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Monday 9 January 2012

Wife Swap Australia on Foxtel

If you have watched the US and UK versions of this show, you'll be an instant fan of the long-awaited 'Wife Swap Australia'.

Screening on Foxtel's LifeStyle YOU channel from tonight, Monday January 9 at 8.30pm and continuing every Monday for several weeks it is total fly on the wall viewing. I am already hooked.

Here is the teaser:

It's the classic case of 'grass is greener on the other side of the fence' - because you know deep down... it never is.

Wife Swap Australia is a reality show... but it's not your standard fodder from that genre.

There are lessons to learn, examples to set, and breakthroughs to be had... and all while uncovering the deeply ingrained habits and secret ways of a clan. And you can bet the families that are matched up will be vastly different in every way.

What I do love about this show is that it proves that families of any kind can learn new ways to live and coexist. And it is certainly not always the affluent families who do the teaching, either.

Another certainty is that once parenting styles are scrutinised and criticised you have an outburst brewing, leaving egos bruised in the aftermath. But hopefully also some lessons learned and applied to the new and improved way of family life.

As a mother I can vouch that along with the drudgery of the everyday comes a [sometimes] stale approach to parenting, which can lead to planting the seed for bad habits - and a jaded outlook on the everyday is imminent.

The big point of difference is that in this show, there is no voting off the island/house and the ultimate prize is self improvement and a more unified, happy family post-Wife Swap experiment (well, that's after all four adults meet and deconstruct their experiences, with often a few not so nice words thrown in to emphasise their points).

My fave part of every episode is when the couples are reunited and hug and kiss like they haven't seen each other for a year, and declare they have missed their partner, and love them just the way they are.

It always reminds me to appreciate my own partner, however much he [possibly] annoys me on a daily basis - I wouldn't swap him for anyone. Oh, it also reiterates for me that reality shows are for watching, not participating. I could never throw my doors open for someone else to dissect my life.

But watching it happen to someone else? So. Much. Fun.

And if you watched tonight's ep and want more (remember, it is repeated on LifeStyle You + 2 at 10.30pm), watch the Barry and Montford family video diaries:

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