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Monday 5 July 2021

'Sex/Life' - Adam Demos shower scene

Episode 3.

At 20 minute mark.

Thoughts? 😬

The WHOLE show 'Sex/Life' on Netflix is now something a zeitgeist moment in pop culture - and suddenly errrryone is talking about it 🤷‍♀️ 

The show dropped on Netflix on June 25, and it sat largely unwatched on my own Netflix menu because... school holidays and a shared, centrally located TV!

But the calls were getting louder to watch it immediately, if not sooner... I'm sure you can relate - unless your were one of the early adopters and binged the eight episode TV show in a day (there's only season one right now, with no word on season two yet).

So I succumbed. And whoa.

The scenes in the lead up to THAT shower scene everyone is talking about are explicit enough, and it has you asking: is this soft core porn dressed up as drama?

Or is it a modern presentation of one of life's quandaries... is the grass greener on the other side of your own patch... you know, that proverbial white picket fence?

Comments on social media often provide a real indicator to where the psyche of the general cult TV viewership is at, and this show has seen some polarising thoughts... here are some of note:

In response to this post from Netflix:

A woman’s daring sexual past collides with her married-with-kids present when the bad-boy ex she can’t stop fantasising about crashes back into her life. The world’s steamy new obsession, SEX/LIFE, is now streaming on Netflix.

A cross section of comments included:

Abby Barton

So another series where the wife cheats on her husband, because you know all housewives are dreaming of a better life. Why is it always housewives? I just get tired of the infidelity. I wanted something different from this show.

Alison Evans
Team Brad. Not sorry, in the end husband cheated in front of her face, invaded her diary and had the gall to lecture her about going out and not answering her phone wen HE stayed out ALL night at another woman's house. I was all for the husband to begin with, then He turned out to an insecure ass. She never crossed that line. He did.

Francesca Castellani
Is there someone else really pissed off with her?? I truly am!

Alviera Osmand
Going into the second episode and already seen her naked more than I wanted to, sorry to say it should be classified as softporn series Netflix 😆 Watch only when no one is around, you've been warned 😅 Hot actors though 


Ayanna James
I screamed out hard wen brad was showerin & he turn...cooper saw wat his wife was gettin, brad big dick...

James Radymski
No wonder people can’t settle down and stay faithful in a relationship 🙄 it’s because they are bombarded with films like this to make it seem normal 🙄

Ana Beatriz Travesso

I just really wish the show was faithful to the book. It would have been much better

So, where do you sit? What are your thoughts on Billie's life dilemma (Billie is the catalyst in this story, she of beautiful looks, with a beautiful husband, and two cute kids - she's played by the gorgeous Sarah Shahi) - is the grass greener, and should you sacrifice a stable marriage to seek excitement outside of it? And with an old flame? Who broke your heart? The short answer to that should be no. But for Billie... 

Now... about that shower scene.

In a Daily Mail article, the headline asks:

“Sex/Life fans notice a huge editing fail in Adam Demos' full-frontal shower scene (so is everything we can see REAL?)”

It continues to talk about the the show sending the internet alight thanks to its full-frontal shower scene featuring (Australian!) actor Adam Demos and “eyebrows have been raised with the steamy scenes, with one in particular shocking viewers as Adam, who plays Brad in the show, stripping completely naked.”

While fans were initially mesmerised by, well, Adam's private parts, a second look at the footage has apparently exposed an editing fail.

The article continues by gathering some, er, hard hitting evidence that during the X-rated shower scene, which airs in episode three (and is at the 20 minute mark because I see you!) Adam's character is seen washing himself with his tattoo-free body on display.   

However, a continuity error is revealed in episode four, during a throwback scene of Brad getting a tattoo on the upper right-hand portion of his crotch.

The tattoo of two bees was a romantic tribute to Brad's then-girlfriend Billie, and played a pivotal role in the continuation of Billie and Brad's love story. 

In a scene set eight years later, Brad declared his undying love for Billie during a FaceTime chat while revealing he kept the tattoo as a reminder of their relationship.

EEK! So, perhaps the peen was a prosthetic? Like Nicole Kidman's nose in 'The Hours'?

You decide...

Set in New York and inspired by BB Easton’s 2016 book '44 Chapters About 4 Men', the explicit series is the absolute BUZZ of TV pop culture right now.

That, and the fact that Adam and Sarah are a REAL life couple - even making it Insta official in December 2020!

Facts about Adam Demos: he is an Australian actor born May 24, 1986.

Before Sex/Life he was best known for his role as Jake Taylor on the Netflix film 'Falling Inn Love', August Walker on the American television series 'Unreal', and as Nate Baldwin on Australian television series 'Janet King'. (We bet you will be rewatching or searching for ALL of these right about now...).

The 35 year old is a 'Gong' boy - he was born in Wollongong, NSW, Australia!

Sex'LIfe is streaming now on Netflix globally.

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