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Sunday 27 July 2014

'The Block Glasshouse': Chris and Jenna - VIDEOS

I don't really watch reno shows. Actually… I don't watch them at all.

I don't renovate. The two homes my husband and I have lived in needed no renovation at all. This is not a coincidence.

But. The couple that will make me change my mind about renovation reality shows is this couple: Chris and Jenna.

Just based on what they look like, yes. And, based on this:

And here is another little get to know you clip of the couple, set to compete on 'The Block Glasshouse', on Channel 9.

No offence to the other couples in this series, and no offence to all the genetically blessed, obv also chosen for the very good looks, perfect for TV and later endorsement deals couples, but these two… perfection.

They come from Campbelltown. They met in a church group. They're interracial. She's part Maltese, Aussie and Aboriginal. His heritage is Chinese and Indonesian. Love this melting pot of realness.

And they laugh... a lot.

I look forward to seeing the antics they get up to… my bet is that this duo will be the most real, most refreshing couple we've seen on Australian reality TV - reno show or otherwise - in a very long time. Maybe, ever.

Here is the whole new batch of couples for 'The Block Glasshouse':

'The Block Glasshouse' starts on Sunday July 27 at 6.30pm on Channel Nine, then on at 7.30pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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