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Sunday 16 September 2018

Centennial Glen Stables: Horse riding REVIEW

If you like the idea of horse riding but are a novice (read: have never done it at all) and would like to have your kiddies and you experience it in a setting which is memorable and breathtaking, we have found your spot in NSW!

Here is the owner of the stables, Jim (who really is 'gentleman Jim'):

Centennial Glen Stables, located in the heart of the famed Blue Mountains, in the beautiful Kanimbla Valley, is a gorgeous spot to get on a gorgeous horse, and see the divine Blue Mountains countryside.

Choose your preferred experience, and book with the friendly staff at Centennial Glen Stables, who will guide the most inexperienced rider, to the pro.

For all riders, riding instructions are given, and safety hats are provided (so all you need to do is turn up). Had little kiddies who want to feel the fun as well? There are lead rides available for children.

You also have 'Mountain Trail Riding' - half hour to 1 day rides - where all rides are guided, and riding lessons are also available on request.

Feeling like you want to immerse yourself in a whole day of it? A one day horse ride from 9am - 5pm is available, with a minimum of 4 riders to be a part of this experience.

Even if you have no experience, but want to get 'on the horse' so to speak, you can do that here. The friendly team give instructions on how to guide the horse.

Want to go all sulky? You can drive your own sulky ride (horse and cart), where there are a maximum of two adults and one small child per sulky. All sulkies are guided, and it consists of a 1 hour farm trip.

It's the most beautiful way to see wildlife, the incredible mountain views and enjoy the peace and quiet of the valley.

There are also pony rides for the children, and mountain trail riding.

Want even more adventure? You can ride from Centennial Glen Stables, Kanimbla Valley to Megalong Valley, and return. This trip includes a stop at Megalong Valley Tearooms for lunch. It's a 4 to 5 hours of riding (dependant on the riders' riding experience). It starts at 10am finishes around 4pm. The cost of this is $225, with lunch not included (pay separately at Megalong Valley Tearooms).

The advantages of doing your horse riding experience at Centennial Glen Stables is that you'll be doing it in small groups, and you are riding with very quiet and well looked after horses.

And another bonus is Centennial Glen Stables is the true definition of "it's not the destination, it's the journey."

Before you even get to Centennial Glen Stables, you'll be experiencing a mixture of lush bushland, bona fide dirt roads, and beautiful farmlands.

Pricing for rides (min two riders):

1/2 hour ride: $50
1 hour: $60
1.5 hours: $90
2 hours: $110
3 hours: $150
1 day ride: $225

Want more info? Visit the website HERE.

Or call for more details and to make a booking:

Phone: 02 4787 1193
Mobile: 0417 273 438 or 0438 871 193

Centennial Glen Stables is located at Kanimbla ValleyDrive, via Shipley Road, Blackheath, 

in the Blue Mountains, in NSW.