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Sunday 4 February 2018

'My Kitchen Rules': Roula and Rachael + Emma and Jess VIDEOS

MKR is all about cooking, right?

Oh c'mon, it's also about good / bad TV.

Roula and Rachael + Emma and Jess - those fights!

If you missed them, here they are all are.

Oh yeah, the gorgeous Melbourne friends Kim and Suong also cooked that night, with a tribute to their Vietnamese heritage. That pho / 'pher' / 'p-ho'!

OH! And... the four girls are actually now all friends. Believe it. See below, from Popsugar Australia:

On how they really feel about Jess and Emma . . .
Roula: "We love Jess and Emma, they're freaking hilarious! We clashed heads at the beginning, only because we are so similar and both very opinionated. When you're at the table with four strong women with four strong personalities, you're going to clash. But give us time, and we're like, oh my god, we're pretty similar. I'm good friends with them now."

See the full story here.

And now, those vids.

Emma calls Rachael a cow - click HERE.

Tensions rise between all four women - click HERE.

"Nobody liked it" - home truths for Roula and Racheal - click HERE.

Roula admits she's out to sabotage Kim and Soung's score - click HERE.

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