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Sunday, 21 November 2021

Dyson Flyaway Attachment: REVIEW

You know a NEW Dyson attachment is BIG news in the hair world... especially when you consider that every single Dyson hair tool ever invented has essentially revolutionised the hair industry... forever.

As a long-time reviewer of hair tools, for traditional print media (magazines and newspapers), and of course for this portal site here Josie's Juice for the past 11 years, I know an 'aha moment' in beauty when I see it.

I've been across many new hair tool launches, and love using my hair as a quasi follicular 'guinea pig', and while I am no professional hair stylist, I certainly know my way around hair curlers and curling wands, and yes a straightener... I prefer my hair with a side of kink than dead straight, FYI.  

For the Dyson global research and development team, it's much more than working on just a whim when uncovering what's going to work on hair of ALL types. As you can imagine, it takes years and years, and teams and teams of experimental trials until they, well, nail it!

And positively nail it they have.

So... introducing: the Dyson Flyaway Attachment - for salon standard smooth finish.

Feast your eyes, then watch the video on how it works, and how to attach it to your existing Dyson tool:

The new Dyson Supersonic™ Flyaway attachment harnesses the Coanda effect – the phenomenon first engineered for styling within the Dyson Airwrap styler – to attract and lift longer hairs to the front, while pushing flyaways through the tress, and out of sight. 

In hiding flyaways it increases strand alignment and enhances natural shine.

The best part of all? It happens without the extreme heat. In fact, their credo is: "healthy, salon style at home."

New Dyson Supersonic Flyaway attachment works to 'mechanise' professional stylists’ techniques to smooth flyaways, without the extreme heat. Plus, it's engineered for different hair types: the Flyaway tool adds to the Dyson Supersonic attachments designed to style different types of hair, including the wide tooth comb for afro and textured hair and a re-engineered diffuser and styling concentrator.

Okay, so it's time to give a shout out to this actual engineers who I know wear lab coats to get things right just for us...

“Our engineers are driven to rethink convention and our obsession with airflow led us to push the potential of Coanda after observing how stylists use a ‘brush and blow dryer’ technique to smooth flyaway," says Emma Sheldon, Dyson Hair Care Category Director.

"Traditionally, this skilled technique involves the stylist using a round brush to section and manage the hair, whilst directing airflow from the dryer to push the flyaways into the style and out of sight. We set out to find a way to innovate a way to mechanise this method for the everyday styler. The new Dyson Supersonic™ Flyaway attachment harnesses the phenomenon of Coanda to smooth flyaways out of sight, without exposing the hair to extreme heat damage.”

More about my fave engineering peeps behind it all:

Dyson engineers gathered in excess of 1.14 billion (BILLION!) individual pieces of professional styling data, captured from over 10,000 hours of professional stylist trials, observing more than 420 stylists across 80 salons around the world.

Look, just look at them in action:

While stylists were observed using a round brush and blow dryer to smooth stray hairs, self-stylers seeking that same salon standard sleek finish were found to turn to high heat solutions after styling, such as straighteners with fixed plates. This final pass exposes the hair to unnecessary additional heat, increasing the risk of preventable damage – damaged hair is weaker and more prone to breakage, thus perpetuating the prevalence of further flyaways.


Adds Jen Atkin, Dyson Global Styling Ambassador: “I think we can all agree that flyaway frustration is real! Nothing feels as good as that salon blow dry finish. The trick to tame annoying flyaways is a core skill for a stylist. However, we want our clients to now be able to get that same glossy finish at home. Dyson’s latest attachment does exactly that – it allows smooth seekers to get a super sleek finish, on their own, not just from the salon.”


Engineers tested a range of angles before reaching the optimum semi-circular curve that gives the Flyaway Attachment its distinct shape. Early prototypes feature a closed circular loop, yet through further testing, engineers identified the bottom of the circle to be superfluous. Dyson’s lean engineering philosophy fuelled further iterations to remove surplus material, without impacting performance.  


The Dyson Supersonic Flyaway Attachment is a unique form.

Dyson has a heritage of changing the shape of convention, spearheaded by the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, a tool engineered to deliver a spectrum of styles across different hair types, without extreme heat. 


Enter hair stalwart and superstar Renya Xydis, Dyson Styling Ambassador in Australia:

“The Dyson Supersonic Flyaway attachment is my new secret weapon to tame those annoying flyaways. Unlike some conventional attachments, you control the tool, it doesn’t control you! The engineering behind the Coanda effect makes it so much easier to achieve salon standard smoothness. You’ll look like you’ve stepped out of the salon from the ease of your bathroom – yet another game changer from Dyson.”


More about the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer:

It dries hair... FAST.

It's powered by the small, yet powerful Dyson digital motor V9, which spins at up to 110,000rpm – up to SIX times faster than other hair dryer motors.

The size of the Dyson digital motor V9 allowed engineers to reposition the motor to the handle for optimum balance in the hand.

'Intelligent Heat Control' measures air temperature over 40 times a second and regulates the heat. This prevents extreme heat damage, to help protect your hair’s shine. Air Multiplier technology amplifies air by three times to produce a high-pressure, high-velocity jet of controlled air, for fast drying and precision styling. 


After rigorously testing different hair types in our laboratories, Dyson has engineered different attachments for the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer to style different types of hair. In addition to the new Flyaway Attachment, Dyson engineered attachments include the Gentle Air Attachment, Wide Tooth Comb, Diffuser and Styling Concentrator.


Gentle air dryer: Engineered for fast yet gentle styling for fine hair and sensitive scalps, while also helping prevent colour fade.


The gentle air dryer provides a softer, more diffused airflow whilst still allowing fast drying.  Much like the Dyson Airwrap™ styler, this attachment takes advantage of the Coanda effect. The attachment manipulates the machine’s airflow to widen its path, delivering a gentle, cooler airflow to the scalp.  It does this by maintaining the same amount of energy as bare product through diffusing the air over a larger area. This allows users to have the benefit of using the product in the high flow and high heat settings.


By maintaining lower temperatures, the Gentle air attachment can help prevent against colour fade, keeping your colour brighter for longer. THIS I LOVE!


Wide-tooth combengineered for curly and coily hair, the new Wide tooth comb helps shape, lengthen and create volume. Conventional combs can lack styling ability, cause pain and damage hair. They also lack in robustness.

Dyson’s new Wide-tooth comb’s teeth have a large soft radius. This facilitates a balance of evenness of flow distribution across the attachment. This is more comfortable and gentle on the scalp while enabling even drying. The teeth are held together by a flexible torsion bar. This enables effective detangling whilst allowing the teeth to naturally conform to the shape of the scalp in-use. 

Dyson’s diffuser has been engineered for even diffusion to help define curls and reduce frizz. Dyson’s second-generation diffuser possesses a two-tiered mesh system, creating its own pressure environment within the head of the attachment. The mesh acts as a porous barrier dissipating the airflow. This results in an even distribution of low velocity airflow – enhancing and defining curls. 


This attachment also has longer prongs. These are designed to channel uninterrupted airflow to the roots of the hair. The prongs also scoop back on themselves. This directs hot airflow away from the scalp but still allows the airflow to dry the hair. 


Styling concentrator: Fast, precise airflow for controlled styling, one section at a time. This is engineered for different hair types whether you’re looking to create a smooth, straight finish or a bouncy blow dry. To enable a thinner, more precise airflow, it is now wider and thinner. 


The new Dyson SupersonicFlyaway attachment is fully compatible with existing models of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer and will be available both individually, priced at AU$99, and within the box of new machines purchased from 5 August, with an RRP of AU$599.


The new Dyson Supersonic Flyaway Attachment is available when purchasing the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer iron/fuchsia, black/nickel and bright nickel/bright copper on Dyson.com.au. 

The new Flyaway Attachment is also available when purchasing the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer iron/fuchsia and black/nickel at David Jones, Myer, The Iconic, AdoreBeauty.com.au, HairHouse, Sephora, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys and selected Bing Lee stores.


To buy, learn more and experience the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer, visit Dyson.com.au.

All Dyson machines come with a two year warranty covering parts and labour, and when purchased directly from Dyson, they have a 45 day money back guarantee.

It's advisable to buy direct from the people who made it at Dyson.com.au for exclusive models, flexible delivery options, best price policy and auto-warranty registration.

A bit more about Dyson because I am so fascinated:

Dyson is a global research and technology company with engineering, research, development, manufacturing and testing operations in Singapore, the UK, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Having started in a coach house in the UK, Dyson has consistently grown since it was established in 1993. Today, it has two technology campuses in the UK spanning over 800 acres in Malmesbury and Hullavington and a global headquarters in Singapore. Dyson remains family-owned and employs over 14,000 people globally including 6,000 engineers and scientists. It sells products in 83 markets internationally.  


Dyson is investing £2.75bn in the business to conceive revolutionary products and technologies. 

Dyson has global teams of engineers, scientists and software developers focused on the development of solid-state battery cells, high-speed electric digital motors, sensing and vision systems, robotics, machine learning technologies and A.I. investment.

Since inventing the first cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner - the DC01 - in 1993, Dyson has created problem solving technologies for haircare, air purification, robotics, lighting and hand drying.

More pics of the Dyson Flyaway Attachment in action here:


PRAI Beauty: 'The Neck Authority' + Interview with Cathy Kangas

A new piece of research recently unveiled that 46 is when the neck starts to give away the age of a woman - according to 47% of 1000 British women aged 40-65yrs (ABC1).

If you're of a certain age, this stat will have you nodding in agreement. If you're in your 30s this stats will have no impact on you... yet.

As a woman still (just) in her 40s, I can vouch that a concerted skincare effort in the neck area reaps results... and moisturising the face but not extending it to the neck will most certainly lead to a smooth face (perhaps hidden by expert layers of foundation and contouring), but neglecting anything south of the chin will lead to a, well... craggy neck.

In the 'Neck Exposé' study conducted by PRAI Beauty, almost half of participants claimed their neck gives away their age, a third claimed their neck looked more aged than their face, yet only 3% were using a targeted neck cream.

A resounding 66% agreed that wearing a polo neck can make a woman look younger (case study available upon request from PRIA) – as claimed by best-selling author Nora Ephron in her book ‘I Feel Bad About My Neck’ - and a quarter of women admitted they too feel bad about their necks.

See the amusing excerpt here...

Other areas of concern when it comes to giving away your age are the hands (according to 66%), followed by the eyes and upper arms.

Cathy Kangas, CEO & Founder of PRAI Beauty - otherwise known as The Neck-xperts - says “What’s evident here is that neck ageing becomes a problem early on, in the ageing process, in your mid-forties – much younger than most of us realise! It’s the biggest giveaway, yet I’m shocked to see almost all women we spoke to didn’t look after it at all!”

Josie's Juice interviewed Cathy about all things PRAI, and asked her about her charitable side, too!


When you introduced the Ageless Throat & Decolletage Crème ten years ago, did you expect it to become such a cult product?


We always knew we were onto something when we launched our iconic Ageless Throat & Decolletage Crème, as the formulation works so well on the sensitive skin in that area.  The testing and before and afters were proving this. However, we never quite envisaged it would end up selling one every 60 seconds worldwide and become a bestseller in every country!  It makes me very proud.

Find the Ageless Throat & Decolletage Crème HERE.


How soon after did you introduce the Night Crème, and how do they differ?


We launched the Ageless Throat & Decolletage Night Crème in 2019. The formula is different from the day crème, as it contains two types of retinol that are great at helping to repair the skin on the neck and decolletage when you sleep. The duo provides the perfect neck care day and night.

Find the Night Crème HERE.


Explain how the serum complements the duo?


Our Ageless Throat & Decolletage Serum is hugely popular.  It has a metal rollerball applicator, which is very cooling and easy to apply. We find the younger customers love this one too!  Again, the formula speaks for itself when it comes to the before and afters.  It contains Goldenrod Extract, Red Algae and Hematite Extract and is brilliant at boosting moisture and collagen and protecting the skin. I always recommend applying this first and then locking the moisture in with the crème, for the best results.

Find the serum HERE.


Necks and hands show the most ageing of all – was this catylst to kick of PRAI (and what does PRAI mean?)


Yes, I recognised there was a gap in the market for targeted skincare for women 40+.  So often women put all of their energy into facial skincare and completely forget other areas of their body that give their age away, such as the neck and hands!  These areas are so delicate and need specially formulated, gentle but powerful formulas – just like you would use an eye cream.  All of our products contain amazing Prai oil from Thailand, which inspired our name! 


Tell me more about why you started PRAI for Paws?


I am passionate about animal welfare. I sit on the board of the Humane Society in the US and work tirelessly to make the world a better place for animals.  I set up PRAI for Paws, where every sale of PRAI helps fund our animal rescue efforts, it was a big reason behind launching the brand in the first place.  For instance, we were able to run the Free the Shelters campaign which sponsors the adoption fees for thousands of rescue animals, helping to provide them with forever homes. Everyone in our head office has a rescue pet and we offer pawternity leave, it’s a huge part of our company!  We don’t just write a cheque at the end of the year!

Read more about PRAI for Paws HERE.


Why is your work in Afghanistan more important than ever?


I work with Pen Farthing, CEO of Nowzad and we recently needed to help raise awareness and funds for Pen and his rescue animals in Afghanistan to urgently leave Kabul. We’re still working on evacuating the staff of Nowzad.  Pen has done huge amounts of work there, helping to rescue animals and I’m his biggest supporter.

Shop the whole range and read more about the PRAI backstory HERE.

What’s interesting from PRAI's research is that women in their 40s (when neck ageing starts to become apparent) most wanted to try a targeted neck product (63%).

But... they all agreed that they don’t want to spend a lot on it, with $50 the maximum most are prepared to pay. This could be a reason that, with a majority of neck creams averaging $100+ (and some reaching $200+), this is why so few are actually using one a neck cream.

The 'Neck Exposé' coincides with the ongoing global success of PRAI Beauty Ageless Throat & Decolletage Crème, where 1 sells every 60 seconds - quickly turning it into a cult classic, and garnering rave reviews.

Women reported seeing results in as little as seven days, thanks to the clinically proven ingredient, unique to PRAI called SepiliftTM, which helps restore elasticity and supports the skin’s collagen.

Also: ninety seven percent of women who used the product said lines and wrinkles looked less visible on the neck and décolletage in just one week.

The PRAI Beauty Ageless Throat & Decolletage Crème is a rich, luxe crème featuring the unique Sepilift™ technology and Hyaluronic Acid to dramatically lift and tighten sagging skin, diminish fine lines and crepiness – within seven days.

More about the PRAI Beauty Ageless Throat & Decolletage Crème:

  • Sepilift™ technology: restores elasticity and boosts collagen
  • Hyaluronic Acid: helps plump and fill-in wrinkles
  • Shea Butter and Squalane: locks in moisture for long-lasting hydration
  • Mulberry, Saxifrage and Grapeseed extracts: helps even-out skin tone
  • Vitamins A, E and F: rejuvenates aging and damaged skin
  • PRAI extract: for amazing suppleness and glow

More about the PRAI Beauty Ageless Throat & Decolletage Night Crème:

Notice how lines and wrinkles appear worse in the morning? Skin naturally loses moisture overnight; this but PRAI's clinically proven night crème contains nine different hydrators to keep skin bathed in moisture, plus two kinds of Retinol - the gold standard in anti-aging - maximising the body’s overnight repair process to boost collagen, fade wrinkles and visibly brighten skin. It contains:

  • Encapsulated Retinol: boosts collagen and dramatically smoothes wrinkles
  • Sepilift™ technology: to lift and tighten
  • Hyaluronic Acid: helps plump and fill-in wrinkles
  • Wellagyl™: helps hydrate and firm delicate skin
  • Squalane: delivers unbeatable softness
  • PRAI oil: for a lit-from-within glow

More about the PRAI Beauty Ageless Throat & Decolletage Serum, it contains:

  • Goldenrod extract: shields skin from daily environmental damage
  • Hematite extract: improves skin tone and texture
  • Red algae: helps bind water to skin for deep and lasting hydration
  • PRAI oil: for touchable softness

Follow PRIA on Facebook HERE and on Instagram HERE.

Sunday, 14 November 2021

Nadia Stamp, DIPD Nails: INTERVIEW

Nadia Stamp is the CEO and founder of DIPD Nails, and the at home manicure innovator was interviewed by Josie's Juice, chatting all things manis, and how the humble at-home nails system got its time in the sun during the Australian lockdown.

Then, not only did this light bulb moment idea (see how it all started, below) survived and absolutely thrived when we couldn't go to a nail salon, it went the next level and kept selling out kits, adding to the range, and today DIPD Nails is doing better than ever.

Nadia tells us about the whole journey right here.

DIPD Nails is not only a fantastic manicure system that actually works, it's a brilliant business success story, and it's wonderfully inspiring story on how pressing ahead with an idea which fulfils your own beauty quandary can lead to extraordinary success.

Josie's Juice: How did you become the pioneer you are in Australia with your unique product?

Nadia Stamp:

Okay, so in April last year we we went into lockdown. I had already moved to Geelong with my long term partner, however was freelancing as a marketing consultant to a range of beauty, fashion and dentistry brands in Melbourne. As we know they were the hardest hit in the pandemic and many of them closed which left me with a quarter of my client base. I was also left with SNS on my nails during this time and I had been a devoted SNS customer for years but relied heavily on my salon appointments. I loved SNS because it was applied to my natural nails and they would grow long and strong and last 3 weeks. As a marketing creative, my mind is always assessing the consumer market and environment and how I can better serve and reach customers and stand out in a crowd. My friend and I always discussed maybe starting a business together. Natalia my now business partner was great at sourcing products and admired my marketing knowledge and business acumen and said, now we are in lockdown, let me know if you think of a product that we could sell and support ourselves while we can’t work.

The lightbulb came on when I was in the painting isle buying acetone and sandpaper in an effort to remove my old SNS. Then came loads of research, consulting with nail techs to get to the bottom of a system we really only new only skin deep. The first thing is we discovered SNS was a dip powder system and SNS is merely one of many brands. Then we discovered at home dip powder systems were huge in America. Many of the American companies over the last year have been targeting the Australian market. Where they fell short was in building a local community and having a face of the brand. So I boldly put my face forward and started to share my personal DIPD journey. Nat and I invested $1000 each into setting this business up. She would source bottles and jars and product and I would package them and send them. I’d even drive by and deliver to people's homes. With no trade with China or overseas with the pandemic spiking worldwide, we found a formulator in Australia and started our Australian made journey called DIPD Nails. We bought 150 kits and thought that was all we needed. Within 2 days we were sold out and chasing stock to keep up with the supply and demand. Our entire 2020 has been a blessing and a huge learning curve. As a face of the brand, my passion to provide a quality product and amazing customer service has always been my focus. I speak with everyone, I build a community and I’m passionate about women getting lasting amazing results as I’ve learned to do. It hasn’t come with its challenges and sometimes our generosity has been in vain but our integrity and hard work has transformed our business from being average to awesome. Making ourselves accessible and pivoting quickly when we need to has been the key to our success.

Josie's Juice: I’ve always been fascinated by this, especially of late… Why do you think the manicure market has completely exploded, especially in the last year or so, there's been a huge spike in selfcare products that people can do themselves?


In the last year or so, self care products that people can master at home have boomed. People can’t rely on appointments regularly as we don’t know when the next outbreak will happen. People have time on their hands to learn a new skill, plus over the last year, we have been gifted a new audience of engaged customers looking for an alternative to maintaining their beauty regimes while their salons are closed. People have become a lot more savvy and interested in becoming their own beauty therapist.

Josie's Juice: You’re obviously a business success story. What would you say to a young person, say your best friend’s daughter or your own daughter or niece if you were to give them some loving yet savvy advice about starting a business?

Starting a business is challenging but you bust break it down into bite sized pieces to make it less intimidating. Don’t sit on your idea for too long and try to perfect it to it’s enth degree. Jump in and allow your market to grow and evolve. Don’t isolate yourself from your customers. I see many people with social influence starting businesses but rarely connecting genuinely with their audience. I speak to and help everyone 24/7. It’s hard work but rewarding and now those beautiful people have become genuine ambassadors of our brand helping their friends, making my job lighter and helping grow our audience

Josie's Juice: What is your yardstick to recognising when you’ve truly made it?

Nadia: Haha, gosh that’s a hard one. I am of the philosophy ’Never say Never’. There were times when my business partner would say, this brand will never get bigger than X so we need to start a new brand and I’d always argue and say never say never. We will grow to our vision, stop thinking small. She also thought we’d never sell the whole 150 kits we started out with. Now we have tens of thousands of customers who have started their DIPD journey and and they’re begging me everyday for more colours and more everything. As I work very heavily in the marketing and strategy of our business, the biggest yardstick for me that we’d made it was when the data on Google showed us as being the biggest competitor to SNS Australia. All the hard work building our brand from a customer loyalty perspective and online to create reach and visibility has been a slog. We mix our powders, we make up our kits, we design colours. we don’t just call China and get them to pack a kit. Our kits are customisable and inventory is growing and its all based on what our customers tell me. I speak to them all day, everyday. Another is when I hear women talk about our brand and get excited about it. Or I meet someone for the first time and they tell me they have a kit. It’s amazing.

Josie's Juice: What are some nail trends you've seen, which you can reveal to us here, to have people get excited about trends for Spring/Summer?

Nadia: Metallics are huge. Combo nails are everything where girls combine a range of tones and textures and then coloured french tips is a real thing. choose the one tip colour or choose a combination of coloured tips. Our customers jus love being creative. Ombre is also really populated and easy to do with DIPD Nails.

Josie's Juice: Have you seen a real shift towards more DIY nail care at home, even though now far more people seem to also go to the salon for a mani or a pedi?

Definitely, My aim is all about reach and conversion during these times when half the nation is in lockdown. I am of the mindset that a percentage of these women will try DIPD and love the convenience and become a long term customer. There is a market that will always love a salon manicure, however for the busy mum or busy woman who like me didn’t enjoy the trip to the salon but loved the nails so couldn’t give it up, this is an absolute game changer!

You can start to explore DIPD nails HERE: https://dipdnails.com.au

And don't worry... you can access a complete how-to guide right here too: https://dipdnails.com.au/pages/how-to-guide

And yes... you may recognise Nadia from that little show called 'Married At First Sight'... Nadia featured in season 

And... while this interview was conducted several weeks ago, we can also now announce that Nadia is expecting her first baby with her boyfriend, cricketer Glen Talarico! Huge congratulations to the happy couple.

Follow Nadia HERE.

And follow DIPD Nails HERE.

Sunday, 7 November 2021

'The Block': Winners 2021

Did you watch 'The Block' 2021 finale?

What a TV moment... even if you don't like a reno TV show. C'mon... drama, cheating, feeling ripped off, deception... winners and losers.

It was all here on 'The Block'. It could well have been MAFS!

That photo cheating scandal, etc, etc...

BUT... let's get to the good stuff... who won?

Drum roll please...

It was: Mitch and Mark!

They are the big winners of the night, earning the highest profit of $6,444,444. They therefore receive an additional $100,000 in prize money.

Go back to the beginning...

The auction order!

House 1, 2, 3 and 4 have reserves of $3.5 million, while House 5 has a reserve of $4.2 million.

"Who do I have to talk to about changing this?" Georgia asks at the time.

"It feels like we've all been set up to fail," Kirsty adds.

"So given the intel we've received we've got eight strong buyers on our property, and even though going first scares us greatly I think we'll go first, and then we're just going to go 2, 3, 4, 5," Georgia says. "And the reason we've put you guys [Kirsty and Jesse] in fifth position is because we believe that you're your own market, you've got your own independent buyers."

Kirsty questions the decision given the advice Shelley and Alice gave was to put Kirsty and Jesse first, but Ronnie defends the decision by reiterating what Georgia said.

"I think we're screwed going last, our agent said last is probably the worst position for us," Kirsty admits.

Ronnie and Georgia's house has sold for $3,696,000, making them $296,000 profit.

The couple are relieved and thrilled as they head to House 5's backyard to celebrate with the other contestants.

"Let's hope those bidders, there's more in that room so everyone can make some cash," Ronnie says.

House 2 is sold at $4,044,444 to Danny, which means Mitch and Mark have made $644,444 profit and are on track to win The Block 2021.

Next, Tania and Vito.

House 3 is sold for $3,800,000.01, making Tanya and Vito a profit of $400,000.01.

"It's going towards the mortgage, definitely going towards the family, and this is life-changing for us," Vito says.

"I'm just gobsmacked. What just happened?" Tanya exclaims.

Twins Josh and Luke are next.

House 4 is sold to Frank for $3,930,000 so Josh and Luke make $530,000 in profit.

Last house!

Danny bids $4,401,523 and House 5 is sold. This gives Kirsty and Jesse a profit of $301,523.

And lastly... WHO TOOK THE PHOTO? The photo of the production schedule, giving an unfair advantage to those who knew which room was happening next.

Tania did... that's who.

Did you suspect it all along?

Looks like she was pretty sorry in the end.

Thoughts on it all?