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Monday 19 February 2018

Pierre Haddad Death: Celebrity Hairdresser Passes Away

Pierre Haddad, celebrity hairstylist to high profile people including Sydney Fashion Blogger, has died.

According to social media posts, he died in his sleep of a heart attack.

Only last week he posted on social media that it was his "First day outside the house for 3 days."

He leaves behind his wife Carol and two young sons, Jacob and James.

His wife lost two brothers last year in the fiery car crash in Sydney's CBD, at Harbour and Pier Streets, beside the Novotel Rockford Hotel.

The $200,000 Nissan GT-R R35 'supercar' crashed and burst into flames in Sydney’s CBD killing three people, two of which were Wiley Park brothers Steve and Jeff Nasr, Carol's brothers.

Pierre had, at the time, the heartbreaking task of organising their funerals.

In this article, he pleaded with everyone out on the road to be extra safe.

“I would say think of your family. Think of how much you would hurt your family and what could happen,” he said.

“It is such a dangerous life out there. And it’s a terrible way to hurt somebody, yourself or others.

“Definitely safe driving is the highest recommendation.

“As a general message to everybody speeding is stupid and it is selfish and it hurts so many people.”

Pierre also added that the family was struggling to accept the horrible tragedy.

“It’s just been a massive shock,” Pierre said at the time.

“I’ve been concentrating on making sure my wife Carol and my mother-in-law are OK," Pierre said, adding that his mother in law had lost her husband not long ago.

Pierre Haddad was an award winning hairdresser, beginning his career in the hair industry in 1990, and described himself on social media as 'CVO' (chief visionary officer) of his company and brand.

It was in 2001 when Pierre founded his salon Pierre Haddad Hair Management in the Sydney CBD.

Pierre was the first hairdresser in Australia to bring Thermal Reconditioning into the country, directly from Japan. Pierre also introduced Guava Latino to Australia.

Pierre was also renowned for bringing the latest trends in hair extensions, exclusively importing his own hair for extensions from regions all around the world including Russia, India, Brazil, Spain and Peru, using the Copper Bells application method.

Here is Pierre in action, and below some celeb client pics.

Rest in peace, Pierre.

Also, this heartbreaking post by his cousin Dr Joseph Ajaka, Cosmetic Surgeon @CosmosClinic in Sydney:

And a beautiful post by Fab Romano, makeup artist and beauty influencer:

A post shared by Pierre Haddad (@pierrehaddadhair) on

A post by his wife and kids for his birthday in August last year:

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