I give myself to the audience, when I come here I’m all yours. Tell me what you want to know, tell me all the things you want, and I will tell you the truth. Whatever you ask me, I will tell you. So if they want to know something about the shows I do, if they want to know something about food, if they want to know something about my family, if they want to know something crazy about me, I don’t care! I’m there to create a relationship with the audience. It’s like going out for a dinner with some friends. Very relaxed, I say and do what I want, and it always ends up being a great night."

Continues Gino: "Usually I call up about three or four people on stage. I don’t mind if there are 10 people on stage! It very much depends on the evening. But mainly it's about an evening with Gino. I’m there to answer all the questions and to create… I’m there to have a night out, really. To be honest with you, it’s my night out, and yes the audience will be all strangers, but within five minutes they become all my friends."

The parts of Gino's appearances on ITV which have gone viral (see video above), is what we all love about Gino, his shining personality is the crux of all of his video snippets, all now viral.

There’s an authenticity about the ingredients that Gino uses for particular dishes and because he was born in Italy, it HAS to be authentic. In his world, you simply CANNOT put cream in a carbonara for example, you cannot bastardise this sacred dish.

Says Gino: "I think the thing that the people who watch my show love the most is the fact that I do not give up. I’m real to the traditions that I have and I try very, very hard to keep these traditions alive. It would be easier for me to just give up: ‘Yeah whatever, you want the real carbonara, yeah that’s fine, or, you want to put cream in the carbonara, that’s fine lets do that.

"But I don’t give up. I’m relentless and I think that’s what people like about me and those clips, they say, wow this is a guy that has been doing this for the last 15, 20 years and they can see that whatever I use in my recipes, say 20 years ago, is still very consistent to this day. So that kind of ‘real’, trying to keep the tradition alive, is what I think they like about it and me. And nowadays we are all kind of losing ourselves into this social media, internet world, not communicating personally with people, and for me it’s all about keeping those Italian traditions alive."

We have just seen Gino with Gordon Ramsay and Fred Sirieix on the show ‘Gordon, Gino, and Fred’ for 3 episodes on the Seven Network, and we loved it. 

"Oh dear, oh dear!", exclaims Gino, laughing.

Apart from the roving campervan, which Gino reveals is "absolutely destroyed", a scene where Gino basically, er, farts on Gordon is... crazy! How DOES he get away with that?

"Well, Gordon and I… we have known each other for a very long time. We opened a restaurant in the UK together and you know we have a very mutual respect. I have many Italian restaurants and he comes to my restaurants, and he has a lot of restaurants and I go to his restaurants, and you know there has never been competition, there has never been any animosity between us. It’s just been a mutual respect for the last 15, 20 years. And that’s why when we work well together, there is no competition, there is no animosity, it’s just a joy. I just do whatever I like to do, I don’t really care about who they are and what they do, I live my life very carefree, let’s put it this way."

Currently writing book number 16, to accompany my new ITV series which is called 'Gino’s Italian Express', Gino was last in Australia over a decade agowhen he filmed I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’.

"I didn’t see much of Australia when I did the show. I won the show. I was the one in the jungle for the most time. So out of 24 days, 21 days go those days I was in the jungle. So I didn’t see Australia at all. I think I am looking forward to the most is the connection with the audience. Australia for me is like another world. It’s something I haven’t discovered yet. And the funny thing for me is they know who I am but I don’t really know about Australian people. So I’m really looking forward to go there and to create this connection, that’s what I want to do," says Gino.

Abstract Entertainment is proud to present this Italian chef, celebrated author and television personality Gino D’Acampo, in Australia in October 2019. Show dates below:

Friday 11 October: Sydney, Enmore Theatre

Saturday 12 October: Melbourne, Palais Theatre

Thursday 17 October: Adelaide, Thebarton Theatre

Saturday 19 October: Perth,Regal Theatre

Gino D’Acampo's books are published in Australia via Hachette Books. 

Gino’s Italian Escape can be seen on Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel. 

For socials, go here:

For ticketing and venue information, visit https://abstractentertainment.net/

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Good luck!

Monday, 6 May 2019

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex gives birth

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, goes into labour


Buckingham Palace tells CNN that the Duchess of Sussex went into labor in the early hours on Monday morning. 
Her husband, Prince Harry, was by her side.

@maxfosterCNN said in his Tweet just that (there is no more news right now... that's all I got folks... at least we know it is confirmed).

The Duchess went into labour in the early hours of this morning. The Duke of Sussex was by Her Royal Highnesses’ side - palace