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Tuesday 26 October 2010

What's your Flash Forward moment? Here's mine.

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Remember when ‘Flash Forward’ hit our TV screens not so long ago? Did you get into the series? I did, and as I watched I found myself likening my life to a series of Flash Forward moments.

My pregnancy was one huge flash forward moment for me; more specifically, when I found out I was having twins. Quite literally, my whole [future] life flashed before me.

What would rearing twins be like? How would I cope? Why had I been ‘chosen’ to be the mother of multiples? Would I ever sleep again? What about time to enjoy a proper meal? It was all a bit of a blur, but I came-to the moment one twin, then the other (18 minutes later) was placed on my chest. There was no more time to contemplate. It was all systems go in twinnie world!

Fast forward almost three years later and my flash forward-style musings have all been put to rest. There is not a moment at all to live in any kind of fantasy world. In the beginning, I must admit it was difficult to reconcile my old life and my brand new (sleep-deprived) one. But I am grateful for plenty, daily: two kids who fill my life with immeasurable joy and the occasional headache.

When Flash Forward hit our small screens, it was heralded as a show like no other. The plot goes something like this: out of nowhere, a mysterious flash causes nearly everyone in the world to lose consciousness and gain a glimpse of his or her life six months into the future. As one elite FBI unit attempts to solve the mystery, the rest of the world’s population soon discovers that, when it comes to destiny, nothing is set in stone.

And now, you can now relive every suspenseful moment of Flash Forward on DVD; the entire series can now be purchased.

The DVD release delves even deeper into the mind-bending story with compelling special features, including an in-depth look at the entire series from pilot to final episode and inside stories from the cast and crew. Like any TV-to-DVD series, you can relive every brilliant moment - uninterrupted. Get comfy on the couch: it’s a six-disc collection. Weekend lockdown!

And readers of Josie’s Juice can win a copy of the Flash Forward DVD set! Simply click ‘follow’ on the blog, tell us about your Flash Forward-style experience, and you will go in the running to win a copy of series 1 of Flash Forward on DVD. Just write your reply in the comments section below, or send your answer to: josiegags@optusnet.com.au

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  1. My FlashForward experience.. I still love High School Musical, I love Zac Efron, I squeal when I see new movie trailers, and feel at least 24. So how is it my next birthday is 30. THIRTY?! *shrieks*

  2. That is brilliant, thanks Kimberley! You are in the running to win a copy of the Flash Forward DVD - stay tooned! x

  3. My flash forward moment was sitting on a plane going to the USA I was seeing my kids face light up as we arrived at Lego land and Disneyland. One of the best moments in my life.

  4. Hi! I just tried emailing back to the email address you left at my site.. and it bounced back! Feel free to email me at missgiggly at gmail dot com :) thanks so much!