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Monday 14 May 2012

Delta-hate: over it

I am a Delta Goodrem fan.

I have been since I interviewed her for her debut album for Sony Music, eons ago.

And I have been dying to write a simple Tweet - "I know it's cool to hate on Delta, but I really like her" - but I fear I'll be blasted on Twitter... the Twitterverse can be nasty.

I know that my statement above is passive aggressive - suggesting people want to be part of a pack that picks on Delta 'just because' - but I believe it to be true.

I liken it to standing around watching someone being bullied, and participating because it's 'good entertainment value'. And it's 'easier' to not do or say nothing.

Okay, so let's deconstruct this for a minute. What, actually, has Delta done 'wrong'?

What, because she flicks her mane of perfect hair, can sing like an angel, and is drop-dead gorgeous?

Oh wait, because she oozes sex appeal and that's a crime, clearly.

Or, because she cried when she connected with Rachael Leahcar [the legally blind singer on 'The Voice'], or because she walked off the set when the first blind auditions ep was almost up and no one had picked her yet?

I think that demonstrates she is human. C'mon, how would you act under the spotlight?

Last week I posted a story about fellow mentor Seal's appeal and how he has remained dignified about his marriage break-up, and someone I don't know in the Twittersphere proclaimed: 'yes but he is now bonking Delta'.

'Quite a claim,' I replied.

'Well she is' came the reply.

I didn't bother responding.

I am certain that much of the hate projected towards Delta is based purely on the fact she's a talented woman who is beautiful.

In last week's issue of Woman's Day, Delta features on the cover with the headline "I Never Said I Was Perfect."

Inside, she says:

"I can't be all things to everyone. I know who I am and where I am going, and I'm doing the best I can.

“I’ve gone through worse and you just have to keep kind of rising above and keep your dignity and grace.”
“... but I am human. I think people still have to remember that… I can’t not feel.”

Miranda Devine wrote a piece for yesterday's Sunday Telegraph.

She says:

"The anonymity of the web and the explosion of self-expression have allowed unhappy, jealous people to indulge the worst of human nature. It has a corrosive effect on society.
But the best way of beating the haters is to shower Delta Goodrem with compliments, write tweets and posts of support for her work on The Voice. Overwhelm the hatred with love."

So beautifully said.

This is the Delta I always remember (the one who appears at the very end of this moving rendition of Delta's song 'Lost Without You' when she was battling cancer - after the four minute mark):

So, thoughts?


  1. Shared! Well said Josie! I am SO over it - Lara

  2. Yes I couldn't agree with you more,I'm sure it all comes down to jealousy.
    Leave the poor lady alone .
    Well said Josie.xxxx - Rosetta

  3. Could not have said it better myself. I don't understand why every is hating on Delta, She is gorgeous, talented and one of the nicest people I've met. Great article - Vanessa

  4. Why thank you! It's SO easy to join the pack and go, "yeah, yeeeeah, I HATE Delta, too...!" and yet have no real reason why, just because everyone else seems to be saying it. It's so schoolyard and immature... thanks for re-posting my blog post! x

  5. Love you for posting this....its been on my heart now for days and I was in tears and in shock after reading Miranda Devine's article yesterday. Love Miranda's quote "overwhelm the hatred with love"....so true. xx - Veronica

  6. Nice one Josie. These bullies who write such vicious comments are cruel, spineless & essentially gutless. - Jules

  7. Whilst I'm not a hater, I'm definitely not a Delta fan either. I can honestly say I am indifferent when it comes to Delta. That said, I am horrified that one woman can have so much hate written about them daily! I see it all over Twitter, FB & the tabloids ALL the time. Obviously with her current gig on 'The Voice', she's getting more attention from the media, as well as fans & sadly haters....frankly I'm totally over hearing about it. I wonder if people realise they are talking or writing about another human being when they get tweet or post happy with comments about everything from who she is dating to what her last comment was on the show. I can't get my head around why people have formed such black & white views when it comes to Delta...I mean it's not like she's doing anything controversial...I just don't get what the big deal is?! - Karen

  8. They are obviously quite boring people that don't have lives of their own. - Jules

  9. You know what, it kinda bothers me when people are nasty for no reason. And people have short memories. When Delta had cancer, it was all, oh poor Delta. Shit, hope she doesn't die. Now it's kinda like, righto, you're better now? Now we can heap shit on you again...

  10. These type of people who write this sort of stuff are usually angry people, who are unhappy with their own lives so chose to pick on people that are more successful or beautiful than they are. Its sad but true have seen this happen many times, and even happens in the school yard. They are bullies and cowards, that is all!! - Veronica

  11. It's just schoolyard bullies who grow up to be adult bullies. Boring. Move on.

  12. You know the amount of love I have for Delta, Josie. I've been trying to avoid commenting on the situation in case I said something I would regret! Haha, but I just couldn't take it anymore. Putting the fact I love her aside, we live in a society where every one has jumped on the anti bullying bandwagon, and yet to say such hateful things behind their computer screens, very few people have a problem with it. This hypocritical attitude makes me sick. - Lara

  13. Agreed, Lara... bullying doesn't just apply to schoolyard stuff... it also includes gay bullying, celebrity bullying, parent-teacher bullying. It's everywhere you look, and it's insidious...

  14. Re the Seal / Delta tweet you mentioned....they are both single...so if they are playing together....good on them. frankly no-one's biz who a person bonks but everyone feels they have the right to presume, accuse, judge and proclaim sentence. How narrowminded their world must be. thats my 5 cents worth :-)

  15. People are so unkind to successful, beautiful people simply because they can't cope seeing someone in such a great position. So, they deal with it by trying to bring them down/create hate campaigns/bitching with others. It makes them feel better about themselves, when what they really want is to be as beautiful and successful as them (in this case, Delta). It's Jealousy at it's worst, and Aussies are the worst offenders at this kind of thing. I'm so over bitchiness - it makes people so ugly. Also love Miranda Devine's comments and Josie well done lovely on being brave enough to post this story. Keep spreading the Love! X

  16. I was oblivious to this hate campaign until I saw the Woman's Day mag at the supermarket last week and looked further online - What is wrong with people??! Delta is one of the most talented young artists in our country who has gone through her fair share of pain and suffering but who rose out of all that to shine once again as the star she truly is. Through her career she has always been a true lady and presented herself with dignity, something that is rare in society these days in particular with the younger generation I'm sorry to say. These people are sick and this type of hatred is a reminder of how ugly society has become. Good on you for speaking up there are too many followers and bullies in this world - Maria xx

  17. Thanks 'All About PR' - it IS indeed jealousy at its worst. And for what? What is the point? I agree with the line: "It makes them feel better about themselves, when what they really want is to be as beautiful and successful as them..." Thanks for your comments, so appreciated. x

  18. "Delta is one of the most talented young artists in our country who has gone through her fair share of pain and suffering but who rose out of all that to shine once again as the star she truly is." So, so very well said, Maria. Thank you x

  19. Thanks, anon - I agree. Whoever they are with, it's their business... x