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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Irina Shayk GQ Magazine Spain, December 2010: nude airbrushed pics [apparently]

So, I had no idea who Irina Shayk was.... until now.

The girlfriend of football player Cristiano Ronaldo is a Russian model and covegirl for the latest issue of GQ Spain.

According to the Daily Mail UK, Irina is considering taking legal action against Spanish GQ after nude pictures of her were published in the magazine's December issue.

Shayk says she was actually wearing underwear during the shoot, and GQ reportedly airbrushed them away, without her permission. [Hmmm, I am calling bullshit on this one].

The magazine also allegedly violated a contract that gave her the right to view the images before they went to print.

So, admire these amazingly sexy pics while you can... no doubt the magazine will sell out.

Butlers in the Buff: Christmas party tips

I adore PR parties!

They throw the best dos, with the most delish catering, spruik a client in the most exciting fashion... and often have hot cater waiters.

Butlers in the Buff are an outfit (ha!) which offer handsome wait staff with not much on. In these PC times, this is a little touch of good ol' fashioned perving. What's not to love?

Here they exclusively reveal for Josie's Juice some party tips for the impending silly season. Get your eyes off the photos for a minute and have a read!


Looking to throw a Christmas bash to remember this year? The team at Butlers in the Buff are here to help. They’ve put together their top Christmas party tips, and they should know! Peter Suttle, Director and Head Butler has attended hundreds of parties over the years in his role for Butlers in the Buff. Here are his suggestions for hosting a fabulous Christmas function to remember this year.

1. Holiday cheers – Make your drink choices reflect Christmas colours: Apple martinis, Cranberry vodkas, and Spicy chilled eggnog are a perfect way to spread the red, green and white Christmas cheer to all your mates!

2. Contests – Give your guests an incentive to dress up and have fun with a costume element. Put a twist on the cheeky Rubik’s cube party by having your guests show up in red, green or white, then get them to swap clothes with each other. The goal for the night is to swap articles of clothing until you are wearing one solid colour. Winner goes to the first person to achieve this.

3. Bridget Jones’ social etiquette – Remember when Shazza told Bridget how to introduce people with thoughtful details? This way, it will be easier for people to remember each other’s names and encourage your guests to mingle.

4. All fun and games – Drinking games are a good way to get party goers to loosen up and mingle. Choose a social game that can be played with a large group of people so no one who wants to play is left out. For those not drinking alcohol, invite them to join in with a mocktail or have them assign their drinks to other players.

5. Christmas carols – Nothing crashes a party harder than bad music. Make sure your music selection is upbeat and appeals to the majority of attendees. Bringing in a good DJ is always a nice touch. (Don’t be afraid to throw in a sappy Christmas song here and there.)

6. Keep your cool – Christmas time is usually hot! To ensure people at your party are passing drinks and not passing out, make sure the venue has air-conditioning or a place for guests to cool off, such as a balcony or pool.

7. Feast – Don’t let your guests go hungry! Food is always a good topic of conversation, especially around Christmas time. Barbecues are always popular and sure to appeal to the masses. If you are looking for something less messy, trays of canapés are easy to make, easy to pass around, easy to eat and easy to clean up. Which makes them the perfect party food!

8. The Grinch who stole the party– Behind every great party is great host. This means taking care of your guests; not having them take care of you. Avoid over indulging on drinks. Know your limit. This will save you from embarrassment and instead allow you to enjoy all of the night’s hilarious moments. Try not to stress too much about following a set plan. Parties are supposed to be fun for all attendees including you! Have fun and smile. No one likes a Christmas Grinch.

9. Mistletoe – Don’t be afraid to strategically place some mistletoe under a doorway. This is sure to provide some laughs throughout the evening with anyone caught standing under the mistletoe forced to kiss.

10. Santa’s little helpers – Invite Butlers in the Buff to cater your event! Having a handful of gorgeous men dressed in Christmas attire is the perfect way to provide excellent, fun service for all party goers. Butlers in the Buff will ease your stress so you can enjoy the party with your guests. Whether they’re pouring drinks, serving food, or just opening the door to amazed guests, you will delight in seeing your guests pleasantly entertained.

Follow these ten tips and make it a Christmas party sure to remember! Your friends will be begging you to throw the next one!

For more information about Butlers in the Buff visit http://www.butlersinthebuff.com.au/

Ke$ha: Complex magazine December 2010

Ke$ha - when she burst on the pop scene earlier this year/end of '09 we all thought: yep, she'll be part of a 'one hit wonder compilation album'. Instead, she keeps releasing hits. Sure, real music aficionados would deem them... questionable. But... she's still hanging around!

She appears on the cover of US magazine Complex and inside, she gives the lowdown on what turns her on... yes, it's weird.

You've said that you're not aggressive but you're a pervert. What exactly did you mean by that?

Ke$ha: It's totally true. Except I guess I'm a total perv in every way. Like everyone else, I have bizarre things that turn me on.

What turns you on that people would find bizarre?
Ke$ha: Um, quarters.


Ke$ha: Yeah, like a bag full of quarters.

So a guy holding a bag full of quarters could potentially turn you on?

Ke$ha: Like a big bearded guy with a bag of quarters. I think it's some weird pirate fantasy that was unfulfilled in a past lifetime.

Is there a specific type of beard that you're into?

Ke$ha: I like the rugged, mountain-man beard, personally. I won't discriminate, but my favorite kind of beard is one that could potentially be a homeless beard. Like, you actually have to discover if they're un-groomed for a reason. I like a really unkempt beard.

So you're saying to have a shot with you, I would need a homeless beard and something to do with a bag of quarters?

Ke$ha: You would also have to have a big dick, and I don't really know anything about that. Then you're probably good to go.

Well, I'll work on the beard and quarters. Rihanna recently said that she "didn't want the generic pop record that Ke$ha or Lady Gaga or Katy Perry could do."

Ke$ha: I haven't even read that. I'm so used to the media flipping my words around that I'm sure she meant absolutely no offense to me or Katy or Gaga—Rihanna and me are totally cool, we were just on tour together, and I know that she and Katy are good friends. I don't take any offense because I'm sure it's bullshit anyway.

To read more, go here: http://www.complex.com/GIRLS/Cover-Girls/Kesha-Hell-On-Wheels

Monday, 29 November 2010

Scunci blogger event: a new force in media gatherings

Bloggers are the new force in disseminating information to eager readers.

Don't believe me?

PR companies are now holding events exclusively for bloggers and one of the first to do it is Polkadot PR.

These ahead-of-the-curve peeps held an event for their equally forward-thinking client, haircare brand Scunci. Yep, I was lucky enough to be invited along - I was one of ten beauty bloggers hosted at the Scunci product unveiling - and some of the new products are featured here, as well as some can't-live-without Scunci classics. It was a brilliantly put together do in so many ways.

Firstly, there was an acknowledgement that bloggers represent a brave new world in communication. Of course, this does not mean that traditional news outlets will eventually cease to exist in favour of bloggers. But it does mean that companies - and fellow magazine writers and editors - are finally taking these mouthpieces seriously. Many of us are ex-editors or still-active journos, y'know.

For me, the Scunci event was a wonderful way to meet bloggers I'd read about but never met (Helen from SassyBella... hello!) and revel in the lovely sense of community existent in the blogger sisterhood. In amongst the chat about pageviews and unique visitors and Twitter handles, we devoured a delish lunch at Steel Bar & Grill (the steak there - and big, fat hot chips - are too good!) and heard all about the new products on offer from Scunci.

I loved it; hair maintenance products are very important, people!
Take these 'gel' elastic bands ($7.95 for a pack of 14). As Mandy - director of Scunci Australian Distributor, Ontrend Management - said, "We kinda hope you lose them because that's the only way you'll replace them! They just don't get loose - they stay in your hair all day, until you are ready to take them out."

I roadtested them the next day on my almost three year old, Estella, during her energetic daycare day. When I collected her later that afternoon, it was right in the same spot. Very impressive, these little numbers.

Other faves include the 'Scunci No Slip Grip Split-band with Cushion Tips', $8.99 (I know it's 'just' a hairband, but this baby held my needed-a-wash hair into place the whole day; it did not budge. The secret - on closer inspection - is the silicone in between the tiny little 'teeth'. Genius.)

And my ol' faithful 'Scunci Black Crystal Split-band' ($7.99) adds instant glam to any get-up. I wear mine all the time.

And lastly, the new UpZing (featured on hair model, Sarah) is a mere $12.95 and adds oomph to any hair-type.

At the Scunci blogger event, makeup and hair pro Maria Mittiga styled the updos, and I loved the simple yet effective twisty hairstyle she created with 'Scunci Beautiful Blends No Slip Grip Bobby Pins ($8.99). Simply section the front section of hair - in around four equal amounts - then twist and pin back. So easy yet so lovely.

You can see Maria's awesome makeup work at: http://mobilemakeup.com.au/

After devouring dessert at the event, we checked under our chairs to see who'd won a weekend stay at the Medina hotel. Alas, 'twas not me... but huge congrats to the gorgeous Plastic Diaries blogger who did!

Baby swaddling: one of life's great mysteries. Enter 'Wrap Me Up'.

Ahhh, swaddling.

Before I had my twins I'd barely even heard of the term.

Yes, we went over the basics in our twin prenatal class, but the concept slightly terrified me. What if I didn't do it right? Would it mean by bubs would be destined to stay awake and be terrible sleepers - forever?

Perhaps it wasn't life or death, but it was certainly very crucial to them getting good, unsettled sleep.

It was mid December and hot. So we used calico wraps - we had about half a dozen in high rotation.

But the cheeky little bubbas knew how to wriggle themselves out of them. And this often meant they woke. Which in turn meant settling allll over again. Not fun for any new, sleep deprived. Not even borderline funny for a mum of twins.

Oh how I wish this little helper was around then.

Wrap Me Up is the original and innovatively designed, patent pending swaddle that is fast becoming the essential item for new parents - changing the way they wrap their babies.

Allowing your baby to be snuggly wrapped with their arms positioned upwards, it’s an easier, more natural way to swaddle young babies and gives your baby vital access to their hands when sleeping – important for self-development and allowing them to self soothe.

Giving babies the opportunity to self soothe means parents and bub will have much better quality sleep, with less intervention from the parent to put baby back to sleep.

A unique and ingenious design, Wrap Me Up allows babies to sleep with their arms in the wing position - a natural instinct for babies, whilst still calming startle reflex and creating that desired womb-like fit.

Launched at the start of 2010 and already tested on thousands of bubs, the innovative design boasts a genius twin zipper, allowing for sneaky nappy changes at any hour without having to wake and unwrap sleeping bub. Oh my, genius! I cannot tell you how important this is.

Other highlights include a label-free inside, inside-out seams, toggle tent and a lush neck band to ensure no irritation for the baby. There’s even seatbelt access so you can move a sleeping bub from pram to cot – a feature you will soon realise is super important for babies who travel.

Inventor of Wrap Me Up and former fashion designer, Hana Krawchuk, 32, noticed a huge gap in the market for a product like this after she had her son, who would always wriggle out of his wraps and hated having his arms bound down. Holding a 1st Class Honours Bachelor Degree in Textiles and Fashion and drawing on her experience as a former fashion designer, Hana started designing prototypes in between feeding and nappy changes. Since formally introducing the product in October 2009, the response has been overwhelming, and is now stocked in over 250 retailers nationally and internationally.

“We’ve reviewed a great deal of medical research and spoken to many experts to create a product that will benefit babies. Medical research shows that when wrapped in this position with their arms up, babies have access to their hands which not only helps them self-soothe and sleep for longer, but also can aid their development. It’s a must-have for bub, mum and dad,” said Hana.

Developed in consultation with various childcare health experts, approved by INPAA (Infant and Nursery Product Association of Australia) and supported by extensive reviews ofmedical research studies, and designed in Australia following the SIDS and KIDS safe sleep guidelines, Wrap Me Up is one of the safest swaddles on the market. Ergonomically designed, it reduces the risk of tangling in loose wraps or blankets and also means that bub will be less likely to do the sneaky wriggle.

The Wrap Me Up from Love Me Baby is available in three sizes: small (3 - 6kgs), medium (6 - 8.5kgs) and large (8.5-11kgs). Colours include: white, grey, pink, blue. RRP: $39.95.

Also available in an organic wrap using certified organic fabric RRP: $44.95.
A special summer weight Wrap Me Up LITE has been introduced for summer 2010 RRP: $41.95

For stockist details visit www.lovemebaby.com.au

For product safety information and media research references see: www.lovemebaby.com.au/loveme-baby-research.htm

Charlie Brown sale: 10 year anniversary of flagship store. On tomorrow.

What are you doing tomorrow night?

Free to shop?

Charlie Brown is celebrating ten years of the opening of their flagship store in Paddington tomorrow night by holding a shopping event. And Channel 7's The Morning Show fashion editor Kai Aiyub is hosting it!

The VIP shopping night will be held at the Charlie Brown Paddington boutique in Sydney and starts at 6pm tomorrow night.

That store is 'dangerous' to me... I never leave without buying even a bangle. My last purchase there was in fact a leopard-print swirly bangle with teeny, sparkly 'diamond-y' bits. It was under 10 dollars! I have long been a fan of Charlie Brown's brand of brash, sometimes loud statement pieces and equally standout fashion. She's on my wavelength.

If she's on yours, head to Paddo tomorrow night and grab a discounted piece or three.

RSVP to: cb.paddington@dicoverygroup.com.au or call 02 9360 9001. Store address is: 178 Oxford Street, Paddington and the event goes until 9pm.

Nintendo Art Academy with Mika Utzon Popov: winners!

The Nintendo Art Academy event was held at Campbell’s Cove yesterday and it was a fabbo turnout for all concerned.

Budding young artists gathered yesterday to take part in a free outdoor art class hosted by acclaimed artist Mika Utzon Popov - who used Nintendo’s DS game, Art Academy - to show how anyone from beginners to experts can create their own works of art. Utzon Popov took 80 lucky people through a private tutorial in painting and drawing techniques using Art Academy and then they were given the opportunity to draw Australia’s most iconic building the Sydney Opera House on their Nintendo DS. Not only is Utzon Popov an established artist, he is also the grandson of The Sydney Opera House designer, Jørn Utzon!

All artists were given Art Academy to take home and a selection of finalists were chosen by Mika. The winning art work on the day was awarded to 13 year old Silvia Liber from Marrickville who won a new coloured Nintendo DSi XL console and a pack of 10 games. Robert Sakaluk (37) from Yagoona West was awarded second place and Anthony Burch (40) from Kellyville took third prize (pics attached) and both walked away with a new coloured Nintendo DSi XL console.

Check out their artwork here! Talented or what?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway: Entertainment Weekly

Anyone else wish these two crazy kids hooked up for real?

I do.

After Anne's disastrous relationship with a shonky BF, she is now apparently in a new union, and Jake has of course been with Reese Witherspoon on and off for years, and is now said to be with young Taylor Swift.

But why oh why don't these two get together?

Their chemistry during press interviews for new flick Love & Other Drugs is obvious, and echoed their playful banter during interviews for their first movie together, Brokeback Mountain.

Here they appear on a trio of covers for US magazine Entertainment Weekly.

Elisabetta Canalis: 'A magazine', December 2010

How lucky is George Clooney?

Not only does he set up home in heavenly Lake Como in Italy (his abode his called Villa Oleandra in Laglio, Lake Como) he snags an Italian hottie, Elisabetta Canalis.

Now, Ms Liz has her own starring role in the upcoming A Natale Mi Sposo (translation: At Christmas I Will Marry).

Now, you can imagine: certain women's mags may take this as a sign the two will marry by year's end.

Seriously, who cares... Let's just take some time to admire this stunning Italian beauty.

Bravo, Giorgio!

EMU Australia: slippers as outdoor-wear

The slipper has been spotted out of the house!

Should this be a cause for celebration?

Or should we recoil in horror?

I am thinking the former.

I would LOVE to go out in my slippers to get the Sunday paper.

Hold up fashionistas, don't 'stone' me with your Louboutins!

I get the paper delivered... and I only have to go out the front door.

There has been much deliberation - and heated blog discussion - on whether the humble, full-length ugg boot should ever have been worn as footwear out of the comfy confines of the home.

Then along came one Pamela Anderson and turned this fashion credo on its head.

And now, actress Jessica Stroup has taken the sheepskin slipper - this one from EMU Australia - out on the street.

Where to next for the slipper, peeps? Weddings?

For these babies (called the ‘Jolie’ slipper, $79.95) and other styles, see: http://www.emuaustralia.com.au/

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Bras N Things Christmas options... I want!

Do I ever tire of posting about underwear.

Do bears... um. Is the Pope... you know...?

Of course I don't! It's a little luxury I love, and whatever you're wearing, it makes you feel kinda special knowing you're matchy-matchy with your undergarments/

The traditional gift option for blokes, for their laydeez at Christmas is underwear.

Hey, I am a fan of honouring traditions...

Bras N Things - if these too-hot piccies are any indication - are all decked out with some fairly fabulous underwear gift options.

Gorgeous lingerie sets, sexy satin slips, PJ sets... and hello... Santa outfits! Naughty and nice.

They have even more options online, and all of them will be in store and online at Bras N Things from December 6.

Last year, my other half bought me a Bras N Things gift voucher and I went all out getting stuff I really, really (had no idea I) wanted.

I stocked up on Short Stories bra basics... but made sure I had plenty of the dosh left for my fave lingerie brand: Playboy. These bras are seriously some of the best around, constructed so perfectly, with gorgeous little touches. I wear mine to death!

This time (when I hint that I want another voucher) I will deffo acquaint myself with the Annalise Braakiensek bra and knickers brand.

We can never have enough of these in our undie drawers, no?

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Olivia Palermo: Style Crush

Olivia Palermo is an American socialite, model and actress, who shot to fame when she was a cast member of the now cancelled reality television show, 'The City'.

In her turn as an US Elle magazine fashion employee - working alongside the director of public relations for the magazine, Erin Kaplan - she perfected the aloof ice queen look (with just the right amount of cute). All while wearing the most fabulously put together wardrobe around. And with enviable pins to boot (and nobody knows how to rock a shoe-boot - or embellished necklace - quite like Ms Palermo).

Definitely my style crush.

Incredible style, huh? Knows how to pull it all together.