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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Gerard Baden Clay: 60 Minutes - VIDEO

60 Minutes Australia will be screening an exclusive report this Sunday they've titled 'The Wife Killer: Inside the police investigation of Gerard Baden-Clay.'

The clip is chilling. Click here to watch.
The reporter is the exceptional Tara Brown (and produced by Stephen Taylor, Jo Townsend and Grace Tobin).
The accompanying description online is chilling:
Gerard Baden-Clay tried to portray himself as 'Mr Middle Class' — a successful small-businessman, proud father and loving and devoted husband.
But the real Gerard was the complete opposite.
He was an incompetent real estate agent whose business was haemorrhaging money; he was intolerant with his three young daughters and he was a womaniser who wasn't even faithful to his long-term mistress.
But why Gerard Baden-Clay thought all his problems could be fixed by killing his beautiful wife Allison, only he knows.
Read more about the report in the link above.
Watch the report this Sunday at 8pm on Nine.

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