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Thursday 30 August 2012

Giuliana and Bill: baby boy is born! Name is...

Bill and Giuliana Rancic became first-time parents Wednesday night [US time] after their son was born via gestational carrier in Denver. 

Edward Duke Rancic came into the world at 10.12 pm weighing 7 pounds, 4 ounces. 

Wow, such joy!

Here's more on the couple's journey:

[AND updated with celeb congrats Tweets below]:





Their baby shower party [pic courtesy Life & Style] and the invite, above.

The couple's promo pic from season five, below.

Star Tweets of congrats:
Ryan Seacrest: "@GiulianaRancic @BillRancic congrats u two! See u in 18 years"
Kelly Osbourne: "thank god for wifi on flights @GiulianaRancic has been keeping me laughing & giving me good advice! I love you G! p.s when can i see Duke?"
Joan Rivers: "THRILLED for @GiulianaRancic and @BillRancic on the birth of their baby boy! She is my extended family and I can't be more excited for them!"
Denise Richards: "Congrats on your baby boy! @GiulianaRancic @BillRancic so happy for u..can't wait to meet him.."
Perez Hilton: "@GiulianaRancic Congrats, babe!!!"
Kris Jenner: "CONGRATS @GiulianaRancic @BillRancic on your Baby Boy Edward Duke! We are SOOO excited for you! What a Blessing! ! We cant wait to meet him!"
Wendy Williams: "Congrats to @billrancic & @GiulianaRancic on welcoming their baby boy! So happy for you both. How u doin' Edward?"

Charlotte Dawson, internet 'trolls', and why trolls are so nasty

UPDATED: Charlotte Dawson was hospitalised early this morning following relentless Twitter abuse, which has been re-posting on her own Twitter page @MsCharlotteD

Early this morning she posted this:

Hope this ends the misery ..

With Tweets saying simply "You win x" and "Hope this ends the misery .." posted around 2.30am, she has not Tweeted since.

A spokeswoman for Dawson's management said today: "She is in hospital and she is OK."

A St Vincent's Hospital spokesman said 46-year-old Dawson was in the hospital in Sydney's Darlinghurst, and was expected to make a "full recovery".

"She has asked that her privacy be respected," he said. "She is sitting up in bed and she's in good hands."

Police said they were called to an inner city Sydney residence early today. An ambulance spokesman said they also responded to a call to help a woman at 3.05am.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/top-stories/charlotte-dawson-in-hospital-after-twitter-attack/story-e6frfkp9-1226461526394#ixzz24zcpIJlo


Watching the coverage of internet trolling - the act of oft-anonymous people posting nasty comments on others' sites and social media pages - directed towards Sydney-dwelling Charlotte Dawson has been quite breathtaking. And obviously not in a good way.

Charlotte has been subjected to an extraordinary amount of online insults, directed to her on her Twitter account, by complete strangers. She takes the extreme, yet simple and clever action of re-Tweeting the nastiest ones.

But today, it all took a turn for the worse - for the trollers, that is.

Charlotte hit back by researching her most fierce, most mean troller to date... then exposing her... as a woman who works in a mentoring job at Monash University.

Tanya Heti is that woman, and she was directed to take leave with pay over the "troll" scandal, after Dawson reported a series of abusive tweets to her employers, Monash University.

The woman at the centre of it all tells Charlotte and one of her Twitter followers to "go hang yourself"; she has now been suspended from her job.

Charlotte - the Foxtel start most notably known her for role in 'Australia's Next Top Model' - used a business card Heti had posted online to actually phone and speak to the woman, while challenging her attacks on Melbourne fan and Twitter follower Bernadette Casey, after she defended Dawson from an earlier suicide taunt.

Casey revealed she had lost her partner Kevin to suicide, then was set upon by Heti who tweeted: "If I was your fiance I'd hang myself too #gohangyourself."

Dawson said the disciplinary action was "an important lesson in consequences when people decide to mock or encourage suicide".

Just a few months ago I wrote about 'Little Britain' star Matt Lucas leaving Twitter after horrendous comments about his deceased partner: http://josiesjuice.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/social-media-nastiness-matt-lucas-quits.html

One thing is certain: trolls thrive on attention.

In an article I have just been reading in the July 2012 edition of Glamour magazine titled "Confessions of a troll", the sidebox gives tips on what to do if you are trolled. Not replying is top of the list.

But for Charlotte, it's a way to teach them a lesson and expose the nastiness. The tweeted messages to Charlotte are utterly out of control. You can follow Charlotte on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/MsCharlotteD

What would you do?

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Carrie Bickmore and 'Cuntus Customers'. Yep.

Ah, Carrie Bickmore.

Could I like you any more than I do? Turns out yes... yes I can!

Listen to this clip from tonight's 'The Project' [clip courtesy 'Herald Sun']:

I am kinda a big fan of the 'c' word. Only in moderation. Never in front of the kiddies. Only with my bestie. And yes... I can own that, and still be a feminist. So there.

I even posted about it on my blog eons ago. Yes, with that 'Sex & The City' clip, where Charlotte's 'See You Next Tuesday' is discussed, admired, then painted. SATC fans, you know what I am talking about:


'Kath & Kimderella' - film review

The Sydney premiere of 'Kath & Kimderella' at Fox Studios last night was quite the spectacle. Pink stretch Hummer, Kath in a white jumpsuit and tizzed up, Kim in garish sequin number she wears in the flick, Alex Perry [you'll have to see the film to get the connection], Sharon in her netball skirt with a touch of trackie bling, and that great hunk 'o' spunk Kel Knight. Poor ol' Bretty was missing, sadly. [Maybe in the dog-house with Kim?]

See red carpet pics here: http://www.josiesjuice.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/kath-kimderella-red-carpet-sydney.html

So, how was the movie? [Stills from flick below]:

Fans will go see it, toot sweet. And they'll get all the jokes - admittedly all the old favourites are reeled out in the space in 20 minutes, also used to set up the movie for those who need a refresher, or who not familiar with the mad-cap characters [where have you been?]. And the jokes keep coming, time and again. It's unashamedly naff, it's dags-ville, and it's a good movie to enjoy with buddies who love a glass of Cardonnay, you chunts.

Does the TV series - I am a uuuuuge fan - translate to the big screen? Well, yes and no. It's like watching a long, elaborate episode of the show, admittedly with a far bigger budget and far more breathtaking cinematography. Those sweeping views of 'Papilloma' ["thanks Terry Pattinson Chemist" - that's how Kath wins the chance to visit the fictional city] are gorgeous, and the cobble streets and peasants add a certain authentic... something to the whole production. Will newcomers to the whole Kath & Kim shebang get the joke? Probably not. But for fans of the cast - borne eons ago from the TV series 'Big Girl's Blouse' - it's one big laugh-fest.

Highlights include a cameo by Alex Perry, and a cheeky one at the end by Australian musician Paul Mac, and a spectacular one by the soon-to-retire Dame Edna Everage.

And Rob Sitch - it's like he was born to be a smarmy, sleazy, quasi-Royal... and that hair! Richard E. Grant does a spectacular eye roll, Bob Downe is in danger of stealing the show, Glenn Butcher equally so.

The 'Magda/Sharon-is-gay' jokes were far from subtle: Sharon Strzelecki reading books by Penny Wong, Rosie O'Donnell, et al; coming out of the 'closet'; not 'getting' the advances from other women until finally succumbing; stumbling across a gay emblem t-shirt [see still below] and asking Kath whether she liked the print. It's fun, and the good-natured gay jibes keep coming.

Epponnee Rae is also there - in all her 'Toddlers & Tiaras' glory - and Prue and Trude are hysterical with their one liners. I wished there were more [they're on a buying trip to Papilloma, you see]. I laughed lots with a short but sharp scene where they get a one on one cooking class with someone they say looks like a little like Tony Soprano... or perhaps Berlusconi. Making their cooking class a possible 'bunga-bunga' party.

All in all, I would see the flick again, and I will buy the DVD, and I will watch it on Foxtel, with every repeat. But then, I own some of the paraphernalia featured below, and I DID have the TV series - the wedding episode - on loop the morning I was getting my makeup done for my wedding day.

Go see it for some good Aussie laughs.

'Kath & Kimderella' the 'filum' opens in Australia on September 6.

The dashing 'Prince' Kim is set to marry...

[Yes, I own this apron...]

'Kath & Kimderella' - Red Carpet, Sydney premiere at Fox Studios

The 'Kath & Kimderella' red carpet pics, from last night's Sydney premiere. Think pink stretch Hummer, Kel's Purveyor of Fine Meats car, Alex Perry [whaaa? Read my review in next blog post], man-bags, jumpsuits, tizz, and sequins. And yes, that's music man Paul Mac. [All pics: courtesy Charles Brewer, thanks to Roadshow].

News clip courtesy of Seven News. For more info, go here: http://au.news.yahoo.com/nsw/seen-on-seven/

David Beckham and Katherine Jenkins deny affair: Katherine takes to Twitter

In a rumour currently rocking Brand Beckham, opera singer Katherine Jenkins has had to take to social media to deny rumours of an affair with football star David Beckham.

She took to Twitter to explain herself and the situation - ironically making the public aware of the whole scenario by doing so - after reportedly receiving death threats. She's also said to have reported these threats to police.

Here are her string of Tweets, from the bottom up:

Just so we are clear I have never been on my own with him and never arranged to meet up.
We were out in a group of friends & it was just a normal fun evening out.
I’ve only met David twice: once at the Military Awards in 2010 & on a night out in the West End in Feb 2012
The rumours are very hurtful, untrue & my lawyers tell me actionable.
Dear Twitter friends, I've read some horrible rumours on here & want u 2 know I absolutely deny I’ve had an affair with David Beckham.

A source told the 'Daily Mail' that Victoria was hurt by the reports, but also "bemused" by the rumours, which the Beckhams have also denied. She "understands why Katherine would want to defend herself against these allegations", says the source for the 'Daily Mail', adding that the ex-Spice Girl and now fashion designer is taking all steps to ensure her family is not dragged into a "Twitter soap opera".
No strangers to controversy, the Beckhams were subject to rumours back in 2004, when David denied an affair with his personal assistant Rebecca Loos. The couple have been married for 13 years and have four children together.
Katherine Jenkins photo: GQ magazine

Celine Dion: V Magazine, Fall 2012

So... it looks like it's the saucy, mummy-in-her-40s issue for V magazine's Fall edition. This is... Celine Dion?

Why, yes... it is. Behold:

And this, my fave: a behind the scenes shot:

The 44 year old singer posed topless - even bottomless - for photographer Sebastian Faena. 
One of my other faves of the mother of three is one where she dons a bunny mask, and suspender-ed pants, cleverly styled-up with toy bears all over. Jeremy Scott, who owns this exotic ensemble, Tweeted the photo, saying, "CELINE DION IN MY @adidasoriginals BEAR PANTS STYLED BY THE LEGENDARY CARLYNE CERF 4 @vmagazine."
"It doesn't seem this way on stage, but I'm playing a lot, " she tells the magazine. The photo shoot, which took place in her home in Florida, was the first she did in six years that wasn't for a promo.
She also reveals how much she loves motherhood. Dion, who has three sons to longtime husband René Angélil, has said, "I thought I had a life before, but until I was a mom, I had no idea."

Here is the behind the scenes vid - featuring Celine's angelic voice... keep watching for the impromptu Celine song at the end:

For more on Nicole Kidman's pics and behind the scenes vid for the same issue, go here: http://josiesjuice.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/nicole-kidman-v-magazine-fall-2012.html