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Wednesday 21 March 2018

'Married At First Sight' Grand Finale: VIDEOS + Why DID we love this season so much?

So, why did we connect so much with THIS season of 'Married At First Sight'? It's the fifth season, after kicking off with such huge disdain in the first year especially, way before same sex marriage laws were passed, and people were generally confused about the format, and questioned how people could possibly do life stages in reverse: meet, get married, get to know each other, commit, maybe marry for real and have kids.

Now, several years later, 'MAFS' has well and truly ignited the imagination of viewers who never deigned to give the show their viewing numbers, even kids who insisted to their adult relatives: "You HAVE to watch 'Married At First Sight'!"

And so, why?

We think it's because the issues which arose were relatable.

Sarah and Telv arguing before a family dinner over social media, in this instance, Snapchat. And apparently ignoring her in the process.

Nasser wanting his space after years as a bachelor and having never lived with a woman.

Blurred boundaries on what constitutes cheating (emotional, physical, sexting, etc) and how frail relationships can be, especially when these elements are thrown in the mix. 

An older couple wanting to find love but still raising teens (thanks to childbirth later in life) while embracing grandmother-hood.

It was all there!

Oh, and let's not forget having a go at a relationship, then it falters, then you try again and an ex is inexplicably jealous when she's the one who dumped you, and you dumped her...

And, breaking the bro code on boy's nights out.

Missed the whole hoopla or just the finale?

The BEST bits are here... you are welcome.

Oh, how shall we fill the hole left by MAFS?

Step right up 'Bachelor in Paradise' and... stay tuned for more MAFS, for which they are already casting.

Go on, apply for SEASON SIX RIGHT HERE.

Some guidelines here for you:

1. You must be over 25 years of age on the day of application.

2. You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident for at least 2 years to participate.

3. You must be single and genuinely looking for love.

4. You will be required to provide proof of identity (driver’s license or passport or extract of birth certificate).

5. Please be honest with your answers and complete the form to the best of your ability.

6. Ensure you read the terms and conditions on the application form.


7. You must be available for 1 day between May 20 and June 10, 2018. If selected for the show you will need to be available for filming between August and December 2018. 

If you have questions about the show you can email the casting team at MAFS.casting@endemolshine.com.au 


Applications close at midnight June 1st, 2018 ESDT

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