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Saturday 4 February 2017

Karl Stefanovic: Marriage split. First interview.

TV's Karl Stefanovic has opened up for the first time about his marriage split from his wife of 21 years, Cassandra Thorburn.

Karl Stefanovic and his estranged wife Cassandra Thorburn at the Logies in 2011.Source:Getty Images
Staying silent on the deeply personal issue, despite being in the public eye with his co-hosting roles on Channel 9's 'Today' show, 42 year old Karl gave his first interview since his high-profile split from wife Cassandra last year, admitting that there are ways in which he feels he's failed as a husband and father. 

It's the first time he has spoken about their split since September last year, when it was announced that he was moving out of the home he shared with his wife and their three children.

Speaking to News Corp, Karl said: "For me personally I would definitely have failures in a husband sense and hope that I can rectify my failures as a dad ... I hope I can try and rebuild whatever has happened in the past and try and make the most of what I can do with them in the future."

He called his estranged wife Cassandra an "amazing woman", adding: "It's a real burden emotionally for both people breaking up after a long and successful marriage. Life is life. People make mistakes. People have break ups. People mostly try to do their best and sometimes they fail. I think that we will work through it as best we can."

Karl has spent time in his mate James Packer's Bondi apartment since the split, and later went to Aspen with the James, who himself was recently estranged from fiancĂ©e Mariah Carey

Karl says the two didn't talk about their relationship dramas, but that James is "on the way back". For now, Karl's focus is on his children. He added: "It's not their fault. For me I just want to be there for my kids as much as I can. It's not easy on anyone and the priority has to be on the children in any situation. For me the only issue was the burden of paparazzi around my family in the initial months. That is regrettable, that is hard to explain to a kid and I think it is awful for kids."

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