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Monday 21 December 2015

Miss Universe: Steve Harvey Mistake, Miss Phillipines NEW Winner for Miss Universe 2015 VIDEO + 'Australia's Next Top Model' and Beyonce and Taylor Swift 2009 VIDEOS

This just happened.

Steve Harvey - the host of the Miss Universe 2015 pageant - announced the WRONG winner: Miss Colombia.

Flowers and crown come out, congrats hugs and kisses, and as a viewer, I am thinking... where is the host now?

Turns out... he read out the wrong NAME!

The winner of Miss Universe 2015 is: Philippines.

Surely this has never happened before?

The only person who can relate right now... Sarah Murdoch... who read out the 'Australia's Next Top Model' incorrect winner name several years ago. Here is that footage:

And here is the Beyonce and the Taylor Swift vision, from the 2009 VMAs - you know, when Kanye West said he was going to let Taylor finish, but Beyonce has the best video of all time, of ALL TIME...:

Here is an extended version of what happened at the 2015 Miss Universe announcement:

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