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Sunday 30 July 2017

Maria DiGeronimo: 'Yummy Mummies' Single - VIDEO

Maria DiGeronimo - you know, the Posh Spice of the Aussie Channel 7 TV show 'Yummy Mummies' - has released a single.

Ir's called 'Valentina' - named after her newborn daughter Valentina, featuring Robby X.

Except... Valentina is no longer a newborn. She's over 1 for sure, judging by this video. Clearly the series was filmed eons ago.

Here is that video, featuring Margherita, Maria's mum, and Valentina as well.


You can buy it now. Just click here: https://noisehive.lnk.to/Uft6U

The track was just released last week by Heaven Studios boss Shane Monopoli, who is also Maria's uncle, and features on the show. He also owns the much advertised photographic studio Exclusive Photography.

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