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Tuesday 18 July 2017

'Barking Dog Man': Ray Martin INTERVIEW 2017

So, this icon of icons is back, you guys.

Only in Australia can we elevate this fabulous man to total ledge status, and yep... he deserves this adulation.

Oh yes he does.

I mean... behold:

And now, another Aussie top bloke who probably says "you little ripper" on loop, all day has interviewed the 'barking dog man'. And that man and that interview is right here:

Onya Ray!

Says the podcast description:

Broadcasting legend Ray Martin joined Bree & Gawndy for a chat and set him the challenge of a lifetime - to interview another Ray - Ray Graham, who was a viral sensation in 2010 for his incredible impression on 9's A Current Affair (a show Ray's been heavily involved with throughout his career) of a couple of cheeky canines next door that were disturbing his peaceful neighbourhood.
The way conversation plays out is astounding! This is 'WHAT DOES RAY SAY'?!
Get up with Bree & Gawndy, weekdays from 5am on SeaFM and Saturdays from 7am across the Hit Network.

Go you good thing!

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