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Tuesday 17 January 2012

Ifidie - Facebook status updates... beyond the grave

Have you seen this new app called 'ifidie'?

That's, 'If I Die'.

Essentially, it's a Facebook app that allows you to leave a message on Facebook - via video or text - that will only be published after you die.

You then choose three 'trustees' (basically, three Facebook friends you can trust... c'mon, in amongst the 300+ people you call 'pals' there must be a trio of people you can share more than just a show-off status update with...?), and they, um, execute your wishes after you cark it.

Watch the video, below:

And for more info, go here: http://ifidie.net/

So, would you?

I guess it's the best way to let people know you're no longer on the planet. How else will people who you barely see know why your witty Facebook status updates have stopped suddenly? Surely not everyone knows your Facebook password to post the news of your untimely death?

So... yes or no?

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