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Thursday 12 January 2012

The Family - SBS reality show. And why I love it.

Right from the beginning, I have been hooked on this SBS show 'The Family'.

Here's why:

- They fight, they make up, they still love each other.

- Obviously: the mother's name is Josie.

- Her real name would be Giuseppina. And she's be named after her grandmother.

- They have the same arguments I do in my home ("don't be wasteful!" "God, you're ungrateful")

- They have authentic nonnas in the mix, complete with Sicilian dialect (which I speak with my mum, can't get enough of, and always worry it will be 'extinct' some day).

- Meal times are sacred and it's all about what's next to eat. And Josie does all the cooking. Helllooo!

- It shows the daily power struggles that exist when raising a family. Especially one with three outspoken, passionate boys.

What are the reasons you love the show?


To see the eps online, go here:

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