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Sunday 5 December 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker: Elle US January 2011 edition

It's the question many of us women have asked our men: do you find Sarah Jessica Parker attractive?

I know I have. And I recoiled in horror at the reply.

"God, no."

Which has always baffled me.

How can men not find her stylish, chic, perfectly 'put-together'.

Probably because all those terms relate to her fashion sense.

You see, we women go ga-ga over SJP (that's what we call her, y'all) and how she just makes things work.

She could wear a big floppy black hat and stripey blouse (et voila) or slate grey cashmere sweater and pleated skirt (and red pumps for some added zing) and start a stampede to copycat the get-up.

As for her looks, I find her very attractive. It's a combo of her style, expertly unkempt hair, strong nose, and supreme confidence (not to mention her depiction of a less than perfect Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & The City) that make the entire package... well, attractive.

These photos here from the Elle January 2010 US edition show what I mean. Love.

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