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Sunday 22 December 2019

West HQ Official Opening: Red Carpet and Keith Urban review

The OFFICIAL opening of Sydney's newest arts and cultural jewel happened on Saturday 21 December - Sydney Coliseum - and Josie's Juice, as a bone fide Western Suburbs residing girl all my life, and with my love of and background in entertainment journalism, I was thrilled to cover this event, staged at the newly launched West HQ.

The red carpet to officially launch Sydney Coliseum, housed inside West HQ, was an important part of the culmination of this behemoth building, a decade in the planning.

For more on the venue, see my previous post too!

The event was attended by:

Ross Greenwood and his wife Tanya

Ron Wilson and his wife

The Hon Governor Margaret Beazley and her daughter Lauren Sullivan

Richard Errington CEO - the brains behind Sydney Coliseum (all hail Richard!)

James Errington (Richard's son)

Jasmine Rae

Sami Lukas

Anna Chuang and Miranda Crow 

Blacktown mayor Tony Bleasdale and his wife Nina 

Steven Bali and Anne 

Kristelle Vicary, and

Sharonne McVeay

The LEGEND that is Paula Duncan also attended, the Aussie stalwart of TV

Ex Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his wife Lucy 

And more!

Now... Keith Urban.

There really are no words.

While mega fans knew and sang along to every word, even those who didn't know much about the country music genre were completely and utterly engaged, enthralled, enamoured, and entertained.

This man is a musical genius.

From his incredible vocal range and flawless voice, to his off the charts guitar skills (swapping out guitars throughout the show, and giving one lucky person - during each show, we're know for sure! - was given his autographed guitar), to his natural affinity with the large, fun, connected, yet intimate crowd... Keith Urban is king!

If you ever get the chance to see Keith in concert, take it immediately.


It's THAT good. Even a sold out show feels intimate thanks to clever architecture and seating plan and superior acoustics.

Scan the site now, see what you like, and book a show.

Other attractions to seeing a show at this venue is free parking, and a plethora of food choices pre show (get there over an hour in advance as it gets super busy).

For more info on West HQ, GO HERE.

For more on Sydney Coliseum, GO HERE.

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