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Monday 6 December 2010

Ruby Rose: FHM January 2011

The much-talked about issue of January FHM featuring Ruby Rose hits the newsstands today.

Here are the cover and inside mag photos.

And here is an excerpt from the FHM magazine interview:

What she thinks about gay marriage: “Gay couples deserve all those things that straight couples take for granted, including marriage. And divorce! If we get the right to be married then surely we deserve that as well. Ha! Doesn’t everyone have the right to be miserable forever?”

Who she’d turn straight for: “The kind of guy that I think is hot, even though I wouldn’t be able to do the deed, is Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. I think he’s hot. I have a lesbian’s taste in men.”

On men’s fascination with lesbians: “I think it goes back to people wanting what they can’t have. I suppose there are so many people out there who see a lesbian couple and think that that woman is just waiting for the right man, so that helps keep that fantasy alive. ‘Maybe, if they just met me…’”

And on lesbian sex: “Lesbian sex goes for a really long time because it can practically start at dinner. It’s a more romantic thing, and it lasts longer. And it’s better. Clearly.”

Photos courtesy FHM Australia.

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