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Wednesday 30 December 2015

Pier One Sydney Harbour: Hotel REVIEW

Staying in Sydney? For a Sydney staycation as a local, or as an out of towner?

Look no further than Pier One Sydney Harbour.

It is THE destination hotel in Sydney.

When you think of Sydney, what comes to mind?

That view. The harbour. The Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Harbour Bridge. Heck, even Luna Park thrown in for good measure.

Guess what: you have all of the above RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

Pier One Sydney Harbour is situated in Walsh Bay, pretty much under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Well, you know, under it as such, but... the closest to the Bridge in Sydney. The views... are... to die.

Josie's Juice was very lucky to have deluxe room closest to the Bridge booked (it's where Kylie Minogue, and many celebs stay when they're in town, with my guest booked on the same floor with the large balcony room) - and if you want 'Luxe Sydney', ask for this room when booking at Pier One Sydney Harbour.

Imagine having breakfast on your balcony overlooking the water? Yes, this is the view you'll enjoy.

With a queen sized bed - which, wait for it, has a television IN the foot of the bed, so you can snuggle up and watch telly from your bed - overlooking the water, and a separate lounge/dining area, two toilets, a foyer entrance, and ample space, it's luxe at its best.

But I've left the best until last: the full size bath tub overlooking THAT view. So you can soak in style... I mean, you really have to do it right. Order some bubbles, get some soapy bubbles in your tub, and watch the world go by.

Okay, I won't carry on. Let the photos speak for themselves:

A photo posted by Josie Gagliano (@josiegags) on

And then... The Gantry. The restaurant you simply MUST come dine at during your stay there:

Says the blurb:

The Gantry Restaurant is a destination of sensory discovery, perfectly framed against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour. Experience the effortless craftsmanship and storytelling woven into our honest and uncomplicated approach to freshly foraged food.

From the moment you step into our world, you can leave the everyday behind. We make you feel at home in tranquil harbourside surrounds, so you can unhurriedly explore the authentic textures and flavours of our craft.

The Gantry offers 360° theatre. From harbour to pier, kitchen to table. You can expect the unexpected.

Step into The Gantry Bar, and you’ll discover a vibrant hub, anchored by an impressively large zinc-clad bar centrepiece. Here, our savvy bartenders blend effortless charm and humour with a large dose of storytelling as they handcraft your cocktail of choice.

Native, botanical and homemade ingredients create surprising flavours that linger delightfully. And for those after a bite, there’s a tempting bar menu with delectable dishes and plates to share.

Everything about The Gantry Bar invites you to stay, unwind and sip away the hours while watching the sweeping, ever-changing views of the wharf and harbour.

More on The Gantry here. With some glorious photos below (my iPhone had a million FAB foodie pics, you guys... and then it went and died... did I back up? Well...)

And more on rooms with INCREDIBLE views here. No words, just photos:

To book, and for more info, CLICK HERE.

Josie's Juice was hosted by Pier One Sydney Hotel.

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