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Monday 29 January 2024

Clarks Shoes: REVIEW + Roadtest

The whole back to school prep can be rather stressful - but only when it comes to shoes.

I have been like that for the entirety of my kids' lives... how do I get it right? Will I choose the wrong shoes for their growing feet and end up squishing their precious little tootsies (yeah, I baby my new 16 year old twins) and stunting their growth?

Yes, my actual thought process!

Especially given they wear these shoes daily, and in all sorts of situations, terrains, and weather, WHILE their feet are still growing...

So, I was thrilled to collaborate with Clarks... They are the absolute OG in quality fit, form, and style!

And: upfront: this is a #sponsoredpost - but I’d be buying Clarks shoes any day!

Clarks is devoted to caring for happy healthy feet heading back to the classroom and has the cred to back it up.

With nearly two centuries of experience, they’re legit committed to helping us #parents find the perfect pair of school shoes ahead of the school year.

All Clarks school shoes are extensively tried and tested to provide the best in the market in terms of comfort, fit, durability, fun, and style, for kids of every age.

And the range!

With over 100 styles of school shoes with unbeatable size and width options for all genders, you’ll have no issue finding the perfect pair of shoes for your child as they move through their school years.

And it’s the final two years for my twins, waaa!

You can choose from:

 lace up, self fastening, Mary-Jane, black, brown and school sport shoes. I chose these, see below:

You can choose from the ‘Premium Collection’, crafted using smooth, buttery leather that keeps the natural vibe of the hide and is coloured with dye, not paint.

They have first class cushioning technology providing a silicone gel, a super-supportive mid-heel, and an inner sole made from honeycomb!

For kids looking to bring their imaginations to life, their magical Cloud Castle range is back and features re-imagined fairy princesses across two new styles. Each pair comes with a Cloud Castle interactive shoe box as well as a cute keychain gift with purchase.

My two cuties chose classic lace up styles: Infinity for her. Daytona for him.

We did a fit check in store, but you can do it online with their fail safe sizing guide, and get them delivered yes!

Seriously, this has been my least stressful year of school shoe sorting, ever!

Best of all: (at time of writing) @clarksaustralia are currently on sale.

Some years, I have actually ditched the new shoes thing altogether - and waited until they actually, really need them and grow out of them... and that might mean in March or September!

What I love (and didn't know!) is that Clarks have over 100 styles of school shoes... I know, HUGE!

Follow THIS link and go shopping.

For kids with a vivid imagination (my fave kinda people!) the Clarks magical 'Cloud Castle' range is back and features re-imagined fairy princesses across two new styles. Each pair comes with a Cloud Castle interactive shoe box as well as a cute keychain gift with purchase. LOVE this!

The Clarks Minecraft range is also back more fun than ever, and so perfect for little adventurers -in and out of the classroom... two new styles and three new colourways are in this range, and it's the best way to get kids excited to "put on your school shoes!" Now, I am a bricks and mortar, and touchy-feely kinda gal when I comes to buying goods, especially shoes (and often clothing!). 

But Clarks DO offer their accurate online size guide 

So you can choose and they will deliver to your door! Clarks’ collection of school shoes is available in whole and half sizes, ensuring the best fit possible. Clarks is a market leader with various width options, ensuring that kids' feet are well taken care of.

I LOVE that they are Australian Made... The Clarks Australia School Range is exclusively crafted in Australia, and tailored for Aussie kids. 

All Clarks school shoes undergo rigorous testing, passing up to 20 (TWENTY!) stringent examinations to ensure maximum playability. Durable materials and robust soles not only keep feet safe but also maintain a smart appearance for longer wear.


Okay, I can attest: my kids have loved wearing their Clarks shoes, now that we are a few weeks in to the 2024 school year.

There was no 'breaking them in' - AT ALL!

They simply popped them on and... perfect!

So thrilled we went with Clarks this year... I highly recommend you do too!

See their whole experience right HERE on Instagram, too!

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