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Monday 24 April 2017

Texting Story App + 'Ladies night out' VIDEO

Have you seen the new app called Texting Story?

It's a super simple to use app which turns your texts into a video... which you can then share online, often for a bloody good laugh.

Like this one, going viral. WATCH + LAUGH!

Posted on the Open Minded Mothers Facebook page, at last count it had over 17 million views, over 69,000 likes, and over 365,000 shares, it's just TOO good! Those expletives!! That backtracking on what we REALLY wanna say to our partners... I kinda feel like relationships are one BIG, lonnnng conversation which goes from wanting to say 'shut the fuck up', and changes it to a far more friendly, "Okay, babe! Whatever you want babe! Love ya babe!"





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