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Tuesday 25 April 2017

Wheels & Dollbaby Velvet Keepsake 30th Anniversary Collection: PHOTOS

The most sexy of sexy Aussie fashion brands, with an enduring history has just released their latest collection, and it's positively KILLER!

Look at what we're dealing with here...

Wheels & Dollbaby is the quintessential, iconic brand worn by bona fide international rock stars, rock chicks, and general sexy as fuck ladies who know how to strut and be noticed, without trying hard AT ALL. But then, how can you miss someone in a Wheels & Dollbaby get up? Have you seen their clothes? Cleavage, legs, cinched waists and the pussiest of pussy bows and polka dots and shades of pink which are far from innocent.

In this AW17 season, the Wheels & Dollbaby 'heroine' is adorned in luxurious keepsakes: the kind of pieces that will last a lifetime, the classic look that never goes out of fashion, decedent fabrics, delicate crystal beading, timeless designs.

Josie's Juice is a big, longtime fan of the brand and is yet to see a piece that coulda been bought from the iconic Darlo store twenty years which can't be worn today. Non e' possibile!

Here is the new Wheels & Dollbaby Velvet Keepsake collection, to mark the huge 30th anniversary for the brand - it's available right now from the Crown Street, Darlinghurst store and online.

Featuring the sexy, somehow never out of style fabric of velvet, a plush, supple and invitingly luxurious blended fabric, which flows and falls in all the right places. It’s sensual, sexy, sassy and a dream to wear. All the pieces in Velvet Keepsake collection inherently retain the signature brand of glamour and femininity Wheels & Dollbaby is famous for the world over.

Internationally renowned designer and Wheels & Dollbaby founder, Melanie Greensmith (who totally looks like a genuine rock chick who lives her brand and its ethos) said:

"My fave pieces are the softness to die for green fur coat! The silk ruffle blouse a mix of Anita Pallenberg 60’s meets smart posh. I love my chinoiserie print so much I've repeated it but this time using rich emerald green and peacock blues for extra lushness. As Dior once said, 'Nothing is more flattering on a women's skin than Velvet', so with that in mind I set about using an array of beautiful velvets in midnight blue, red and of course black lined with my magical powermesh to enhance the best in all different silhouettes."

The 30th Anniversary collection is perfect for red carpet events, cocktail parties, or, you know, just looking glamorous from top to toe.

With a campaign shot by Sydney photographer Elvis Di Fazio at Melanie’s luxurious harbour front home in Sydney, it stars stunner Elle Brittain.

See the Wheels & Dollbaby AW17 collection below, and go online HERE to learn more about the brand and all the collections. 

To shop the Velvet Keepsake collection, click HERE.

But, first, this vid:

And... the sexy and smart founder, Melanie Greensmith:

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