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Friday 23 December 2011

Sponsored by Nuffnang: Hugo - film review, plus ticket giveaway

Sponsored by Nuffnang

Set in 1930s Paris, the movie ‘Hugo’ is mesmerising from the very first frame. Bringing its story to life is 3D technology, adding another dimension to an already enchanting story which stars the extraordinary Asa Butterfield as Hugo Cabret, and the enduringly talented Ben Kingsley as Georges Méliès.

Hugo is an orphan (his father – played by Jude Law – tragically dies) and finding himself alone, he goes to live at a train station, determined to unravel the mystery involving his late father and an intriguing contraption he has inherited from his creative dad.

The movie is captivating and keeps audiences enthralled, connected, and concerned about what happens to the characters next.

While watching it, I mentally made a list of which children in my life would immensely enjoy it – it is completely ideal for kids aged, say, eight and up. Even younger tots as little as five will enjoy it, sure to fascinate tiny eyes no end. The 3D technology employed in Hugo is somehow elevated another notch from what we’ve already seen, and beautifully integrates as an important part of the film - guaranteed to further captivate both young and old filmgoers.

Another star of the movie is Sacha Baron Cohen, brilliant in his role as the mean, snooty train station inspector, who has a penchant for weeding out stray kids and sending them straight to the orphanage.

The plotline I found the most enjoyable was watching the friendship develop between Isabelle (played by the extraordinary Chloë Grace Moretz) and Hugo; she takes him under her wing and shows him a whole new world – in turn, opening him up to a whole new life. For her part, she is equally excited: “This might be an adventure, and I've never had one before - outside of books, at least”, she says.

Equally heartwarming is witnessing Georges’s spirit brought back to life; his wife, “Mama Jeanne” (played by Helen McCrory) says to him: “Georges, you've tried to forget the past for so long, but it has caused you nothing but unhappiness. Maybe it's time you tried to remember.”

And now, Josie’s Juice readers have the opportunity to enjoy this movie: we are giving away three double passes to our readers! For your chance to win, simply tell us what you love about film – write your answer in the comments tab below.

For the official trailer, watch this:

And see a behind the scenes clip here:

If you want to hear master filmmaker Martin Scorsese - who directed Hugo – speak about this modern masterpiece, watch this clip:

And part two with Scorsese in this clip:

Already nominated for Golden Globes in the categories of Best Motion Picture: Drama, Best Director, and Best Original Score (with the Golden Globes Awards show set to screen on January 15), this is a must-see movie for the whole family.

Hugo is out in cinemas January 12.


  1. Watching films allows me the opportunity to immerse myself in another world for as long as the film lasts. It gives the kids the opportunity to explore other worlds and dream !! A wonderful form of escapism.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love the movies because you get to watch something awesome on this gigantic big screen and then you can have popcorn or anything with it and you don’t have to worry about anything.

    From Sienna

  4. We are "good fellas" that enjoy the movies as it takes us to another dimension and while watching the film, diverse feelings emerge. Also love watching great talent on a big screen. Never forget the first time I was allowed to go to the movies, I was in yr 7, watched Days of Thunder - starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. And the first time my mother went to the movies - I took her to see Titanic. I have had great memories at the movies.

    By Angela