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Saturday 1 October 2011

Gasp fashion: like or loathe?

You've read all about the controversy surrounding the Gasp fashion clothing store in Victoria.

For a backgrounder, go here:

And here:


Matthew Chidgey, spokesperson behind this chain of stores - all in Victoria, with one just opened in Parramatta, NSW - said: "Our shops are packed, everyone knows us now and I can't thank her enough for what she did for us," he said of Keara O'Neil, the woman behind the storm in a teacup.

Costume designer Kitty Stuckey, who created the Kath & Kim wardrobes for Gina Riley and Jane Turner, told The Age in 2007 that Gasp was the leader in 'Zoo magazine chic' evening wear.

"There's a shop I love, because it's so nude," she said. "I can't use it. I can't put those clothes on Gina. Who's not 22. And needs to wear a bra. But I love to look. It's a shop called Gasp. And every time you look at their window display, you understand why it's called that."

And now, behold: Gasp fashion.

Like or loathe?

Comment away... don't hold back!

If the several Facebook hate pages spawned are any indication, many either passionately adore or ridicule the Gasp style. Thoughts?

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