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Friday 11 July 2014

'Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces' Tumblr: PHOTOS

'Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces' is a tumblr site which shows, well… pretty girls pulling ugly faces.

It's strangely funny and addictive… just how bad can these girls look?

Here's what the site creator says:

I've been posting pics of pretty girls making ugly faces since 2011! Wanna get in on the action? Submit your photos here! 


or look for the Submit option below.

You do not have to send a "pretty" photo, but you are welcome to do so. I think that every girl is a pretty girl and you do not have to prove yourself to me. HOWEVER. You better make your ugly photo UGLY. Think BIG BOLD OUTRAGEOUS! I don't post every picture that is sent in because some people stopped trying and that's boring. This isn't a beauty pageant. IT'S TIME TO GET WEIRD! So don't hold back!


Go to the site above for more. And now, some pretty gals making u-gerly faces:

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