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Sunday 28 August 2016

'Married At First Sight' Australia, Season Three: VIDEOS

'Married At First Sight' - season three for Australian TV starts on Monday August 29, then continues on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Are you a fan of the show? This season, some of the talk will be about the show's first same sex couple 'wedding.'

I say 'wedding' as they're not legal at all, the ceremonies. You know that, don't you?

The show's premise revolves around the couple LATER deciding if they will stay together after their TV wedding ceremony... and then, the marriage will be deemed legal.

The show, dubbed a 'social experiment dating program', has unveiled the first two episodes of season three on its live streaming program 9Now.

Click this LINK HERE (it will expire shortly).
This preview offers audiences an exclusive look at season three’s first two weddings ahead of its official launch tomorrow night. The series launch kicks off on Channel 9.
The program involves four couples marrying upon first meeting.
The show’s debut in early 2015 attracted 1.134m viewers in the 8:45pm time slot.
Meanwhile, season two, which aired earlier this year, garnered 771,000 viewers.

Meanwhile, other promos for the show are doing the trick to draw us in.
This one: simultaneously intriguing and kinda hilarious:

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