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Sunday 13 August 2017

'Atypical': Netflix Australia - Autism series: VIDEO

THIS is the show, the reason to finally get Netflix.

If you're a so-called 'autism mum' (I see myself as a mamma first, and mummy to my son who happens to have an autism diagnosis) this show should be watched, like yesterday. The whole thing, in a major binge watch sesh. And I am proud to say I finally did a legit 'Netlflix binge watch'.

The 'Netflix original show' (a tag given to shows created and developed just for Netflix , and can only ever be seen on Netflix) is called 'Atypical' and I was crazy about this show before I even saw it, because the premise centres aroundthe life of a young adult with autism, and how he navigates the world as an 18 year old.

Sam is the young man on the autism spectrum (played beautifully by actor Keir Gilchrist), and 'Atypical' takes a look at Sam's journey into dating, navigating his feelings, communicating with family and handling school cliques, and his part time job where his co-worker Zahid provides unintentionally funny advice on how to 'score' girls. That role is played by 
Nik Dodani, and the series was created by Robia Rashid.

In the literal world of Sam's brain, this is sensory overload, and mastering his communication and feelings takes up most of Sam's time in the context of a confusing world.

'Atypical' made me laugh out loud, want to cry like a baby, and be both comforted by the future that could possibly await my son, and fear the society which favours the neurotypical (or the 'NT') person over the 'not all there' or 'abnormal' child, teen, and adult.

Jennifer Jason Leigh is excellent as Sam's mother, Elsa, Michael Rapaport is brilliant as Sam's dad Doug, and Brigette Lundy-Paine totally nails the role as Sam's overprotective sister Casey going through her own stuff. As her Sam's mum and dad.

Another standout is Amy Okuda as Julia, Sam's therapist.

'Atypical' has just arrived (on August 11) and is only on Netflix. 

Here is the trailer, plus some clips that'll make you want to get Netflix NOW if you don't already have it:

Watch this show now. Highly recommended.

Josie's Juice is a proud 'Steam Team' Netflix ANZ blogger.

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