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Friday 3 December 2010

Who magazine: "10 New Bodies. How We Did It!"

I love the WHO magazine editions with loads of photo galleries of slimmed down celebrity bodies - the more the better. They seem to trot these out fortnightly around this time of year, and clearly they're onto a magazine theme which sells well. Personally, I find them inspiring in the summer months, giving me the extra incentive to keep the fatty-boom-bah kgs off!

In this week's edition, we see how Kim Kardashian gave herself a break from dieting and exercise and, eight weeks on, didn’t like what she saw.

Just two weeks later—after hitting the gym “hard”— she says she's in sexiest shape ever.

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively got a role in her first big-screen blockbuster and a super-toned new body to go with it.

WHO has diet, exercise and see-results-fast tips: I really love reading them while chomping on some choccie. Dark of course... has more antioxidant properties.

The woman with seemigly the longest - and most well-documented pregnancy makes an apperance too: Miranda Kerr.

Plus, Christina Aguilera tells WHO how - just weeks after announcing her nearly five-year marriage is over - she fell for her new man. Man, stars are quick.

I love my weekly WHO fix, and every single week I will bring a sneak peek to Josie's Juice.

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