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Tuesday 27 July 2010

Samantha Wills... what's not to love?

I am addicted to magazines. I am addicted to jewellery. So when one of my fave mags - Madison - was offering a gift-with-subscription (a too-divine-for-words Samantha Wills cuff), I was sold. It came in black or aqua. I really wanted aqua. But it was the luck of the draw - what they sent you is what you got. I even emailed the fab features editor (I have written three stories for them, one just published) to let him know I was resubscribing, but nothing. No-one could pull strings - I'd get what I'd get. Sooo, I was beyond chuffed to see a little package on my doorstep some weeks ago with... voila! My new Samantha Wills 'artisan' cuff, in aqua.

Called in by uber stylist Patricia Field (Sex & The City's ultimate wardrobe mistress) for the Sex & The City 2 movie, this hinged resin bangle features a hand-plated metallic gold crest, finished with champagne coloured Czech crystals. I am positively hanging to wear it when the weather warms up... preferably with a stark white outfit.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I LOVE that cuff and I want one in aqua too. Thanks Josie, I think I'll have to subscribe to Madison to get one too.