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Friday 30 September 2011

How Do I Look? US show comes to Australia for a makeover

Dying for a professional makeover?

This is your chance!

The Style network, screening here on Foxtel and Austar, announced today that popular fashion intervention series 'How Do I Look?' and its energetic host and fashion expert Jeannie Mai (who is a total doll - I interviewed her for Josie's Juice), will be coming to Sydney to advise the, um, 'stylistically-challenged' in a special production set just for us in Australia.

To enter, simply go here: www.mystyle.com/sydney

Or maybe it's you that needs the makeover?

Nominate yourself or a daggy friend now.

On each episode of 'How Do I Look?' Jeannie meets with a nominated fashion victim for a candid interview about her inadequate sense of style. Once the fashion intervention happens, Jeannie directs her family and friends – or accomplices – to single out the items that they find exceptionally appalling, and Jeannie disposes of them through the “Ewww Tube” - which vacuums clothes up through the ceiling and out of her life forever.

Following this tough love, the accomplices and stylist hit the shops to create their own distinct wardrobe collection for the 'victim’s' consideration. Without knowing which family member or friend pulled together the looks, the walking fashion disaster discovers a new appreciation for clothes as they choose their favourite outfits from each of the mystery collections.

The candidate then debuts her new look in front of her eager audience in that includes Jeannie, the accomplices and other friends and family.

For this Australian production, this big reveal will take place at a fabulous venue in Sydney (further details to follow).

Jeannie is an experienced makeup artist and fashion expert, and 'How Do I Look' is currently in its twelfth season. After successfully launching her career as a stylist with clients including Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, and Rosario Dawson, she is also frequent fashion correspondent on E! News.

Enter to go in the running to be chosen for a televised makeover - entries close Monday October 3, 2011.

Here is a clip from the show:

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