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Friday 20 January 2023

'Transfusion': Stan Movie Premiere

The blue carpet was rolled out for the Stan movie premiere event for 'Tranfusion'.

It's dropping on the Stan streaming service TODAY - Friday January 20, 2023.

Sam Worthington (he of the iconic #Avatar: The Way of Water), Matt Nable (from the Stan Original Film Poker Face) and the insanely talented Edward Carmody, were all so gracious with their time with red carpet journalists and photographers, as well as eager fans as walked the blue carpet at the Sydney premiere of the Stan Original Film TRANSFUSION on Thursday 19 January at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter, Sydney.


The action-packed drama is the story of a father (Worthington) and his young son (Carmody) attempting to reconnect after a devastating loss. 

The son, filled with guilt for a choice he never made, and a father suffering from PTSD and without identity after retiring from the Special Air Service regiment (SAS) of the Australian Army.

On his last chance with the law, the father is thrust into the criminal underworld by a former SAS brother (Nable) to keep his only son from being taken from him. The film also stars a positively ageless and magnetic Susie Porter (Stan Original Film Gold) and a stoic performance by Jessica Napier (Harrow).

Phoebe Tonkin also gives a measured, memorable performance which was as sublime as it is unforgettable.

This film was A LOT. (In a good way… read on). What you see on screen is THAT good.

It was triggering for me, as a life event happens which completely transforms the lives of a family in an irrevocable and devastating way.

I cried at a line at the end which was so pure and tender and simple… one between father and son, which seems like a flippant line in a movie, but is woven in so expertly. You’ll know when you see it.

The intensity of emotions and major scuffles (as well as shootings, and the rest) - was confronting for me, but it’s only as I’m not a fan of fights on screen. I’m really hopeless like that… I leave the room at home.

But the performances… oh my goodness… devastatingly moving and award-worthy.

This is the directorial debut for Matt Nable - and what a way to make a massive impact.

Matt is a former professional rugby league player, and sports commentator, turned actor, known for starring in ‘Underbelly: Badness’, ‘Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms’ and ‘Gallipoli’.

As an actor, he also had success in the US playing Ra's al Ghul in both ‘Arrow’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’.

But now, in a career first, Nable is directing his first feature film, ‘Tranfusion’ and it is crystal clear this is a passion project.

Matt spoke to Josie's Juice on the red carpet last night, and he gave us an insight into the world of this movie, and the concept of toxic masculinity.

"It's an idea that I hate and don't believe in. At all. In fact, that term shouldn't exist, at all. It does harm, and shoves all men into one group. Not all men are this angry. And perhaps we should start to question what makes men angry," he said, with passionate conviction.

In Transfusion, Matt's character certainly has anger management issues to resolve, and they ultimately don't manifest in the best way for him in the end...

Sam Worthington also spoke to Josie's Juice about his experience on the red carpet, though relished giving his young co star Edward Carmody the floor...

"This is a movie about a father's deep relationship with his son, and the consequences and fall out of a life event. It's deep, it's moving, and it's about grief and the fall out and how we deal with it all," said Sam.

Adds Edward: "It was an intense experience, but I loved working alongside Sam and everyone, and I learned so much from them all." It was wonderful to watch their deep affection for each other on the red carpet... and it's no surprise given the film's subject matter, and that Sam is dad to three sons, with his wife Lara Bingle.

Intense indeed, and life changing as his first major role.

And then, the glorious Phoebe Tonkin.

Google her, and one of the predictive text results are: "Is Phoebe Tonkin really Australian"

I share that funny nugget of info with her, and we have a good chuckle about it all.

"Oh, I am definitely Australian and so proud of that," she tells Josie's Juice with a big laugh.

I love being home, and I am so proud of this work in Transfusion, and working with Matt and Sam was just incredible and memorable," she adds, as she attends movie premiere number two for the week, with 'Babylon' premiering on Monday this week.

"This movie ['Tranfusion'] is about grief and loss and how we cope with that," says Phoebe.

"It's about the choices we make in the face of grief, and the consequences of those decisions we make," she adds.

The movie's ensemble is SO well cast, such a perfect fit for their respective roles.

Huge props to actor George Houvardas who plays a thug with such accurate authenticity, and Jeremy Lindsay Taylor.

Gilbert Bradman as young Billy is beautiful to watch on screen.

Meanwhile Sam Parsonson as Ned - WOW. Thug central and INSANE on screen as a very angry guy...

All in all, 'Transfusion' is one of the most memorable, rollercoaster, award worthy performances you'll ever see, of any Australian or global release.


You can stream ‘Transfusion’ RIGHT NOW, only on Stan.

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