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Tuesday 6 September 2011

Voodoo hosiery range - your Spring staple

I am completely enamoured with the Voodoo range of tights.

During this still-chilly time of year it is an absolute staple piece, the foundation of most of my outfits right now.

Think: thick, black opaques underneath maxi skirts, or worn with a swirly, shorter skirt with black patent pumps, or if you're super cold, under wide-legged pants.

Or: wear the ingenious Voodoo skinny pants. Sleek and comfy and perfect with heels.

There's even a voluptuous range, perfect for fuller-figured gals (hello!)

Grab the Voodoo range now, then transition into the Voodoo Glow variety, skintone with a natural 'glow' for the warmer weather.

Totally hooked and very much enamoured again with all things hosiery.

Voodoo Glow Toeless $16.95, Voodoo Glow Sheer to Waist $13.95, Voodoo Glow Control $14.95, Voodoo Voluptuous Totally Opaque Tights $19.95, Voodoo Boot Tights $24.95, Voodoo Super Slim Opaque Tights $21.95, Voodoo Skinny Pants $44.95, Voodoo Voluptuous Toeless $16.95, Voodoo Voluptuous Mod Panel Leggings $49.95.

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