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Friday 17 May 2019

Gino D'Acampo's 'Aussie Escape': WIN Tickets!

Gino D'Acampo is coming to Australia, and we can't wait!

I mean... look at this guy:

The funniest cooking segments we've seen on TV, ever! As seen on UK TV's show 'This Morning' on the ITV network, alongside the hilarious Phillip and Holly in hysterical lost in translation moments, expect more of this fun when Gino comes to town.

Want to win tickets? Scroll down for more below!

So what’s the format of the show? What can we expect?

Says Gino:

"Well the format of the show is... it’s a pretty crazy show! I spend two hours with the audience in the theatre, and it’s a very 'take every evening as it goes' kind of format.

"Nothing is prepared. Apart clearly from the food that I’m going to make of course, and I’m going to show people everything they want to know, and it is very, very free, very crazy, very loud, it’s very: whatever happens at the time.

"If the audience is willing to play, I’m the guy to play with... and you know, throughout the show, throughout the two hours, I have people in the audience with microphones because anyone can ask me a question, any kind of question at any time they want, they can interrupt me at any time they want," adds Gino. We LOVE this! Easy access to a very funny and talented guy.

"That’s what I want to achieve the most; I give myself to the audience, when I come here I’m all yours. Tell me what you want to know, tell me all the things you want, and I will tell you the truth. Whatever you ask me, I will tell you. So if they want to know something about the shows I do, if they want to know something about food, if they want to know something about my family, if they want to know something crazy about me, I don’t care! I’m there to create a relationship with the audience. It’s like going out for a dinner with some friends. Very relaxed, I say and do what I want, and it always ends up being a great night."

Continues Gino: "Usually I call up about three or four people on stage. I don’t mind if there are 10 people on stage! It very much depends on the evening. But mainly it's about an evening with Gino. I’m there to answer all the questions and to create… I’m there to have a night out, really. To be honest with you, it’s my night out, and yes the audience will be all strangers, but within five minutes they become all my friends."

The parts of Gino's appearances on ITV which have gone viral (see video above), is what we all love about Gino, his shining personality is the crux of all of his video snippets, all now viral.

There’s an authenticity about the ingredients that Gino uses for particular dishes and because he was born in Italy, it HAS to be authentic. In his world, you simply CANNOT put cream in a carbonara for example, you cannot bastardise this sacred dish.

Says Gino: "I think the thing that the people who watch my show love the most is the fact that I do not give up. I’m real to the traditions that I have and I try very, very hard to keep these traditions alive. It would be easier for me to just give up: ‘Yeah whatever, you want the real carbonara, yeah that’s fine, or, you want to put cream in the carbonara, that’s fine lets do that.

"But I don’t give up. I’m relentless and I think that’s what people like about me and those clips, they say, wow this is a guy that has been doing this for the last 15, 20 years and they can see that whatever I use in my recipes, say 20 years ago, is still very consistent to this day. So that kind of ‘real’, trying to keep the tradition alive, is what I think they like about it and me. And nowadays we are all kind of losing ourselves into this social media, internet world, not communicating personally with people, and for me it’s all about keeping those Italian traditions alive."

We have just seen Gino with Gordon Ramsay and Fred Sirieix on the show ‘Gordon, Gino, and Fred’ for 3 episodes on the Seven Network, and we loved it. 

"Oh dear, oh dear!", exclaims Gino, laughing.

Apart from the roving campervan, which Gino reveals is "absolutely destroyed", a scene where Gino basically, er, farts on Gordon is... crazy! How DOES he get away with that?

"Well, Gordon and I… we have known each other for a very long time. We opened a restaurant in the UK together and you know we have a very mutual respect. I have many Italian restaurants and he comes to my restaurants, and he has a lot of restaurants and I go to his restaurants, and you know there has never been competition, there has never been any animosity between us. It’s just been a mutual respect for the last 15, 20 years. And that’s why when we work well together, there is no competition, there is no animosity, it’s just a joy. I just do whatever I like to do, I don’t really care about who they are and what they do, I live my life very carefree, let’s put it this way."

Currently writing book number 16, to accompany my new ITV series which is called 'Gino’s Italian Express', Gino was last in Australia over a decade agowhen he filmed I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’.

"I didn’t see much of Australia when I did the show. I won the show. I was the one in the jungle for the most time. So out of 24 days, 21 days go those days I was in the jungle. So I didn’t see Australia at all. I think I am looking forward to the most is the connection with the audience. Australia for me is like another world. It’s something I haven’t discovered yet. And the funny thing for me is they know who I am but I don’t really know about Australian people. So I’m really looking forward to go there and to create this connection, that’s what I want to do," says Gino.

Abstract Entertainment is proud to present this Italian chef, celebrated author and television personality Gino D’Acampo, in Australia in October 2019. Show dates below:

Friday 11 October: Sydney, Enmore Theatre

Saturday 12 October: Melbourne, Palais Theatre

Thursday 17 October: Adelaide, Thebarton Theatre

Saturday 19 October: Perth,Regal Theatre

Gino D’Acampo's books are published in Australia via Hachette Books. 

Gino’s Italian Escape can be seen on Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel. 

For socials, go here:

For ticketing and venue information, visit https://abstractentertainment.net/

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