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Tuesday 13 June 2017

Katy Perry: Live Stream VIDEOS + James Corden Interview

Katy Perry is currently revealing herself all over the world wide web.

Or the 'Witness' World Wide to be exact. That's the name of her new album, y'all: 'Witness'.

See the intriguing full length clips below.

But first, in real time, her actual live stream:

Her lengthy live stream (my daughter showed me her YouTube live stream video of her at 3.25am US time, when she was fast asleep and suddenly I was intrigued... like the rest of the world). Her 'home' shows her life with her makeup artists, assistants, pets, chefs and a constant stream of celebrity guests.

Here are some highlights from the past 24 hours or so:

And, she's revealing even more in her interview with James Corden when he came to visit:

Here are her performances on the inside:

The whole fabulous album PR stunt is sponsored by Covergirl, who teamed up with Katy for their new campaign called #projectPDA. The campaign, which stands for Project Public Displays of Application, intends to challenge the stigma of applying makeup in public.

Katy Perry has a new image (and stylist?), new hair, and new album. Looks like 2017 is her kick ass year.

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